CD: The Trans-Mississippi West, (1803-1853), A History of its Acquisition and Settlement

By: Cardinal Goodwin, Ph.D

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"This volume covers the period of expansion in the United States which begins with the acquisition of Louisiana in 1803 and ends with the Gadsden Purchase fifty years later." Chapter One covers the purchase of Louisiana; Chapter Two: American Explorations West of the Mississippi, 1804-1822; Chapter Three: The Settlement of the Louisiana Purchase and the Adjustment of Boundaries to 1821; Chapter Four: The American Fur Trade and Commerce in the West; Chapter Five: The American Occupation of Texas; Chapter Six: Early Claims to Oregon; Chapter Seven: Later Explorations West of the Mississippi; Chapter Eight: Early American Settlement of Iowa and Minnesota; Chapter Nine: The Settlement of the Oregon Country; Chapter Ten: The Acquisition of Texas; Chapter Eleven: Oregon Diplomacy through 1846; Chapter Twelve: The Settlement of the Great Salt Lake Basin; Chapter Thirteen: The Settlement of California and Chapter Fourteen: The Mexican Cession. A subject, place and fullname index provides easy access to information and six maps highlight the text.

Title: CD: The Trans-Mississippi West, (1803-1853), A History of its Acquisition and Settlement

Author: Cardinal Goodwin, Ph.D

Illustrator: Reg. Price: $19.95

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