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1 Map Group for 18th Century North America. Includes maps [B 1], [B 13], [B 22], and [B 23] New En...

Jonathan Shepard Books

Price: 24.95 USD



2 MAP: The United States: 1864

Black and white map, printed on 18" x 24" paper., Reproduction map of original
This important map by A.J. Johnson locates forts west of the Mississippi, major railway lines, western Indian tribes, trails, as well as the major towns and cities in each state and territory. Useful for tracing family migrations.
Price: 8.95 USD



3 Southam Parish Land Processioning, 1747-1784, Goochland, Cumberland, and Powhatan Counties, Virginia
Ann K. Blomquist
2004, 8½x11, paper, index, 118 pp, Heritage Books
Throughout the colony of Virginia, land was processioned every four years to determine the bounds of every landholder’s property. The vestrymen divided the parish into precincts of convenient size with several men appointed to conduct the processioning for each precinct. The returns were recorded in the vestry book.The book contains maps and abstracts of the land processioning orders and returns for Southam Parish for the years 1747 through 1784 while Southam Parish was part of the counties of Goochland, Cumberland, and Powhatan. The original information is found in the Vestry Book of Southam Parish which contains the detailed records of the parish for the years 1745 through 1792. This volume is intended to be a companion book to the complete Vestry Book of Southam Parish.
Price: 20.50 USD



4 CD: Official History of the Improved Order of Red Men. Compiled under Authority from the Great Council of the United States by Past Great Incohonees George W. Lindsay of Maryland, Charles C. Conley of Pennsylvania, Charles H. Litchman of Massachusetts
Charles H. Litchman
(1893), 2006, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 660 pp , Heritage Books
The Order of Red Men takes pride in preserving the history, customs and virtues of the original American people - a people conceded by the early travelers and writers to have been intelligent, brave, and free, loyal in its friendships, generous in its hospitalities, and with many traits of character worthy of emulation…" "The primary objects of our Order are to promote among men the exercise and practice of the true principles of benevolence and charity, the care and protection of the widows and orphans of its members, and the cultivation of friendly relations with those who have entered its circle. The democratic influences which attended its birth, the idea that all men are equal, are the tenets of the Order; and what a man is, not what he possesses, constitutes his claim for recognition among the brotherhood. Friendship, fraternity, and hospitality are exemplified as cardinal virtues, and nowhere are hearts brought closer together than around the council fires of the Red Men…Our Order is a brotherhood of individuals whose personal characteristics are not sacrificed, but whose common interests are maintained and strengthened as the members harmonize around our council fires." A subject, place and everyname index makes access to information easy for the researcher.
Price: 19.95 USD

Tax List of York County, Pennsylvania 1779, F. Edward Wright

5 Tax List of York County, Pennsylvania 1779
F. Edward Wright
(1989), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 168 pp, Heritage Books
Includes present-day Adams County. Taken exactly as written in the published Third Series, Pennsylvania Archives (1897).
Price: 18.50 USD

Early Church Records of Alexandria City and Fairfax County, Virginia, F. Edward Wright and Wesley E. Pippenger

6 Early Church Records of Alexandria City and Fairfax County, Virginia
F. Edward Wright and Wesley E. Pippenger
(1996), 1997, 5½x8½, paper, index, 182 pp, Heritage Books
Alexandria Quaker records, 1802-1827: minutes, certificates of removal, marriages, births, deaths. Extracts from Vestry Book of Christ Church Fairfax, 1765-1806 with burial plot owners in 1812, burial permits (1787-1795): support payments, apprenticeship of orphans, pew owners. Extracts from Truro Parish Vestry Book, 1732-1765: references to orphans, burials (from which you can estimate the year of death), the needy for whom payments were made, and other payments. Register of baptisms, marriage and funerals during the ministry of Rev. James Muir, 1802-1815 at Presb. Ch. of Alexandria.
Price: 15.00 USD



