Author:Vilhelm Moberg, translated by Paul Britten Austin


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A History of the Swedish People, Volume II: From Renaissance to Revolution

By: Vilhelm Moberg, translated by Paul Britten Austin

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Publisher: University of Minnesota Press: 2005

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Condition: 288 pages, 5 1/2 x 8 1/4, paperback / softcover, University of Minnesota Press

In the second volume of his vivid history of the Swedes, Vilhelm Moberg brings his focus on the common people to bear on a period that included two dramatic revolts: the national insurrection under Engelbrekt and the last desperate attempt of the Småland peasantry to retain their medieval liberties-a defiance bloodily crushed by King Gustav Vasa. Using a wide variety of local historical source materials, Moberg studies the ruthless monarch Vasa and his two tragic opponents: the psychopathic Christian II of Denmark and Nils Dracke, the leader of the Smålanders. Furthermore, he examines th... View more info