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Great Britain:Scotland

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Spiral-bound, 5-1/2 x 3-1/2", 154 pages, Penfield Press
Internationally respected for much of its fare, Scotland is famous for its smoked salmon, herring, Dundee cake, Keiller marmalades, and heather honey. Recipes include Prince Charlie's Pancakes, Dunlop Rarebit, Cock-A-Leekie Soup, Drop Scones, Dundee Marmalade, Scottish Shortbread, Haggis, Newhaven Cream,Game Pie, Scots Triffle, Dundee Cake, and Edinburgh Rock Candy. A fresh look at the excellence of Scottish cuisine. A Wee Glossary (to help make your cooking experience more enjoyable, easier, and educational), quick facts about poet Robert Burns' country, and a touch of Celtic history are also included. Though Julie Jensen McDonald is of pure Danish lineage, she is married to a Scot, and therefore well qualified to compile this stocking-stuffer format cookbook.
Price: 6.95 USD



2 The Greening Peerage of Scotland: A Genealogical and Historical Account of All the Peers of That Ancient Kingdom; Their Descents, Collateral Branches, Births, Marriages, and Issue. Together With a Like Account of All the Attained Peers; And a Complete Alphabetical List of Those Nobles of Scotland, Whose Titles Are Extinct. Collected From Parliament Rolls, Records, Family Documents, And the Personal Information of Many Noble Peers. Also the Paternal Coats of Arms, Crests, Supporters, and Mottoes, Most Elegantly Engraved

(1767), 2008, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 392 pp, Heritage Books
Originally published in 1767, this book is a rare find. Jam-packed with information about the nobles of Scotland, it would be a welcome addition to any library. One of the author's intentions for this book was that members of the peerage might use it to see how they were related to one another. Over 120 different titles are presented in the central section of the book. A history of the family's lineage as it pertains to the title is given for each of the entries. Also presented for each entry are: titles (primarily the way to address the holder of the position being discussed); creations (primarily titles bestowed by the king); arms (a description of the center of the coat of arms); crest (a description of the symbol at the top of the coat of arms); supporters (a description of the humans, animals and/or jewels that flank the coat of arms); motto; and chief seat (the location of the main residence of the family. Ninety-six beautifully and intricately drawn coats of arms are included. Their large size and incredible detail make them very unusual and desirable.
Price: 31.00 USD



3 Memorials of Angus and Mearns: An Account Historical, Antiquarian, and Traditionary, of the Castles and Towns Visited by Edward I, and of the Barons, Clergy, and Others who Swore Fealty to England in 1291-1296
Andrew Jervise and James Gammack
(1885), 2000, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 2 vols., c677 pp, Heritage Books
Enlightening historical sketches of landmarks, churches, villages, monuments and noble families of Forfar and Kincardine, Scotland. Covers over 30 families; with members of the Knights Templars and Hospitallers of St. John, the Holy Trinity and St. Germains, and the Ladies of Deceased Barons, A.D. 1296-1306. A "List of Authors," cites over 200 sources published as early as the 1600s.
Price: 47.50 USD



4 A Layman’s Guide to the Scottish Reformation
Brian J. Orr
2004, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 594 pp, Heritage Books
A Layman's Guide to the Scottish Reformation relates the story of the Protestant Reformation in Scotland and the subsequent trials and tribulations of the nascent Presbyterian Church. Covering the period from about 1530 to 1690 it is one of the busiest periods in Scottish and English history ranging across the reigns of Mary Queen of Scots and the Stuart Kings, James VI/I, Charles I, Charles II and James II. For added spice there are the complications of the Wars of the three kingdoms, rebellion in Ireland, and Cromwell's republican rule of the Commonwealth. Through this heady cocktail of events runs the story of the Presbyterian Kirk, the battle against the Divine Right policies of the Kings' and their demands for uniformity with the Episcopalian Church of England; and, the stubborn dissent and bloody persecution of the Covenanters in their stand for religious freedom.The Guide is the sister work to the author's first book As God is my Witness (Heritage Books Inc, 2002) which told the story of the people of the Reformation. The Guide deals with the events of the Reformation and is very widely referenced to many early works by clerical historians that are mainly now in archives and antiquarian collections. A very substantial and detailed Time Line provides a consecutive record of events. The bulk of the work is in a dictionary format of augmented notes on several hundred topics ranging from the 'Aberdeen Assembly, 1605' to 'Zeal - defence of Presbyterianism.' A substantial Glossary is provided along with a Dramatis Personae of the main character of the Reformation. Lavishly illustrated, it also has a lengthy bibliography as a source for further reading, and some 24 appendices (primarily text) of rare documents relevant to the early history of Presbyterianism.
Price: 45.00 USD

