An Index of Headstones in Lincoln Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois

The Alabama Study Group, spent three years compiling this valuable cemetery index. Lincoln Cemetery is thought to be the largest African American cemetery in the Chicago area. It was originally opened about 1911 by the Chicago Cemetery Association. This indexing project incorporates the identifying information of the grave markers only in the original section of "Historic" Lincoln Cemetery. In addition to headstone markings, Study Group members were permitted to include in the index, the locations of known ancestors whose graves are not marked by headstones. Grave markers located in the adjacent Oak Hill Cemetery were also included. Prior to the creation of Lincoln, it is in this section of Oak Hill where, prior to 1902, many blacks were buried. This alphabetical listing contains name, date of death, date of birth and cemetery section number for more than 27,000 headstones. (Two of the sections have names instead of numbers.) Once you have identified an individual, your research must then take you to the cemetery office to obtain specific grave location information. The cemetery office records may also contain names of other family members, as well as insurance and burial information.

Title: An Index of Headstones in Lincoln Cemetery, Chicago, Illinois

Author: Alabama Study Group of the Afro-American Genealogy and Historical Society of Chicago

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