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1 MAP: Sweden & Norway: 1875

Black and white map, printed on 18" x 24" paper., Reproduction map of original
Edward Weller’s map entitled Sweden & Norway was first issued in London in 1875. Showing the internal provincial subdivisions in each country, the map also locates railroad lines, principal rivers, cities, towns and many villages.
Price: 7.95 USD



2 NORWEGIAN RECIPES - Old-time Favorites

Spiral bound, 5-1/2 x 3-1/2", 170 pages, Penfield Press
Norwegian-American cooks are known for their use of almond and dill for delicate and flavorful seasonings. This handy book features a variety of tastes, including the old favorites of delicious cookies, light cakes, sweet breads, and lefse, and the traditional root vegetables. Try fruit juice glogg, cheese soup, strawberry nut bread, baked trout, potato balls, almond cake, caramel ice, and much more.
Price: 6.95 USD




Spiral-bound, 5-1/2 x 3-1/2", 142 pages, Penfield Press
Adapted to the American Kitchen. A mini version of our wildly successful 1974 Vesterheim cookbook, this title features more than 65 recipes from the original, plus exquisite photos of silver pieces from Vesterheim Norwegian American Museum in Decorah, Iowa. Recipes include cauliflower soup, fish and shrimp in pastry shells, pork tenderloin, glazed carrots, rye bread, sour cream waffles, duchess cake, stacked cookies, red berry pudding with cream, and apple pie.
Price: 6.95 USD

Farm Recipes and Food Secrets from the Norske Nook, Helen Myhre with Mona Vold

4 Farm Recipes and Food Secrets from the Norske Nook
Helen Myhre with Mona Vold
288 pages, 7 1/4 x 9 1/4, 5 line drawings, paperback, University of Wisconsin Press
When a small-town cafe in Osseo, Wisconsin, was praised for "some of the world's best pies" in the best-selling guidebook Roadfood, Helen Myhre and the Norske Nook became famous! The same home-cooking tips Helen shared on Late Night with David Letterman she now shares with you. From breads to gravies, meats to jellies, and of course, that celebrated sour cream raisin pie, Myhre shows you how to bring a rich, thick slice of Midwest cooking into your kitchen.

About Author
Helen Myhre, a farm wife before she founded the Norske Nook, has retired and still lives in Osseo, Wisconsin. Mona Vold is a journalist and writer who also lives in the area. The Norske Nook still welcomes hungry visitors to downtown Osseo in Northwest Wisconsin, just off Interstate 94.

"This is more than a cookbook. It's a big, sweet slice of genuine Midwest Americana." —Jane and Michael Stern, authors of Roadfood and Eat Your Way Across America

"The secret ingredients in Helen's pie crust— which must be the best pie crust anywhere—are here revealed, at last!"—Michael Feldman, author and radio host of Whaddya Know?

"This book makes me feel like a member of the Myhre family. Helen pulls out a dining room chair, inviting me to sit for a spell. Over melt-in-the-mouth pot roast and pie, we catch up on the kids and the locals who give Osseo its Lake Wobegon qualities. I'm back home again."—Joanne Stuttgen, author of Café Wisconsin

"Helen Myhre says two things are important for good farm cooking: your hands ('you have to dig in . . . to know how things should look and feel') and butter ('lots of butter'). I'll add one more thing: this cookbook. Helen makes me listen, laugh, and learn."—Terese Allen, author of Hometown Flavor and Fresh Market Wisconsin
Price: 21.95 USD

Norway to America: A History of the Migration, Ingrid Semmingsen, translated by Einar Haugen

5 Norway to America: A History of the Migration
Ingrid Semmingsen, translated by Einar Haugen
224 pages, paperback / softcover, University of Minnesota Press
Traces the movement of both groups and individuals from Norway to the American Midwest and Pacific coast states.
The story of Norwegian immigration to the United States is full of drama and pathos. Between 1815 and 1915 as many as thirty-five million people came to the United States from Norway. This book tells the story of that migration as it affected both nations and investigates the reasons for this "American Fever." Rich in history, the tale ends with a discussion of the ways in which Norwegian-Americans retain their ties to the old country. First published in Norway as Dröm og Dåd (Dream and Deed), Norway to America is an excellent way to celebrate one of the strongest ethnic heritages in America.

About Author
Ingrid Semmingsen was professor of history at the University of Oslo and the author of a two-volume study of Norwegian emigration to America, Veien mot Vest (The Way West).

Einar Haugen was professor of Scandinavian and linguistics at Harvard University.

