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1 CD: The Ledger of William C. Walker of Stow, Maine, 1829-1843

2001, CD, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, index, 167 pp, Heritage Books
William C. Walker was a prolific cobbler (a craftsman of shoes and boots), but he also mended harnesses occasionally, and sold dry goods, condiments, lumber, and a variety of other items. At first thought a business ledger might seem rather dry reading, but if you spend a few minutes with this one you will probably change your mind. Walker kept accounts with many of the people in the area as shown in this book. A work of this nature does not contain a great deal of genealogical data per se, but numerous inferences can be drawn from the entries. For example, many of the boot and shoe records are highly suggestive, as when Russell Charles is billed for footware for “Solomon and Peter”, who apparently were his sons. In other cases the record only shows they were for “your son,” “your wife,” “your mother,” etc. Among the most prominent surnames in the ledger are: Abbot(t), Chandler, Charles, Eastman, Farington, Johnson, McIntire, Pride, Walker, Whit(t)aker, Whitting, and Wyman. Much can undoubtedly be read between the lines of this ledger with careful study and comparisons with other sources.
Price: 21.00 USD



2 MAP: Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont Circa 1825

Black and white map, printed on 11" x 17" cream-colored paper., Reproduction map of original
In addition to showing the county lines, roads, and settlements in these northern New England states, this map is also useful for its portrayal of the adjacent part of Lower Canada (now Quebec) which is divided into districts.
Price: 4.50 USD



3 MAP: Maine: 1866

Black and white map, printed on 18" x 24" paper., Reproduction map of original
Issued by A.J. Johnson in 1866, this map shows railway lines, counties and townships, as well as the state's many lakes, ponds, and coastal islands.
Price: 7.95 USD



4 MAP: Special Map Group for Maine

Reproduction map of original
Includes maps [S 10], [T 1] (see descriptions above) and small map [F 12] All 3 maps
Price: 12.95 USD

The Maine Atlas

5 The Maine Atlas

78 pages, 11 x 15 1/2, paperback, Langenscheidt Publishing Group / DeLorme
Designed for travelers who want topographic map detail showing Maine's hiking trails, campgrounds, and more. Contains a guide to state and national parks, recreation areas, and historic sites. Comprehensive index.
Price: 19.95 USD



6 CD: Centennial History of Harrison, Maine, Containing the Centennial Celebration of 1905, and Historical and Biographical Matter
Alphonso Moulton, Howard L. Sampson and Granville Fernald
(1909), 2006, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 794 pp, Heritage Books
Part One of this volume covers the Centennial Celebration of 1905. Part Two covers the history of the town of Harrison striving to present "an accurate review of the religious and civil institutions, the general progress of education, and the processes of moral culture and social refinement since the organization of the town…the development of the various industries; the improvements in methods of agriculture; the useful innovations in the mechanical arts; the origin and successes of manufacturing enterprises; the accession of wealth and business importance achieved through the mercantile connections…the establishment of town, church and school building, and notable private dwellings; the record of the patriotism of the people in furnishing troops for the Civil War; the surprising advent…of means of travel, conveyance of merchandise and personal communication owing to modern scientific discoveries and inventions." Part Three presents genealogical and biographical sketches of the pioneer families of the town "under the belief that the true history of the town would be best illustrated by authentic histories of the lives, characters and public services rendered." Also included are "families or individuals, who by education, character or other qualification have served the inhabitants of the town in a high professional manner in law, medicine, the ministry of religion, or in statesmanship…"
Price: 19.95 USD

