Arc of Crisis 1979

By: Clete Hinton

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A fragile balance of power exists in the international order. “The shift in the East-West balance has occurred gradually, as has the progress of the Soviet Unions’ geopolitical influence.” Because of “erosion in geographic assets and military strength, the West’s capability to cope with a crisis is becoming progressively weaker, each future setback more dangerous, tilting the balance of power.” The Arc of Crisis 1979 is a description of this world conflict, the central theme being the countries of the Middle East, nations frustrated by dictatorship and autocratic rule, and communist dominated countries.

Title: Arc of Crisis 1979

Author: Clete Hinton

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Publisher: Heritage Books:

ISBN Number: 788441337

Book Details: 2006, 5½x8½, paper, 68 pp, Heritage Books

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