Leading By Example, Partisan Fighters & Leaders Of New France, 1660-1760: Volume Three

By: Bob Bearor

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In this Bob Bearor's third and final book in the 'Leading by Example' trilogy we learn of the exploits of Nicolas D'Allieboust de Manthet who, in the late seventeenth century, routed Iroquois warriors at the Lake of Two Mountains, helped mount an attack on Albany, and led punitive raids against the Mohawks. This work also records the accomplishments of French-Canadian partisan fighters who were active during the last great war for the empire from 1754 to 1760. The three Native American warriors - Piskaret, Escumbuit and Grey Lock - who kept the New England frontier in disarray during this time are introduced by George "Peskunck" Larrabee who powerfully relates their fascinating stories. Also included, is a segment by Canadian author, Francois Gousse, on Lieutenant Wolff, a German who accompanied Baron Dieskau to North America in 1755 and went on to become a very successful partisan leader among the Lake Champlain-Lake George corridor. Bearor closes discussing the paritsan leader, Jean-Baptiste Levreault de Langis de Montegron (Langy), whose remarkable career included participation in the siege of Fort Beausejour, successful attacks on Fort Bull and Oswego in 1756 and providing services against Rogers' Rangers between 1757 and 1760. Bearor gives us a valuable look into war from the perspective of those who fought desperately and lost everything.

Title: Leading By Example, Partisan Fighters & Leaders Of New France, 1660-1760: Volume Three

Author: Bob Bearor

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Publisher: Heritage Books:

ISBN Number: 788425145

Book Details: (2004), 2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 238 pp, Heritage Books

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