Sabino, Popham Colony (Maine) Reader: 1602-2003, Andrew J. Wahll

7 Sabino, Popham Colony (Maine) Reader: 1602-2003
Andrew J. Wahll
(2000), 2003, 5½x8½, paper, 479 pp, Heritage Books
The year 2007 will mark the 400th anniversary of English colonization in North America. In 1607, the Virginia Company of London sent two colonizing expeditions to North America. London financiers bankrolled the first settlement at Jamestown, on the mouth of the James River (in present-day Virginia). The second expedition was sent out from the English port of Plymouth, establishing the Popham Colony in "northern Virginia," now New England. Popham Colony was planted at the mouth of the Kennebec River in Maine, centered around the newly constructed Fort St. George. This region was also known as "Sabino," "Norumbega" and "Mawooshin." The Popham Colony lasted little more than a year as a result of an especially severe winter and poor leadership. This unique site remained relatively undisturbed until recent archeological excavations revealed it exactly as shown on a map prepared by John Hunt in 1607. This book is a chronological collection of written records pertaining to the Popham Colony. These fascinating records begin with narratives of the early voyages of discovery in 1602. Included are journal entries, letters and extracts from the writings of Champlain, Gorges, John Smith, and the Jesuit Relations, to name a few. Later historical works from the 19th and 20th centuries are also included.
Price: 45.00 USD



8 Foxes of Lovell, Maine, and Descendants of Edward Fox, 1645
Arthur G. Fox
1998, 8½x11, cloth, index, 448 pp, Heritage Books
This book traces the lineage of the Fox family of Lovell, Maine, to the 20th century, beginning with Edward Fox, the first of the Foxes to settle in the Americas. Sixty-one lines are recorded, including Foxes and related families. Information for each entry includes date and place of birth, spouses, children, place of residence, occupation and other valuable information such as military service or criminal record wherever known.
Price: 75.50 USD



9 Portland Soldiers and Sailors, A Brief Sketch of the Part They Took in the War of the Rebellion
B. Thurston and Co.
(1884), 2005, 5½x8½, paper, 56 pp, Heritage Books
Members of the Bosworth Post (Grand Army of the Republic) had this volume published for sale at a fair held in Portland, Maine, in 1884, to aid the Soldiers and Sailors Monument. This sketch presents "the prominent facts relating to the troops from Portland, in the war of the rebellion, including the regiments which 'rendezvoused' in our city."The majority of the book is devoted to accounts of the following companies: First Maine Infantry, Fifth Maine Infantry, Tenth Maine Infantry, Twelfth Maine Infantry, Thirteenth Maine Infantry, Seventeenth Maine Infantry, Twenty-Fifth Maine Infantry, Twenty-Seventh Maine Infantry, Twenty-Ninth Maine Infantry, Thirtieth Maine Infantry, and the First Maine Cavalry. The names of Portland officers are listed within their regiments. An account of the re-capture of the Revenue Cutter, "Caleb Cushing;" a list of Portland officers not previously mentioned; a list of Portland Naval officers; and an alphabetical list of interred soldiers and sailors, grouped by cemetery, complete this work.
Price: 7.00 USD

The Amanda Letters: Civil War Days on the Coast of Maine, Courtney MacLachlan

10 The Amanda Letters: Civil War Days on the Coast of Maine
Courtney MacLachlan
(2003), 2005, 5½x8½, paper, index, 242 pp, Heritage Books
The author has created a narrative thread which connects, supports, and amplifies the original letters written between 1861 and 1866 to Amanda Davis, a young woman from Friendship, Maine. Most of the letters were written to her from her cousins in the nearby village of Warren or from neighbors and relatives who were enlisted in the Union Army. These letters are so fresh that through them readers can easily enter the 1860s world of small-town Maine and see how deeply people were affected by the war. Spontaneous and unselfconscious, these letters reflect the correspondents' strong personalities as well as local thinking, sayings, and humor. Although some letters come from army camps and hospitals, the bulk of them describe life at home. Over seventy illustrations and six maps, along with recipes, advertisements and excerpts from the local newspaper and national magazines, enhance the text. Anyone interested in the Civil War, Maine history, or nineteenth century women's history will want to add this book to their library.
Price: 22.50 USD



11 Abstracts of Death Notices (1833-1852) and Miscellaneous News Items from the Maine Farmer (1833-1924)
David C. Young and Benjamin Lewis Keene
(1997) 2004, 5½x8½, paper, index, 480 pp, Heritage Books
The authors are to be commended for completing this project, which was originally started in the 1940s by the National Youth Administration, but was abandoned when funds were no longer available. This collection of abstracts, including birth, death and other miscellaneous news items, will be useful to both professional and amateur genealogists, not only for the information the abstracts contain, but also for the clues they give to finding further information. For ease of use, the abstracts are arranged alphabetically by surname. This volume contains several valuable research tolls in addition to the abstracts. First, a very informative section that contains letters written by children. These letters often reveal important details of family history, such as, "Daddy went to California to work in the gold mines. I have a sister named Sally, she is eight years old. I had a little brother named Tommy but he died." The next part, Communications and Editorial Correspondence, contains interesting letters and comments from the newspaper's readers. Another section includes selected news articles, chosen for their historical or genealogical value. An index of names of the dozens of ships which were featured in many news stories in included. Finally, the other newspapers which contributed information to the Farmer (and the cities in which they were published) are listed alphabetically for quick reference.
Price: 40.00 USD

