Leading By Example, Partisan Fighters & Leaders Of New France, 1660-1760: Volume One

By: Bob Bearor

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Out of the beautiful but harsh Canadian wilderness came the rugged leaders who defended New France from Britain as those two countries struggled for control of North America. Unfortunately, the extraordinary accomplishments of these great partisan leaders often become lost in the telling of the larger story of the colonial conflicts. Volume One tells the stories of two great partisans, Jacques LeMoyne de Ste. Hélène and Charles-Michel de Langlade. Ste. Hélène led the grueling winter attack on Schenectady and battled brilliantly in the siege and battle of Quebec in 1690. The other nine LeMoyne brothers, who were some of the greatest leaders in New France's history, are also discussed in Ste. Hélène's chapter. Langlade's fame and reputation for fearlessness grew out of his roles in the 1752 attack on Pickawillany, Braddock's Defeat on the Monongahela and, ultimately, the battle for Quebec. A brief chapter on primitive trekking describes the tools and techniques that enabled the partisans to survive under the most extreme and demanding conditions. Bob Bearor received the Croix de St. Louis from his fellow reenactors in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the field of living history. An expert in 18th century woods warfare and survival techniques, he served as a consultant to the BBC production, "Ray Mears' Extreme Survival." This book is generously illustrated with photos and artwork, and contains a full name index.

Title: Leading By Example, Partisan Fighters & Leaders Of New France, 1660-1760: Volume One

Author: Bob Bearor

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Publisher: Heritage Books:

ISBN Number: 788420682

Book Details: (2002), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 122 pp, Heritage Books

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