When will I receive my order?

Unless we are told otherwise we ship U.S. Postal Service via Media Rate, generally packages are received 5-7 days after posting; however the U.S. Postal Service states that Media Rate mail can take 5-30 days.

Most of the time your order will be processed and sent by the next working day if your order is received by 2pm.

However, our staff is small and often we are on the road exhibiting at workshops and conferences or attending trade shows. . .see "Where is Maia's?" Your order will be processed and shipped when we are back in the office.

The best way to reach us is via email.


Does Maia's stock everything listed on the website?

Maia's usually has everything listed on our website in stock. However, our stock quantity of each item is limited so it is possible that an item will be "out of stock and on order". 

Your order will sent when all items are available to ship or if an item will be more than one week before receipt a partial shipment will be sent with a note as to when to expect the rest of the order.

The only exception to items in stock at our location are items that we list from some publishers who will drop ship from their location. We submit your order for these items and they ship within two working days.


I just got home from a conference and find that I purchased a book I already own.

Generally, Maia's doesn't refund or exchange books. However, we know how frustrating it is to buy an expensive book only to find it on our already over-crowded book shelves. Here is our advice:

First, check the edition. It may be that you have purchased an updated version of the book which will be of more use to you than the out-date version. (Be sure to check that it is a new edition and not a re-print, with new cover, of the original text.)

Next, consider donating the extra book to your genealogy or history society's library. Get an acknowledgment letter and attach the sales receipt for the book to it for use in documenting the donation to the IRS.

Finally, email us within 15 days of purchase and we'll advise you of our return or exchange process.


Can I create a "Wish List" for my family and friends to refer to for gifts?

Right now the web provider doesn't offer Maia's this service.

However, you can create a list:

1. list the titles or items you would like to receive in the shopping cart
2. Under payment options select "Contact Bookseller"
3. Complete the transaction
4. Tell your family and friends to email to ask for your list to be sent to them.


I'm looking for a book on a subject but can't find just what I want. Can you help?

YES!! Go to "Off-Line Search" complete the form as much as you can. In this case the most important is the description field.

Be as detailed as you can. I.e. "I'm looking for information on the lace industry in southern New Jersey where my g-g-mother, originally from Flanders, worked."

We can't guarantee we'll find something but we will do our best!


I live outside the United States - can I order on your website? How much is shipping?

International customers are welcome!   

When ordering select "Outside of the United States" on the order it will state under Shipping Information: "We'll send cost of postage to you for confirmation before we finalize your order".   Once you complete you will receive an auto reply message with your order confirmation - this automatic response from our website will not include the cost of postage - this information will be sent in a separate, individual email.
Once we receive your order information we will:
  1.  Pull your order and weigh it.
  2. Send you an email with the actual cost of postage to your address - you must confirm your acceptance of this cost or the order will be cancelled.
  3. We do not charge credit cards for payment of the order until the postage amount is confirmed.  
  4. If you paid by PayPal and completed the PayPal transaction the funds will have been transferred to our account (we don't do this - PayPal transfers the funds as soon as you confirm payment) - if you do not okay the postage we refund this as soon as possible; if you do confirm the postage cost we will send you a PayPal invoice for the postage cost.
  5. If you chose to pay by PayPal and do not complete the PayPal transaction, once you confirm the postage amount we'll send you an invoice for the entire amount of the order plus postage.
  6.  Orders are sent via USPS International First Class for orders weighing less than 4 pounds and USPS International Priority for orders weighing more than 4 pounds.