Echoes of Battle : The Atlanta Campaign

By: L.M. Strayer and Richard A. Baumgartner

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Book Details: Softcover, 8-1/2" x 11" format, 361 pages, 301 wartime photographs, 9 maps, notes, bibliography & index., Blue Acorn Press

An illustrated compilation of Union and Confederate narratives by combatants who participated in one of the most important campaigns of the Civil War

Rocky Face Ridge, Resaca and New Hope Church. Pickett's Mill, Kennesaw Mountain, Peachtree Creek, Ezra Church, Jonesboro: battles on Georgia soil in which thousands were killed, wounded or captured, and overshadowed for decades by attention paid to the Civil War in the East. But the Western Theater was equally important, perhaps more so strategically.
Using hundreds of diaries, letters, journals, memoirs, official reports and wartime photographs, Larry M. Strayer and Richard A. Baumgartner offer a unique, realistic portrayal of Gen. William T. Sherman's 1864 offensive to defeat the Confederate Army of Tennessee and capture the manufacturing, supply and rail center of Atlanta. Echoes of Battle: The Atlanta Campaign is a timeless tribute to the common soldiers and their commanding officers who struggled four arduous months for the city's possession.
First-person accounts from 285 different combatants bring this riveting story into focus, and are further brought to life with more than 300 photographs, many never before published. The resulting presentation provides a clear understanding of what it was like to carry a musket, live in mud-filled ditches, scrounge for food and lose comrades in battle during the war's final year. It is a companion piece to Blue Acorn Press' Echoes of Battle: The Struggle for Chattanooga.

Winner of the Richard B. Harwell Award

"Strayer and Baumgartner have put together an outstanding collection of accounts, anecdotes and photographs.... It will delight any Civil War buff. " - Small Press Reviews

"This handsome folio-sized volume makes for absorbing reading.... Echoes of Battle is a very significant contribution to the history of the Civil War's western theater. " - Georgia Historical Quarterly

"The journals, letters and written accounts, supplemented with hundreds of vintage war photos, make for lively coverage ... and are edited and organized for maximum impact. " - The Midwest Book Review

"... an excellent collection [containing] much valuable material about the soldiers' food, sleeping conditions, the vermin that plagued the men, the fatigue, the weather, and other details about the soldiers' lot that helps to humanize the campaign and makes it more meaningful to the modern reader. This well-edited book is a highly commendable attempt to ensure that those who fought and suffered will not be forgotten. " - Journal of Southern History

Title: Echoes of Battle : The Atlanta Campaign

Author: L.M. Strayer and Richard A. Baumgartner

Illustrator: Reg. Price: $39.95

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Publisher: Blue Acorn Press:

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Book Details: Softcover, 8-1/2" x 11" format, 361 pages, 301 wartime photographs, 9 maps, notes, bibliography & index., Blue Acorn Press

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