"Rich in human and illustrative detail. Presents in one brief volume a comprehensive treatment of Norwegian migration and settlement." —American Historical Review
Price: 16.95 USD

The Rise of Jonas Olsen: A Norwegian Immigrant’s Saga, Johannes B. Wist, translated by Orm Øverland, foreword by Todd W. Nichol

6 The Rise of Jonas Olsen: A Norwegian Immigrant’s Saga
Johannes B. Wist, translated by Orm Øverland, foreword by Todd W. Nichol
464 pages, 6 x 9, cloth, University of Minnesota Press
A novel of one man's trials and ambiguous triumphs as a newcomer to America.
The road to riches for the hero of this sweeping historical novel ends up being rockier than he initially expects. Norwegian immigrant Jonas Olsen arrives in late nineteenth-century Minneapolis with little money and less English. He quickly learns to reinvent himself-from laboring in sewer construction to building a successful dry goods business, from losing everything in a banking collapse to settling the Red River Valley. While an eminently likable character, Jonas can also be ruthless in his ambition to find success in America.
The Rise of Jonas Olsen is at once an immigrant novel, business novel, political novel, and a western, offering a rich and panoramic view of Scandinavian immigrant life in the Upper Midwest. Wist combines realism and satire to depict the role Norwegian Americans played in the economic, political, and cultural life of the Upper Midwest.
Originally published serially in the Norwegian-language newspaper the Decorah Posten in the 1920s, The Rise of Jonas Olsen illustrates an immigrant's struggle to preserve his identity and heritage while striving to become fully accepted as an American.
Published in cooperation with the Norwegian-American Historical Association.

About Author
Johannes B. Wist (1864–1923) was a journalist and editor of the Decorah Posten from 1900 to 1923.

Orm Øverland is professor of American literature at the University of Bergen, Norway, and the author of The Western Home: A Literary History of Norwegian America and Immigrant Minds, American Identities: Making the United States Home, 1870-1930.

Todd W. Nichol is editor of the Norwegian-American Historical Association publication program.

Table of Contents
Foreword by Todd W. Nichol
Translator's Introduction
A Note on the Text and Translation
The Rise of Jonas Olsen
Book I. Scenes from the Life of a Newcomer: Jonas Olsen's First Years in America
Book II. The Home on the Prairie: Jonas Olsen's First Year in the Settlement
Book III. Jonasville
Price: 29.95 USD

Norwegian Connections from Artic Fjord to American Prairie, Judy Jacobson

7 Norwegian Connections from Artic Fjord to American Prairie
Judy Jacobson
Paper, 268 pp., 2002, reprinted: 2005, Genealogical Publishing Company, Inc

Price: 29.95 USD



8 NORWEGIAN TOUCHES - History, Recipes, Folk Arts
Louise Roalson and Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret
Paperback, 6 x 9", 160 pages, Penfield Press
This book tells the stories of Norwegian immigrants, their ancestors, and their descendents. It includes great Norwegians and great Norwegian recipes, including meatballs, beef soup, lutefisk, cod chowder, dumplings, cucumber salad, lefse, coffee braid, gingerbread, prince's cake, kringle, and lemon fromage with raspberry sauce. Norwegian Touches is beautifully designed and illustrated with about 80 photographs, half of them in full color. Featured tourist attractions include Vesterheim Norwegian-American Museum in Decorah, Iowa; The Chapel in the Hills, Rapid City, South Dakota; Moorhead, Minnesota's Heritage Hjemkomst Center; and Mount Horeb, Wisconsin, which bills itself as the troll capital of America. Notably Norwegian Revised & Expanded.
Price: 14.95 USD

The Promise Fulfilled: A Portrait of Norwegian Americans Today, Odd S. Lovoll

9 The Promise Fulfilled: A Portrait of Norwegian Americans Today
Odd S. Lovoll
352 pages, 8 x 9, 52 black-and-white photos, 19 tables, 1 map, cloth, University of Minnesota Press
On October 9, 1825, the sloop Restauration sailed into New York harbor with the first fifty-three Norwegian immigrants to America. In the next 100 years over 800,000 people would leave Norway to become members of a proud new community in the United States. Today, the Norwegian American population numbers nearly 4 million-almost as many people as live in Norway.
The Promise Fulfilled is an enlightening-and not uncritical-consideration of Norwegian American history, continuing the story begun in the best-selling The Promise of America. Prominent historian Odd S. Lovoll details where Norwegian Americans live, what kinds of jobs they hold, how their ethnic heritage is passed on, and to what extent their dreams of life in the United States have been fulfilled.
Lovoll researched historical documents, conducted an extensive questionnaire, and performed hundreds of follow-up interviews. He introduces us to wheat farmers in North Dakota, halibut fishermen in the Pacific Northwest, and carpenters in Brooklyn who all consider themselves Norwegian Americans. He interviews prominent Norwegian Americans, like Walter Mondale, and everyday people-factory workers, at-home mothers, small-business owners, and teenagers. One unique aspect of The Promise Fulfilled is Lovoll's pioneering consideration of the social history of all seven generations of Norwegian Americans.
From the traditional lutefisk dinners to civic activism, Lovoll uncovers the festive spirit of contemporary Norwegian American culture. This vibrant ethnic community, with large enclaves in New York City, California, the Pacific Northwest, and the Midwest, maintains ties through genealogy, family reunions, and a shared culinary and arts and crafts heritage. Lovoll's lucid, engaging, and nuanced history will be essential reading-and a popular gift-for anyone interested in Scandinavian culture.

