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Berlitz French Picture Dictionary

1 Berlitz French Picture Dictionary

128 pages, 8 1/2 x 9 1/2, paperback, Berlitz
With more than 1000 colorful entries, the Berlitz Kids Picture Dictionaries offer children a source of alphabetized words that will spark curiosity and enhance language learning. These lively and entertaining dictionaries are filled with terms every child wants to know, including colors, shapes, numbers, family members, foods, and animals. Illustrated by award-winning Chris Demarest with lovable characters in hilarious situations, these basic reference books are as fun as they are useful. Available for children learning French, German, Italian, Spanish, and English for Spanish Speakers.
Price: 12.95 USD




Spiral bound, 5-1/2 x 3-1/2", approx. 170 pages., Penfield Press
Mary Lou Hattery, who has studied cooking in France, compiled a collection of French recipes. Photographs for the covers are ones taken by Joan Liffring-Zug Bourret while on a barge trip on the river Seine north to Normandy, accompanied by her spouse, Dwayne, and friends. The cover view of the Eiffel tower at midnight was exciting and best taken from the middle of the river. The Eiffel tower with the Statue of Liberty replica is inside the book.
Price: 7.95 USD



3 Opening the Ozarks: A Historical Geography of Missouri's Ste. Genevieve District, 1760-1830..

Missouri University Press

Price: 59.95 USD



4 CD: French Memories of Eighteenth-Century America
Charles H. Sherrill
(1915), 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, v6, 404 pp, Heritage Books
In his 1903 Journal du Voyage, the Prince de Broglie opined, “The ladies of Philadelphia, although magnificent enough in their costumes, generally do not wear them with much taste. In arranging their hair they have less lightness of touch than our French women. While they have good figures, the lack grace and make their curtsies badly.” This book presents a delightful collection of memoirs from a uniquely French perspective. The author has collected the writings of nearly ninety distinguished French authors, giving their firsthand observations on early American culture, climate, family life and city life in Philadelphia, Charleston, Boston, Newport, Providence, Hartford, New Haven, Albany, Baltimore, New York, New Orleans and Washington. Further comments cover country life, travel, education, colleges, newspapers, interest in public affairs, religious observances, the learned professions, labor and the allied armies. Some of the authors whose notes contributed to this work are Brissot, Chateaubriand, Chotteau, Crevecoeur, Dupont de Nemours, Lafayette, Marchand, Michaux, Pontgibaud, Rochambeau and Talleyrand. Additionally, the author consulted documents at the State Department in Washington, DC, and several English-language diplomatic, historical and military sources. Illustrations depict notable people, places and customs. A new every name index has been added to this edition
Price: 15.95 USD



5 Pioneers of France in the New World
Francis Parkman Introduction by Colin G. Calloway
473 pages, Illus., maps., paperback, University of Nebraska Press
In the sixteenth century, Spain claimed the fabled New World, and a rash of explorers sailed there seeking riches and, most famously, a fountain of youth. Although France made inroads into Florida, ultimately the French, like the Spanish, failed to establish dominion over North America. Francis Parkman tells why.
The first part of Pioneers of France in the New World deals with the attempts of the Spanish and the French Huguenots to occupy Florida; the second, with the expeditions of Jacques Cartier and Samuel de Champlain and French colonial endeavors in Canada and Acadia. Pioneers is a stirring story, capturing the era of the earliest explorations in North America.
"Parkman saw history as literature and he told a good story. He wrote in the epic style of the nineteenth century, presenting a grand sweep of history that modern writers rarely attempt or achieve."-Colin G. Calloway, from the introduction.

About Author
Francis Parkman (1823–1893), the son of a prominent Boston family, devoted much of his career to writing about the struggles of France and England for domination in America.
Colin G. Calloway, a professor of history and Native American studies at Dartmouth College, is the author of the forthcoming New Worlds for All: Indians, Europeans, and the Remaking of Early America.
Price: 25.00 USD

The French Revolutionary Wars, Gregory Fremont-Barnes

6 The French Revolutionary Wars
Gregory Fremont-Barnes
96 pages, paperback, Osprey
Europe's great powers formed two powerful coalitions against France, yet force of numbers, superior leadership and the patriotic fervour of France's citizen-soldiers not only defeated each in turn, but closed the era of small, professional armies fighting for limited political objectives. This period produced commanders whose names remain a by-word for excellence in leadership to this day, Napoleon and Nelson. From Italy to Egypt Napoleon demonstrated his strategic genius and mastery of tactics in battles including Rivoli, the Pyramids and Marengo. Nelson's spectacular sea victories at the Nile and Copenhagen were foretastes of a century of British naval supremacy.

