Italian-American Folklore: Proverbs, Songs, Games, Folktales, Foodways, Superstitions, Folk Remedies and More

By: Frances M. Malpezzi & William M. Clements

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Italian-Americans compose one of the largest ethnic groups in the United States, numbering more than 14 million in the 1990 census. Though they have often been portrayed in fiction and film, these images are often based on stereotypes not borne out among the immigrant and assimilated population.
Italian-American Folklore draws its material directly from Americans of Italian descent in both urban and rural communities. Clements, a professor of folklore, and Malpezzi, a teacher and third-generation Italian-American, gathered their material through interviews, journals, and other primary sources.
The result is a book that, while strongly anchored in scholarship, is readable, entertaining, and illuminating. Chapters on folk speech, superstitions, folk medicine, games, and more tell of customs common to Italian-American provinces, and how those differences have traveled to Italian-American communities as well.

About Author
Frances M. Malpezzi grew up in an Italian-American family in the ethnically diverse community of Masontown, Pennsylvania. She attended California University of Pennsylvania and received her Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska. William M. Clements grew up in Texas and received his Ph.D. in folklore from Indiana University.

"A colorful overview of the folkways of Italian Immigrants and their descendants in the United States." —Library Journal

"The entire gamut of expressive culture is examined. From festivals and holidays to superstitions and narratives, the entire work is underpinned with sensitive fieldwork experience and a broad reading of the academic literature which combine to give the reader a satisfying entrée into an ethnic culture that is often inaccessible to outsiders.... The material is inherently interesting to anyone who has ever enjoyed a slice of pizza (is there an American who hasn't?) and should find an audience among both general readers and academics." —MultiCultural Review

"Those who grew up listening to folktales and proverbs or hearing about St. Joseph's Day food offerings and the `evil eye' may page through this work for the fun of it or even because, as the authors note, such traditions `help people know who they are.'" —Publishers Weekly

Title: Italian-American Folklore: Proverbs, Songs, Games, Folktales, Foodways, Superstitions, Folk Remedies and More

Author: Frances M. Malpezzi & William M. Clements

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