About Author
Odd S. Lovoll immigrated to the United States from Norway in 1946 and was educated at Norwegian and U.S. universities. He is the King Olav V Chair in Scandinavian American studies at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota. He edits the Norwegian American Historical Association's publications and is the author of The Promise of America (1984).

"Odd Lovoll provides fascinating and important insights about the distinctive presence in American life of Norwegian immigrants and their ancestors. Then again, I might be biased." —Walter F. Mondale, former U.S. Vice President and Norwegian American

"The Promise Fulfilled is a fascinating and enlightening read from cover to cover." —The Norseman

"Gives us a more complete and realistic evaluation of what America meant to all those immigrants who left Europe in search of a new and better life." —Historisk tidsskrift

“Richly illustrated and attractive, The Promise Fulfilled represents solid, systematic research and can be appreciated by scholar and non-scholar alike. Lovoll has challenged us to frame new questions and to map the ethnic identities and expressions of others in the great American experiment.” —Wisconsin Magazine of History
Price: 29.95 USD

The Follinglo Dog Book: A Norwegian Pioneer Story from Iowa, Peder Gustav Tjernagel, Foreword by Wayne Franklin, Afterword by Peter Tjernagel Harstad

10 The Follinglo Dog Book: A Norwegian Pioneer Story from Iowa
Peder Gustav Tjernagel, Foreword by Wayne Franklin, Afterword by Peter Tjernagel Harstad
256 pp, 32 photos, 1999, paperback, University of Iowa Press
The Follinglo Dog Book both is and is not about dogs. The dogs are certainly here: from Milla to Chip the Third, we encounter a procession of heroic if often unfortunate creatures who, along with their immigrant masters, led a hard life on the nineteenth-century American frontier. However, if you pick up this book thinking it will offer a heartwarming read about canine experiences, you will find yourself reinformed by the way it unfolds.
Instead, these are the stories of a Norwegian pioneer family that came in 1860 to settle the Iowa prairie on a homestead called Follinglo Farm in Story County, Iowa. In the Tjernagels' experience one may read a chronicle of the state, the region, and the nation. Arriving in Iowa in what was still the age of wooden equipment and animal power, the Tjernagels witnessed each successive revolution on the land. They built homes and barns, cultivated the land, and encountered every manner of natural disaster from prairie fires to blizzards. Through all the struggles and setbacks, Peder Gustav Tjernagel's stories sparkle with boyhood pranks and adventures, in which the family dogs frequently play a role.
Readers will discover a wonderful cast of Norwegian relatives and neighbors, including a Herculean uncle, Store Per (Big Pete), who could lift a cow by its horns; a mysterious aunt, Stora Fastero (Big Sister), whose arrival signaled that a baby was soon to be born; and Elling Eilson, the walking Lutheran apostle. And, of course, there are the dogs who shepherd, protect, and even baby-sit the residents of Follinglo Farm.

About Author
Peder Gustav Tjernagel (1864-1932) recorded these stories in pencil on a school notepad in 1909. The manuscript was later edited and typed by relatives who self-published the book as a family record. In his foreword to The Follinglo Dog Book, Wayne Franklin, professor of English at Northeastern University, places the book in its historical context and addresses our changing attitudes toward the humane treatment of house pets since the nineteenth century. Peter Tjernagel Harstad, Tjernagel's grandson and director of the Indiana Historical Society, provides an afterword to this edition.

“The Follinglo Dog Book is the stuff of legend and saga, the founding myth of the family that explains who they are and how they were created. It can also be read, of course, as the history of an actual Norwegian family transplanted to the fertile fields of central Iowa. But it is more than that. It puts in writing those tales, told around Thanksgiving and Christmas tables for generations, that have given Tjernagels and Follinglos their sense of identity and their place in the world. Through diligence and perseverance, they claimed the land and made it theirs. Hence, land and legend are both glues that bind the generations together.”—Tom Morain, State Historical Society of Iowa
Price: 19.95 USD


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