7 CD: Gathered Sketches from the Early History of New Hampshire and Vermont; Containing vivid and interesting accounts of a great variety of the adventures of our forefathers, and of other incidents of olden time. Original and selected
Francis Chase
(1856) 2003, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC, index, 223 pp, Heritage Books
"In this selection you will find incidents both grave and gay, both pathetic and amusing; some of them of considerable historical importance, and others which some persons might think almost trifling. But it is intended that the following pages shall illustrate as fully as possible the character of the times in which our ancestors lived." Chapters include accounts of Indian conflicts, the captivities of three women, a witch story, a ghost story, a temperance lesson, and military anecdotes, among other topics. New full name and place index.
Price: 9.50 USD



8 CD: Delaware and Pennsylvania
HB Archives
2000, CD, Graphic, Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 2039 pp, Heritage Books
Contains:*Calendar of Sussex County, Delaware, Probate Records, 1680-1800 - Leon de Valinger, Jr. (1964). These abstracts, arranged in chronological order, generally contain name of the deceased, type of record, date of the record, heirs, officials such as executor and administrator, witnesses, and location of the complete record. *Original Land Titles in Delaware Commonly Known as The Duke of York Record - General Assembly of Delaware (c1903). Records cover the Dutch grant of lands (1646-1657), and the Duke of York's grant of lands in Delaware (1657-1680). *Some of the First Settlers of "The Forks of the Delaware" and Their Descendants - Rev. Henry Martyn Kieffer, D.D. (1902). The translation from the German of the record books of the First Reformed Church of Easton, PA, 1760-1852. Records are presented chronologically, grouped into baptisms, deaths and burials, and marriages.*Some Records of Sussex County, Delaware - C. H. B. Turner (1909). Site of the first Dutch settlement in the area in 1631. Some Kent Co. records are also included. *Encyclopedia of Pennsylvania - Hiram H. Shenk (1932). Biographical sketches make up half of the volume; dates span the 17th-19th centuries.
Price: 30.00 USD



9 CD: Vermont & New Hampshire
HB Archives
2000, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 2446 pp, Heritage Books
This CD-ROM contains electronic image reprints of the following seven books of Vermont and New Hampshire history: History of Salisbury, Vermont - John M. Weeks (1860). This is a historical account of the early settlement of the town of Salisbury. Due to a diligent search in the State Library, State Secretary's office, and through several dockets of Rutland and Addison County courts, most of the legal history of the town has been recovered. The ecclesiastical history is taken chiefly from church records, which are believed to be quite accurate. The Old Meetinghouse Bennington, Vermont - Rev. Isaac Jennings (1907). This text holds the history of the one hundred year old meetinghouse of the Church of Christ in Bennington, Vermont: being a record of the centennial of the same held in the meetinghouse August the 19th and 20th, 1906. It contains the historical preamble, historical discourse of 1906 and notes, dedication discourse and prayer of 1806, prayers, hymns, odes, etc. Memorials of A Century - Rev. Isaac Jennings. (1869). This work contains the record of individuals and events chiefly in the early history of Bennington, Vermont, and its first church. The first nine chapters are the discourse. Some account of the centennial celebration and the conclusion of the discourse make up chapter twenty-six. Walton's New Vermont Register & State Year Book,- Charles S. Forbes (1907). This is a complete and accurate official business, professional and miscellaneous State Directory and Year Book of Vermont. It contains ads, almanac for 1907, legal holidays in Vermont, rates of postage, U.S. officers, steam railroads in Vermont, public libraries in Vermont, town officers, etc. The Knowledge of Mankind: The Vermont Journal & the Universal Advertiser, 1783-1786 - Milli S. Kenney. (1996). This volume is intended to be another source of information for historians and genealogists after town histories and vital records have been searched. It contains lists of hundreds of delinquent taxpayers and numerous fascinating articles. An appendix lists the dates, clerks, hosts and locations of proprietors meetings, where delinquent taxpayers were dealt with or the business of the township was discussed. Includes a map of Vermont dated 1796. What's News in Coos County? Volume One - Milli S. Kenney (1996). The people of Coos County, New Hampshire, and Essex County, Vermont, collaborated on many news stories and cultural events, even the county fair, so this work appropriately includes news from both places. The author gathered information from the White Mountain Aegis, 1838-1839, and the Northern Sentinel, 1870-1873. The book is roughly divided into two sections; one for each newspaper. What's News in Coos County? Volume Two - Milli S. Kenney (1996). The author has compiled a chronological scrapbook of personal events covered in the Coos Republican from December 1855 through December 1859. What's News has transcripts of all news items that mention local people from all over New Hampshire, Vermont, southern Quebec and western Maine. This GRAPHIC IMAGE CD-ROM uses the powerful Adobe Acrobat Reader provided free on the CD for Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
Price: 32.00 USD



