History of the Town of Plymouth [Massachusetts], with a sketch of the Origin and Growth of Separatism

By: William T. Davis

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"The author has long realized the want of a concise, yet comprehensive, sketch of the Pilgrim movement, its origin, its growth, its development, and of the settlement at Plymouth to which it finally led; a history from which the general reader might obtain, without laborious research, that amount of information which every educated man should possess in the various departments of American history." To this aim, the author has compiled a brief, but informative, historical sketch beginning with the Dutch and English origins of the Separatist movement and following the course of events in Plymouth up to the Civil War. Eight chapters describe the spread of Separatism from Holland to England, the Pilgrims' voyage to America, the establishment of Plymouth Colony, early Indian treaties, town government, King Phillip's War, the Louisbourg expedition, the American Revolution and loyalists, the War of 1812, Plymouth churches, local businesses and industries, and more. Extensive appendices provide the names of many Plymouth residents in lists of town treasurers, Crown Point soldiers, Revolutionary War privateers, and government officers. Plymouth men who served in the Civil War are also listed. Several attractive illustrations and the original index of full names and subjects are included.

Title: History of the Town of Plymouth [Massachusetts], with a sketch of the Origin and Growth of Separatism

Author: William T. Davis

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Book Details: (1885), 2001, 8½x11, paper, indices, 204 pp, Heritage Books

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