Jolly Old England

By: Armand Francis Lucier

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Inside this wonderful book is a collection of news items, stories, commentaries and depositions that were published under English datelines from 1720-1730 in Colonial American newspapers. All articles were originally published in English newspapers brought to the colonies by travelers. The articles are presented here verbatim. So, have a seat in your favorite easy chair, imagine you're in a tavern in London, (the Rose and Crown, the Halfmoon and Rummer, or maybe, the Queen's Head Alehouse) and let yourself get lost in the stories of Jolly Old England.

Title: Jolly Old England

Author: Armand Francis Lucier

Illustrator: Reg. Price: $26.5

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Publisher: Heritage Books:

ISBN Number: 788403842

Book Details: 1996, 5½x8½, paper, index, 286 pp, Heritage Books

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