CD: African-Americans in Anne Arundel County and Baltimore, Maryland

By: Ralph Clayton

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The three volumes this included on this CD-ROM are: * Free Blacks of Anne Arundel County, Maryland: 1850 (1987). The bulk of this volume is alphabetical index of free Blacks and Mulattos in Anne Arundel County in 1850. * Black Baltimore, 1820-1870 (1987). A collection of articles, including: "The Effect of Immigration on the Negro in Baltimore 1850-1860;" "Slaveholders of Baltimore, 1860;" "Slaves by Name;" "Baltimore Free Black Households with Slaves, 1820-1840;" "Black Families of East Baltimore, 1870" and "Laurel Cemetery, 1852-1958." * Slavery, Slaveholding, and the Free Black Population of Antebellum Baltimore (1993). Provides a social history as well as valuable genealogical data. This CD-ROM uses the powerful Adobe Acrobat reader (for Windows and Macintosh, provided free on the CD; the corresponding viewer for other operating systems, can be downloaded free of charge from The format preserves the look of the original page and allows the user to search the text for names of people and places. When you run a search, the hits are highlighted on each page for easy identification.

Title: CD: African-Americans in Anne Arundel County and Baltimore, Maryland

Author: Ralph Clayton

Illustrator: Reg. Price: $28

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Publisher: Heritage Books:

ISBN Number: 788411551

Book Details: 1999, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 603 pp, Heritage Books

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