CD: Descendants of William Lamson of Ipswich, Mass. 1634-1917

By: William J. Lamson

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Descendants of William Lamson of Ipswich, Massachusetts, 1634-1917. William J. Lamson. William Lamson was born in England and came to this country in 1634. He married Sarah Ayers, and when he died in 1658/9 he left eight children. This work covers ten generations of William Lamson's male descendants and includes the husbands and children of his female descendants. A pleasant narrative style distinguishes this book from other dry genealogies, and begins with an interesting account of life in Ipswich in the 1600s, including the witchcraft panic that was sweeping through the colonies at the time. In the genealogical section, the author has provided as much biographical material as possible for each person, such as occupations, town offices, and information from wills and estates. Each narrative is followed by a traditional numbered list of children and their spouses. This CD includes the original comprehensive index and illustrations. The book is presented as graphic images, so the user sees the work just as it was originally published. It is intended to look and function very much like a "real" book. There is no electronic index, and there is no electronic text to search. However, numerous electronic bookmarks have been added which make it easy to move through the book. Image numbers will match the page numbers for all of the main text, as well as the index. Any unnumbered portraits and illustrations are at the back of the actual file, to keep page numbering consistent.

Title: CD: Descendants of William Lamson of Ipswich, Mass. 1634-1917

Author: William J. Lamson

Illustrator: Reg. Price: $15.95

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ISBN Number: 788438832

Book Details: 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat 6, PC and Mac, 426 pp, Heritage Books

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