As God Is My Witness, Brian J. Orr

5 As God Is My Witness
Brian J. Orr
2002, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 420 pp, Heritage Books
A gripping account of the history of the Scottish Covenanters, this original work contains vivid descriptions of events and biographical sketches of the people central to this Presbyterian movement during the 17th century. This important history of religious persecution is divided into 4 parts. Part One provides an historical background which looks at some of the issues leading to the National Covenant, and the subsequent bloody persecution of King Charles II. It examines the call for armed resistance and places the reader in several of the clashes that ensued, and reluctantly, the prisons in which many were held more often than not without trial. Part Two looks at the pivotal persons who played key roles during this time of brutal punishments and heroic displays of faith. The main people discussed include persecutor Archbishop Sharp of Andrews and the soldier Marquis of Montrose. The Covenanter portraits described include the Marquis of Argyll, Archibald Johnston and Alexander Henderson (the authors of the Covenant), and many ministers of the Kirk - Blair, Livingston, Peden, Rutherford, Guthrie, Blackader, Cargill, Hackston, Cameron, Renwick, and MacMillan. Part Three describes the early Scots and Presbyterians settlers of the Ulster Plantation, and the continued persecution that drove them to immigrate to the American Colonies. The Rebellion of 1641, Cromwell, the siege of Londonderry, and the Boyne are topics found in Part Three. Part Four is an Epilogue discussing the Solway Martyrs. This work boasts 14 appendices. These include a list of hundreds of settlers and ministers in Ulster and over 1000 Covenanter martyrs who were executed, imprisoned and banished. Complimenting this book are numerous photographs, a fullname index and a bibliography.
Price: 36.00 USD

Burgess Rolls of Fife 1700-1800 and St. Andrew’s 1700-1750, David Dobson

6 Burgess Rolls of Fife 1700-1800 and St. Andrew’s 1700-1750
David Dobson
2000, 5˝x8˝, paper, alpha., 154 pp, Heritage Books
Burgesses were a self perpetuating oligarchy representing a minority of the population and comprised of merchants and craftsmen. Only the burgesses had the power to vote, operate businesses, and to trade within the burghs, while only the burgesses of Royal Burghs could engage in overseas trade. This book attempts to identify who were the burgesses of Fife of the 18th century on the eve of industrialization of the economy.
Price: 17.00 USD

Mariners of Aberdeen and Northern Scotland, 1600-1800, David Dobson

7 Mariners of Aberdeen and Northern Scotland, 1600-1800
David Dobson
(1993), 2000, 5˝x8˝, paper, alpha., 90 pp, Heritage Books
Lists of seafarers, primarily ship captains, gleaned from records in the Scottish Record Office and numerous publications.
Price: 14.00 USD

Mariners of Angus, 1600-1800, David Dobson

8 Mariners of Angus, 1600-1800
David Dobson
(1992, 1993, 1995), 2000, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 120 pp, Heritage Books
While the overall pattern of Scottish trade in the early modern period is well known, very little information is readily available on the shipmasters, their vessels and crews. This publication attempts to bring together in a concise form such data as is available in archival or published sources and is based mainly on original research in Edinburgh, Dundee and Montrose.
Price: 15.00 USD

Mariners of Kirkcaldy, St. Andrews, and Fife, 1600-1800, David Dobson

9 Mariners of Kirkcaldy, St. Andrews, and Fife, 1600-1800
David Dobson
2000, 5˝x8˝, paper, alpha., 110 pp, Heritage Books
This booklet brings together information on the mariners of Kirkaldy and district largely to be found in documentary sources held in the Scottish Record Office, and is based on original research undertaken in Edinburgh and St. Andrews.
Price: 14.00 USD



10 Scottish Goldsmiths, 1600 - 1800
David Dobson
1998, 51/2x81/2, paper, alpha., 49 pp, Heritage Books

Price: 7.50 USD



11 Scottish Schoolmasters of the Seventeenth Century
David Dobson
1998, 51/2x81/2, paper, alpha., 40 pp, Heritage Books

Price: 6.00 USD



12 Scottish Seafarers 1800-1830
David Dobson
1998, 51/2x81/2, paper, alpha., 33 pp, Heritage Books

Price: 6.00 USD

Scottish Soldiers 1600-1800, David Dobson

13 Scottish Soldiers 1600-1800
David Dobson
(1997), 2004, 5˝x8˝, paper, alphabetical, 39 pp, Heritage Books
Scotland has had a long martial tradition stretching back many centuries.For virtually a thousand years Scotsmen have fought in foreign wars as well as within the British Isles. Taken from the Commissary Registers of Testiments from the Scottish Record Office, this book lists men enlisted in the Scottish military between 1600 and 1800. Rank, regiment, and location of post are included.
Price: 6.50 USD