About Author
Grregory Fremont-Barnes holds degrees in history from the University of California, Berkeley (BA), the University of Chicago (MA) and the University of Oxford (D. Phil.). From 1993 to 2002 he lectured in British and American history in Japan, principally at Kobe University. He is the author of The French Revolutionary Wars (2001), The Peninsular War (2002), and The Fall of the French Empire, 1813-1815 (2002). He is currently co-editing the four-volume Encyclopedia of the American Revolutionary War.

‘a splendid overview’ --Robert Wilde (

‘Very good value for money and to the usual Osprey standard.’ --Richard Ransome (Miniature Wargames)

‘This is a fasinating look at the French Revolutionary Wars, revealing the little known facts of what happened, why, and its lasting impact on the world around it.’ --Max Sarche (Gun Mart)

Table of Contents
Background to war: Historic rivalries
Warring sides: Opposing strengths
Outbreak: A clash of ideologies
The fighting : The first and second coalitions
Portrait of a sailor: William Dillon - a midshipman in the Royal Navy
The world around war: The impact of conflict
Portrait of a civilian: Emma Hamilton - British Ambassadress at Naples
How the war ended: Hohenlinden and Copenhagen
Conclusion and consequences
Price: 14.95 USD

French Picture Word Book, Hayward Cirker, Barbara Steadman

7 French Picture Word Book
Hayward Cirker, Barbara Steadman
32 pages, 8 1/4 x 11, paperback, Dover Publications
Pleasant, practical learning aid contains 15 carefully drawn scenes (14 double-page, one single-page) of home, school, farm, beach, other environments. Each scene contains dozens of common objects, people, animals and other features, labeled in French. To help reinforce words and meanings, scenes are designed for coloring. A list of all the French words (with definite articles and English translations) is at the back of the book.
Price: 3.95 USD

The French Wars 1667–1714: The Sun King at war, John A Lynn

8 The French Wars 1667–1714: The Sun King at war
John A Lynn
96 pages, paperback, Osprey
Campaigns fought by Louis XIV, the Sun King, shaped the borders of European states, the destinies of royal dynasties, and even the patterns of absolutist government. This book presents the most authoritative yet accessible and succinct account of these all-important struggles available today, covering every aspect of the wars from decisions made by the king at his palace at Versailles to the life of the troops encamped in the field. Focusing on the French army, the greatest military force of the age, this tale of violence, victory, and victims balances siege and battle in a way that tells us much that is new about the Sun King and his adversaries.

About Author
Dr John A Lynn, Professor of History at the University of Illinois, has written or edited six books, including Giant of the Grand Siecle: The French Army, 1610-1715 (Cambridge University Press, 1997) and The Wars of Louis XIV, 1667-174 (Longman, 1999). He is currently working on The Mind of War: A History of Combat and Culture for Westview Press.

‘This really is essential reading for students of European history . . . Fascinating and compelling’ --Wendy Wallace (Military Books in Perspective)

Table of Contents
Background to war: Themes of Louis's international policy
Warring sides: States, armies, navies and warfare
Outbreak: Drawing the sword
The fighting: The campaigns for gloire
Portrait of a soldier: Marie Magdelaine Mouron
The world around war: Predatory armies
Portrait of a civilian: Mme De Sevigne
How the war ended: Peace by exhaustion
Conclusion and consequences: The legacies of war
Price: 14.95 USD

French: How to Speak and Write It, Joseph Lemaître

9 French: How to Speak and Write It
Joseph Lemaître
403 pages, 5 1/4 x 8 1/2, paperback, Dover Publications
Probably the most delightful, useful and comprehensive elementary book available for learning spoken and written French, either with or without a teacher. Index.
Price: 9.95 USD



