Leaving Little Italy: Essaying Italian American Culture

By: Fred L. Gardaphe.

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Provides an overview of the past, present and future of Italian American culture.

Title: Leaving Little Italy: Essaying Italian American Culture

Author: Fred L. Gardaphe.

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Categories: Italy-Italian,

Publisher: State University of New York Press: 2004

ISBN Number: 0791459187

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Binding: paperback

Book Details: 195 pages, paperback, State University of New York Press

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Description: Provides an overview of the past, present, and future of Italian American culture.
Leaving Little Italy explores the various forces that have shaped and continue to mold Italian American culture. Early chapters offer a historical survey of major developments in Italian American culture, from the early mass immigration period to the present day, situating these developments within the larger framework of American culture as a whole. Subsequent chapters examine particular works of Italian American literature and film from a variety of perspectives, including literary history, gender, social class, autobiography, and race. Paying particular attention to how the individual artist's personality has intersected with community in the shaping of Italian American culture, the book reveals how and why Italian America was invented and why Little Italys must ultimately disappear.

About Author
Fred L. Gardaphe directs the American and Italian/American Studies Programs at Stony Brook University, State University of New York. He is the author and editor of many books, including Italian Signs, American Streets: The Evolution of Italian American Narrative; Dagoes Read: Tradition and the Italian/American Writer; and From the Margin: Writings in Italian Americana.

"Absorbing from beginning to end, this book is original, well informed, insightful, and comprehensive. It represents not only a disciplinary history but also a history of the materials that make up the objects of study, e.g., fiction, poetry, memoir, lifestyle, etc. The range of reference is extraordinary. No American—and possibly no Italian—knows more than Gardaphe about the field. Gardaphe is the dean of Italian American Studies." — John Paul Russo, University of Miami

"Gardaphe provides a complete 'history' of Italian/American criticism, while, at the same time, introducing material on new topics, such as whiteness, food, and city vs. suburb." — Anthony Julian Tamburri, author of A Semiotic of Ethnicity: In (Re)cognition of the Italian/American Writer

Table of Contents
Part I. A Historical Survey
1. The Southern Answer: Making Little Italys
2. Inventing Italian America
3. Mythologies of Italian America: From Little Italys to Suburbs
Part II. Thematic Essays
4. Left Out: Three Italian American Writers of the 1930s
5. The Consequences of Class in Italian American Culture
6. Variations of Italian American Women's Autobiography
7. Criticism as Autobiography
8. We Weren't Always White: Race and Ethnicity in Italian American Literature
9. Linguine and Lust: Notes on Food and Sex in Italian American Culture
Conclusion: Leaving Little Italy: Legacies Real and Imagined
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