14 Scottish Soldiers in Continental Europe
David Dobson
1998, 51/2x81/2, paper, alphabetical, 32 pp, Heritage Books

Price: 5.50 USD

Scottish Whalers, David Dobson

15 Scottish Whalers
David Dobson
(1995, 1996), 2000, 5˝x8˝, paper, 80 pp, Heritage Books
Originally published as three books, this book deals with Scottish whalers before 1800, Scots in the Arctic: Tales of Whalers, and the Whalers of Dundee, 1750 to 1850.
Price: 14.00 USD



16 The Mariners of the Clyde and Western Scotland 1600-1800
David Dobson
(1994), 1998, 51/2x81/2, paper, alphabetical, 64 pp, Heritage Books

Price: 8.50 USD

The Mariners of the Lothians, 1600-1800, David Dobson

17 The Mariners of the Lothians, 1600-1800
David Dobson
(1993, 1995), 1998, 5˝x8˝, paper, alphabetical, 97 pp, Heritage Books
Until the rise of transatlantic trade and the Industrial Revolution of the eighteenth century the Lothian ports of Leith and Bo’ness played the leading role in Scotland’s coastal and overseas commerce. During the seventeenth century Leith maintained its traditional position of being Scotland’s single most important port as far as trade was concerned. Ships, both Scottish and foreign, would sail from Leith to destinations as diverse as the Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf of Guinea. This booklet, based on research in mainly primary source material, attempts to identify many of the skippers and crews from the Lothians of the seventeenth century.
Price: 13.00 USD

The Scots Overseas: Emigrants and Adventurers, David Dobson

18 The Scots Overseas: Emigrants and Adventurers
David Dobson
(2000), 2008, 5˝x8˝, alphabetical, 312 pp, Heritage Books
Covers the areas of Aberdeen and North East Scotland; Fife, Moray and Banff; Angus and Perth; Southern Scotland, Glasgow and the West of Scotland; Orkney and Shetland, The Lothians, and the Northern Highlands. Originally published by the author in multiple parts.
Price: 23.00 USD

The Parish of Urr: A History, David Frew

19 The Parish of Urr: A History
David Frew
(1909), 2002, 386 pp, Heritage Books
Located in the eastern district of the Stewartry of Kirkcudbright this parish contains the town of Dalbeattie. Appendixes include names and owners of lands, elders in the churches, and members of the public boards.
Price: 31.00 USD

In Search of Hamish McBagpipes: A Concise Guide to Scottish Genealogy, Douglas Bruce Goldie

20 In Search of Hamish McBagpipes: A Concise Guide to Scottish Genealogy
Douglas Bruce Goldie
(1992) reprint, 5˝x8˝, paper, 116 pp, Heritage Books
This popular reference, called "a must read book" by the Stevens County Genealogical Society, will be a boon to both professional and amateur researchers searching for their roots in Scotland. This book was designed for people who want to learn more of their Scottish family history, but have been confused or intimidated by other instruction manuals; the author allows you to work more efficiently and accomplish more. The work is divided into five sections which lead the researcher along a logical, step-by-step research path. The first section presents the author's system for beginning family research: sketching a family tree using your present knowledge, then adding personal biographies, labeled photographs and any other memorabilia. An interview questionnaire is included to help the reader gain the most from interviews with family members. The second section describes how to prepare for further research, providing the reader with an overview of libraries overseas and in the U.S. In addition, the author describes how to acquire the background knowledge of Scottish history and geography necessary for accurate interpretation of records. The third part describes the New Register House in Scotland, which contains parish registers, census returns and civil registrations; this section also includes a helpful trouble-shooting guide. The fourth section guides the reader to four additional source groups: public record offices in Great Britain, libraries in Great Britain and North America, the Church of Latter-day Saints and private sources. An informative research outline provides the reader with an alphabetical listing of types of information and records. The fifth section of the book touches upon final techniques to use once the above research has been completed. Finally, a subject index makes all the information readily accessible. In the words of Baytown Genealogical Society, this book presents "exact instructions for obtaining the most information in the shortest period of time for the least money." The Genealogist called the book "Interesting and informative_very useable_[with] plenty of practical suggestions." As its popularity with readers and reviewers will attest, this book is not to be missed by anyone with an interest in Scottish roots.
Price: 16.00 USD

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