The Portland [Maine] Transcript, 1869-1870, News and Summary, Marriages and Deaths, Elaine M. Fitch

12 The Portland [Maine] Transcript, 1869-1870, News and Summary, Marriages and Deaths
Elaine M. Fitch
2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 164 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
In 1866, a year after the end of the Civil War, the citizens of Maine elected a new governor, Gen. Joshua Chamberlain (1828-1914), a hero of the Battle of Gettysburg. This compilation of newspaper articles covers the dates April 3, 1869 to March 26, 1870. It was a relatively peaceful time for the people of Maine, who over the years had fought against the Indians, the British, the Canadians and even amongst themselves. However, long before Maine separated from Massachusetts and entered the Union as a state in 1820, people had been coming to this rugged land. Despite the harsh climate, they were able to make Maine their home. Some worked the land and others made their living from the sea. Fully indexed, these Portland Transcript articles contain information of genealogical interest, such as marriages and deaths. They also tell us much about the people who loved this land enough to settle on it, to live off it, and sometimes to die for it.
Price: 23.00 USD



13 Portland Advertiser and Gazette of Maine. Marriages, Deaths and News, From November 1838 - May 1839
Elaine Morrison Fitch
2004, 6x9, paper, index, 218 pp, Heritage Books
These abstracts contain shipping news, local and national news, and marriages and deaths in a chronological arrangement. Indian difficulties, the "Mormon War" and skirmishes between the local militia and Canadians make up much of the news during this interesting period.
Price: 32.50 USD



14 CD: Indian Place-Names of The Penobscot Valley and The Maine Coast
Fannie Hardy Eckstorm
(1941), 2006, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 272 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
This is one of the foremost authoritative sources for information on the Indian place-names of Maine. The area covered is the "drainage basin of the Penobscot River from the Great Fork at Medway downward, both sides of Penobscot Bay roughly speaking, lower Penobscot County, Waldo and Knox Counties, and western Hancock County." The book is arranged according to natural geography. Using a comparative analytic method the author extracted the meaning of the words from old maps, deeds, wills and other documents. She then compared the translations to the natural characteristics of the area and conferred with living Native Americans of the area.This book was written with three classes of readers in mind: detail-oriented readers, wanting the spelling, pronunciation, and meaning of the terms discussed; students of history looking for places no longer located on current maps; and students of philology, archaeology, anthropology, and comparative language.
Price: 26.00 USD



15 Drisko-Crocker-Foster: Some of the “Coasters” of Maine and New Hampshire
Frances Sterling Drisko
(2001), 2008, 8½x11, paper, index, 494 pp , Heritage Books
The Drisko lines begin around the mid-1600s and are covered to the present generation, in some cases to the fourteenth generation. The Crocker lines begin around 1695 and continue to the present (eleven generations). The Foster lines begin in the early 1600s and continue to the eleventh generation. All three include both male and female descendants. (This Crocker line does not descend from William of Barnstable, who has been covered many times over, but from Peletiah/Pel/Paul Crocker, and is new information.) Some of these families trace their origins back to the Mayflower and England. These lines appear in almost every town along the coast of Maine, including Addison, Bristol, Columbia Falls, Jonesboro, Machias, Machiasport and St. George to name a few. They are also found among the records of Dover, Exeter, Newmarket and Portsmouth, New Hampshire, as well as New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada. The pioneers of Maine were important in the Revolutionary War and fought the first naval battle of that conflict in Machias Bay. The Driskos and Fosters were there. Many of them had occupations as sea captains. Others were shipbuilders, ship's carpenters, seamen and lighthouse keepers. Those who were not sailors often worked in closely related occupations such as lumbering and sawmills. While this work is mainly a genealogy, it is also an anthology of some of the people and the memorable events with which they were associated. There are stories of the bravery of the pioneer men and women-including Elizabeth Hull Heard and Margaret Stevenson Scott (hung as a witch at Salem). The compiler did a great deal of research into the captains and the vessels they sailed, and has included that information for all three lines. Also included are an alphabetical list of the vessels and the years each person was the Master of the vessel, and numerous photographs.
Price: 55.50 USD

