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Finding Tips

 Author Search:  Only searches the author field, spelling of name(s) must match.


 Title Search:  Only searches the title field, partial title will return any title with a matching string of words.  "Talbot" will return any title with the word "Talbot"; "Talbot Maryland" will return books with both "Maryland" and "Talbot"


 Description Search:  Searches the description for the words entered.  If only "Talbot" is entered the return will be "Talbot" used in the description as a family name, county, location, etc.


 Keyword Search:  Searches everywhere: Author, Title, Description, and assigned keywords and categories - this search is the most complete search.


 Categories:  Listed below and to the right or click the link on the right.  Categories are assigned during cataloging and are very broad in nature - "USA::Maryland::Talbot" will find any book that is generally about Talbot County, Maryland; but will not list a book that has a chapter on Talbot County, Maryland or a book on Ohio with a reference of a migration from Talbot County.   A "Description" or "Keyword" search will give a broader return of items.


Don't find what you are looking for???  Click the link on the right for "I'm looking for. . ."  Complete the form with as much information you have:  title or just a subject area.  We'll see what we can find.


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