To: Genealogy Societies and Libraries

From: Maia’s Books

Re: Fundraising Opportunity, Library Purchasing, and Publicaton Distribution

Maia’s Books is book dealer and distributor of genealogy and history related titles and other products that are of interest to genealogists. We regularily vend at local, state, regional, and national genealogical conferences.

In addition, we provide societies with fundraising opportunities, assistance in purchasing books and other materials for society libraries, and with marketing and distribution of their publications.


Maia’s provides a “win-win” opportunity for societies to provide a service to their members and make some money for other activities.



  1. Maia’s provides books and other items for the Society to sell on a consignment basis for a specified period of time – often for a specific event.
  2. The Society sells the product at their event and will keep 10-20% of the retail price of items sold. 
  3. The Society returns any unsold items to Maia’s.

Library Purchasing

Need to know what is available in a particular subject area? Don’t have the resources to research what is available? Have Maia’s Books assist you in purchasing books, maps, and other items for your Society’s Library. Services include:


  1. Providing a researched list of books, maps, and other materials based on the Society’s request(s) from many sources – publishers, websites, and other dealers, that can be used to create an order or wishlist.
  2. Items ordered do not need to be listed on our website to be available through our Society Purchase Program.
  3. Need assistance in cataloging your collection? A variety of service levels are available.

Publication Distribution


  1. Maia’s Books provides several levels of publication distribution including,
  2. Storage of publications in a climate-controlled environment;
  3. Shipping orders to customers;
  4. Receiving orders directly from the customer;
  5. Marketing society publications to other libraries and societies;
  6. Managing the society’s bookstore.

Please contact Martha Mercer for additional details and to discuss any of the services described above or other needs we may be able to assist your society with. All of our services are tailored to meet the needs and budgets of the society. 

[email protected] or visit

Martha Mercer is the founder of Maia’s Books, a book dealer and distributor of genealogy and history related titles and other products that are of interest to genealogists. Maia’s has been in business for over five years vending at national, regional, state, and local genealogical events and hosting a web-based store. Based in Columbus, Ohio, she enjoys the travel and challenge of owning a travelling genealogical bookstore, and the opportunity to be surrounded by the books and subjects she enjoys. Martha worked in the non-profit world for over 20 years, including being the office manager / administrator of a national genealogical society with a 20,000 volume library; the volunteer administrator at a nationally known science center/museum; and was responsible for creating and administering a consumer assistance office for a state agency.