History of Saco and Biddeford, with Notices of Other Early Settlements, and of the Proprietory Governments in Maine, including the Provinces of New Somersetshire and Lygonia, George Folsom

16 History of Saco and Biddeford, with Notices of Other Early Settlements, and of the Proprietory Governments in Maine, including the Provinces of New Somersetshire and Lygonia
George Folsom
(1830) reprint, cloth, index, 352 pp, Heritage Books
About one-half genealogical and one-half biographical material.
Price: 31.00 USD

Thomas Butler and His Descendents: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth Butler of Butler's Hill, South Berwick, Maine, 1674-1886, George H. Butler, M.D

17 Thomas Butler and His Descendents: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth Butler of Butler's Hill, South Berwick, Maine, 1674-1886
George H. Butler, M.D
(1886), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 198 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
A typical genealogy. Female lines are included, but in an abbreviated form. Some of the main allied families are: Abbott, Andrews, Beal, Brown, Chadboune, Clark, Goodwin, Goodrich, Guptill, Hayes, Hersom, Huntress, Jones, Libby, Lord, Mason, Nason, Pray, Ricker, Roberts, Thompson, Wentworth.
Price: 20.50 USD



18 CD: Thomas Butler And His Descendants: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth Butler of Butler's Hill, South Berwick, Maine, 1674-1886.
George H. Butler, M.D.
(1886), CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC, index, 192 pp, Heritage Books
This CD-ROM is a typical genealogy. Female lines are included, but in an abbreviated form. Some of the main allied families are: Abbott, Andrews, Beal, Brown, Chadboune, Clark, Goodwin, Goodrich, Guptill, Hayes, Hersom, Huntress, Jones, Libby, Lord, Mason, Nason, Pray, Ricker, Roberts, Thompson, Wentworth.
Price: 15.95 USD



19 Ties of Common Blood: A History of Maine's Northeast Boundary Dispute with Great Britain, 1783-1842
Geraldine Tidd Scott
1991, 5½x8½, paper, index, 445 pp, Heritage Books
The definitive history of the boundary dispute as experienced by the citizens and officials at the local, state, and provincial levels, both British and American. Based on journals, documents, speeches, letter books, and collections of correspondence of participants on both sides of the controversy to chronicle the dispute from its origins to the establishment of an agreed- upon boundary with the Treaty of Washington in 1842. Appendices list settlers in the disputed territory and neighboring Aroostook County towns, Canadian timber harvesters, the land agent's civil posse, militia rolls, land claims from Aroostook, etc.
Price: 37.00 USD

History of St. Albans, Maine: 2003 Revised Edition, Gladys M. Bigelow and Ruth McGowan Knowles

20 History of St. Albans, Maine: 2003 Revised Edition
Gladys M. Bigelow and Ruth McGowan Knowles
(1982, 1995, 2003), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, 494 pp, Heritage Books
St. Albans, or township No. 5 was first surveyed in 1794, as a part of Massachusetts which later became the state of Maine. "Tradition states Township No. 5 was first called Berlin, then Fairhaven, and finally St. Albans." This book chronicles the history of St. Albans, from its "formative years" in the 1790s to its thriving life in the 1980s. Each chapter covers a different aspect of the town, from its leading citizens to its industries and social organizations to its holidays and its role in this country's many wars since the American Revolution. Photos, Illustrations, and transcripts of poems, diaries, and other documents add their own "voice from the past." Originally published in 1982, this revised edition by Ruth McGowan Knowles contains 56 pages of new data including deaths, marriages, military news, current businesses, as well as additional poetry, biography and illustrations. With a fitting dedication to Gladys Bigelow, the new addendum enhances this already invaluable tribute to one historical town in Maine.
Price: 40.50 USD

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