A History of Missouri: Volume V: 1919 to 1953

By: Richard S. Kirkendall

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Book Details: 448 pages, 5 3/4 x 9 1/4, bibliography, index, paper, paperback, Missouri University Press

"Kirkendall has provided a solidly researched and thoroughly written history of Missouri from 1919 to 1953. It will provide an excellent reference for the study of the economic and political affairs that affected Missouri during more than three decades of rapid change. Kirkendall's study should be a part of every library with a collection on the history of the trans!Mississippi West."--Indiana Magazine of History
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About Author
Richard S. Kirkendall is Scott and Dorothy Bullitt Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is the author of numerous books, including Uncle Henry: A Documentary Profile of the First Henry Wallace; The Truman Encyclopedia; and Harry's Farewell: Interpreting and Teaching the Truman Presidency.

"The many strengths of this book begin with its integration of social and political history and include also a strong foundation in a rich secondary literature, a style of writing that is clear and accessible, attention to comparative questions with reference to other states, and arguments that are forceful and perhaps controversial."--Western Historical Quarterly

"[Kirkendall] addresses other issues that generally receive inadequate attention in volumes of this type. His treatment of the role of women during the crucial years of his study is admirable. Likewise, his analysis of black life in Missouri during those years is important. Not only does he document and describe the oppression faced by blacks, he also writes at length about their creative response. Kirkendall is at his best when writing about the jazz culture that emerged in the 1920s and 1930s in Kansas City. . . . This book is a valuable addition to the literature on Missouri history."--Journal of Southern History

"The strength of this volume exists in Kirkendall's astute political and economic analysis of Missouri's historical legacy. In particular, the author offers an excellent assessment of key figures like Truman, Thomas Pendergast and James Reed. More than a political and economic overview, Kirkendall's History exhibits the author's talent for giving life to the key figures of the period. This well-rounded study focuses on all major aspects including art, music, the woman question, race relations and sports. It is a treatise based on objective criticism of the `Show Me State.'"--Missouri Historical Review

"[Kirkendall] reveals clearly how national events such as the economic expansion of the 1920s, the New Deal, World War II, and postwar prosperity affected the state. . . . Kirkendall's work is clearly written and well crafted. It is particularly good in dealing with social issues. . . . This is a fine study."--Journal of the West
448 pages, 5 3/4 x 9 1/4, bibliography, index, paper, paperback, Missouri University Press

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This interpretation of Missouri's history from the end of World War I until the return of Harry Truman to the state after his presidency describes the turbulent political, economic, and social changes experienced by Missouri's people during those years.

Title: A History of Missouri: Volume V: 1919 to 1953

Author: Richard S. Kirkendall

Categories: Missouri,

Publisher: Missouri University Press: 2004

ISBN Number: 0826215602

ISBN Number 13: 9780826215604

Binding: paperback

Book Details: 448 pages, 5 3/4 x 9 1/4, bibliography, index, paper, paperback, Missouri University Press

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