10 A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of Virginia and the District of Columbia (1835)
Joseph Martin
(1835), 2000, 6x9, cloth, index, 636 pp, Heritage Books
Contains geographical, statistical, political, commercial, religious, moral and miscellaneous information collected and compiled from the most respectable and chiefly from original sources, along with a history of Virginia from its first settlement to the year 1754 as written expressly for the work by a Virginian.
Price: 47.50 USD



11 Virginia/West Virginia Husbands and Wives, Volume 1
Patrick G. Wardell
1994, 5½x8½, cloth, index, 496 pp, Heritage Books
Arranged alphabetically according to the name of the groom. When available the date and place of marriage is given; if unknown, the compiler has listed approximate dates and likely places of marriage. The guesstimates of dates and places not known for sure at least give the researcher a time and place in which to start searching. For each record a source is given; the sources are a combination of original and previously published material.
Price: 45.00 USD



12 Virginians & West Virginians, 1607-1870, Volume 2
Patrick G. Wardell
(1988), reprint, 5½x8½, paper, 589 pp, Heritage Books
Vital statistics on thousands of people extracted from unindexed biographical volumes. Every person indicated to be a Virginia or West Virginia native has an entry. The entries give the full name of the subject, their date and place of birth, and the names of parents and spouses. Most of the people were born in the nineteenth century. Aproximately 20,000 entries from those unindexed volumes Virginia, Rebirth of the Old Dominion, (Lewis Publishing Company, Chicago and New York, 1929).
Price: 47.00 USD



13 Stars & Stripes Forever: The History, Stories, and Memories of Our American Flag
Richard H. Schneider
208 pages, 5 1/2 x 7, hardback, HarperCollins / William Morrow
It is a symbol of unity and a subject of controversy. It can be found in the depths of the Earth's oceans and on the rocky surface of the moon. It is our flag -- the Stars and Stripes -- a swath of red, white, and blue that represents America's past and its present . . . and inspires its future. In this moving and informative volume, Richard H. Schneider, the author of the acclaimed Taps: Notes from a Nation's Heart and Freedom's Holy Light: The Statue of Liberty, delivers an intriguing history and a powerful tribute to our flag.
Stars & Stripes Forever unfurls the colorful story of this enduring emblem of our national identity, culture, and spirit, from its humble origins more than two hundred years ago to its significance in the twenty-first century. Combining history and legend, fact and lore, Schneider relates how the flag has evolved -- through war and peace, through changing times and honored traditions -- and sets the record straight on many widely held misconceptions.
There are many entertaining and enlightening stories, including that of the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key's "The Star-Spangled Banner"; the flag that was stained by Lincoln's blood at Ford's Theater in 1888; and the flag raised at Ground Zero amid the wreckage of the World Trade Center. In addition to historical facts and little-known lore, he offers heartfelt recollections from celebrities and ordinary citizens alike whose lives have been indelibly touched by Old Glory.
Sure to speak to the patriot in us all, Stars & Stripes Forever tells a story that is as remarkable and diverse as America itself.
Price: 14.95 USD

