Regimental History of the 35th Alabama Infantry, 1862-1865

By: Leroy F. Banning

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This book, written in diary format, follows this Confederate Civil War unit from its creation around a nucleus of the cadets from the LaGrange Military Academy in LaGrange, Alabama, on March 1, 1862, to its surrender at Greensboro, North Carolina, on May 2, 1865. The unit was heavily involved with the campaign to hold Mississippi, but also fought in Alabama, at Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and the many battles to defend Atlanta, Georgia. The battle at "bloody" Franklin, Tennessee, saw the virtual destruction of the unit. An alphabetical list of the 726 men known to have served in the regiment is included, providing biographical material, rank and details from medical, prisoner of war and death records. Several battle maps and casualty charts enhance the text.

Title: Regimental History of the 35th Alabama Infantry, 1862-1865

Author: Leroy F. Banning

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ISBN Number: 788411330

Book Details: (1999), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, 152 pp, Heritage Books

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