New Kent and Hanover County [Virginia] Road Orders, 1706-1743. Published With Permission from the Virginia Transportation Research Council (A Cooperative Organization Sponsored Jointly by the Virginia Department of Transportation and the University of Virginia, Virginia Genealogical Society

14 New Kent and Hanover County [Virginia] Road Orders, 1706-1743. Published With Permission from the Virginia Transportation Research Council (A Cooperative Organization Sponsored Jointly by the Virginia Department of Transportation and the University of Virginia
Virginia Genealogical Society
(2004), 2008, 8½x11, paper, 38 pp, Heritage Books
The establishment and maintenance of public roads were among the most important functions of the county court during the colonial period in Virginia. Each road was opened and maintained by an overseer (or surveyor) of the highways, who was appointed each year by the Gentlemen Justices. The overseer was usually assigned all the able-bodied men (the “Labouring Male Tithables”) living on or near the road. These laborers then furnished their own tools, wagons, and teams and were required to work on the roads for six days each year.County court records relating to roads and transportation are collectively know as “road orders.” The Virginia Transportation Research Council’s published volumes of road orders and related materials contain not only information on early roads, but also the names of inhabitants who lived and worked along the roadways, plantations, farms, landmarks, landforms, and bodies of water.Much of this information is found nowhere else in early records, making these publications invaluable not only to historical and cultural resources research, but also to other disciplines, including social history, preservation planning, environmental science, and genealogy.
Price: 17.00 USD



15 Alexandria City and Arlington County, Virginia, Records Index: Volume 1
Wesley E. Pippenger
2001, 5½x8½, paper, alphabetical, 474 pp, paperback, Heritage Books
This index will assist researchers in locating records of individuals within the masses of paperwork created by the various courts of the City of Alexandria and Arlington County, Virginia. Included in this volume are entries from land taxes 1787, 1790 and 1795; land and personal property taxes 1796; personal property taxes 1795, 1796, 1798, 1799 and 1800; special census1795, 1796, 1799, 1800 1808 and 1810; estate accounts 1810-50; ordinary bonds and licenses 1802-11, 1820-39 and 1841-50; Admiralty Court records 1801-30; the Complete Records series 1786-1822; records of insolvent debtors 1803-19 and 1826-46; land suits 1834-43; Orphans Court minutes 1801-05, 1811-17, 1822-30 and 1842-47; Court of Oyer and Terminer, 1794-1800; reports of aliens 1801-32 and other bonds, estate records, petitions, plats pleas, wills etc.Each entry shows subject, year of recording, and precise location of the original entry.
Price: 36.00 USD



16 Alexandria City and Arlington County, Virginia, Records Index: Volume 2
Wesley E. Pippenger
2001, 5½x8½, paper, alphabetical, 430 pp, paperback, Heritage Books
This index will assist researchers in locating records of individuals within the masses of paperwork created by the various courts of the City of Alexandria and Arlington County, Virginia. Included in this volume are entries from the land taxes 1788, 1789, 1796-1800; land and personal property taxes 1798; personal property taxes 1787; special census of 1816; additional entries from the County Court General Bond Book 1850-55; Christ Church Episcopal Church, Fairfax Parish register c.1828-c. 1855 (baptisms, burials and marriages); Circuit Court Minutes 1801-08 and 1812-13, showing incredible detail of activity, including apprenticeships, citizenship declarations, ordinary licenses, and appointment of officials; additional entries from Fiduciary Bond Book 1851-77; Hustings Court Orders 1780-99, including apprenticeships, citizenship declaration, ordinary licenses, appointment of officials; local documents from Melvin Lee Steadman, Jr Collection at the Library of Virginia; Arlington Co Will Book 11 1903-09 and more.Each Entry shows subject, year of recording, and precise location of the original entry
Price: 36.00 USD


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