10 Compact French-English, English-French Dictionary
Kenneth Urwin
1296 pages, 4 x 6, paperback, Langenscheidt Publishing Group
This Compact French-English, English-French Dictionary contains more than 80,000 entries, including full pronunciation guide, colloquialisms, neologisms, and more.
Price: 12.95 USD



11 Blood Ties and Fictive Ties
Kristin Elizabeth Gager
216 pages, 6 1/2 x 9 1/2, hardback, Princeton University Press

Price: 9.96 USD

French and Native North American Marriages, 1600-1800, Paul J. Bunnell, FACG, UE

12 French and Native North American Marriages, 1600-1800
Paul J. Bunnell, FACG, UE
(2004), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, 186 pp, Heritage Books
After finding his four Huron lines who came from Ontario, Canada, and who took refuge in Quebec with the help of the Jesuit priests around 1640, genealogist Paul J. Bunnell, renowned for his books on Loyalist ancestors, felt compelled to make this primary and secondary source information available to help others find their Native American connections. Persecuted by the Iroquois for trading with the French, the Huron, who had numbered around 20,000 were reduced to 2,000 by the year 1640, nearly wiping them out. Many of these Native Americans (First Nation) along with other tribes and clans of the Iroquois Nation, including all the Acadian coastal tribes, married into French families who settled areas of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island (St. Jean), Newfoundland, Maine, and other upper colony states, including some territories farther west. This book covers mostly the Eastern Canada and Upper New England areas, but does pick up some Miami/Detroit and a few other tribes west of the above-mentioned areas. Although this is not a perfect and complete collection, there are many families listed here that have thousands of descendants today. This book is in an easy-to-use alphabetical format with all the main surnames shown in bold print.
Price: 25.00 USD

A Social History of France, 1789-1914, Second Edition, Peter McPhee

13 A Social History of France, 1789-1914, Second Edition
Peter McPhee
338 pages, paperback, Palgrave Macmillan
This volume provides an authoritative synthesis of recent work on the social history of France and is now thoroughly revised and updated to cover the 'long nineteenth century' from 1789-1914. Peter McPhee offers both a readable narrative and a distinctive, coherent argument about this century. McPhee explores themes such as peasant interaction with the environment, the changing experience of work and leisure, the nature of crime and protest, changing demographic patterns and family structure, the religious practices of workers and peasants, and the ideology and internal repercussions of colonisation.

About Author
Peter McPhee has held a Personal Chair in History at the University of Melbourne since 1993. He has published widely on the history of modern France.

"This second edition is welcome news indeed.... without question the most informed view of a dramatic and fascinating period, presenting France and its history in all its spectacularly rich variety."--John Merriman, Yale University

Table of Contents
List of maps and tables
List of abbreviations
Preface to second edition Introduction
France in the 1780s
The Revolutionary and Reconstruction of French Society, 1789-92
Republicanism and Counter-Revolution, 1792-5
The Consolidation of Post-Revolutionary Society, 1795-1815
The Social Consequences of the Revolution
The World of Notables and Bourgeois, 1815-45
The World of Urban Working People, 1815-45
Rural Change and Continuity, 1815-45
The Mid-Century Crisis, 1846-52
The Transformation of Urban France, 1852-80
The Peak of Rural Civilization, 1852-80
The Social History of Ideas, 1850-80: 'The Moralization of the Masses'?
The Republican Triumph and its Challenges, 1877-1914
Conclusion - plus la change?
A Guide to Further Reading
Price: 29.95 USD

Traveller's History of France, Robert Cole

14 Traveller's History of France
Robert Cole
5" x 7 3/4" • 272 pages • maps and line drawings • paperback, Interlink Publishing
Millions of travellers visit France each year. The glories of the French countryside, the essential harmony of French architecture, the wealth of historical relics, the myriad of cultural opportunities – all make the country a perennial and irresistible attraction.

A Traveller's History of France takes the reader from the first conquests of ancient Gaul through the Renaissance, the turmoil and triumph of the French Revolution, and on through the 20th century of French history all the way to the present.

About Author
Professor Robert Cole teaches Modern European History at Utah State University. He has travelled extensively in France. His published books include A Traveller's History of Paris, A Traveller's History of Germany (in the same series), a history of British propaganda and European neutral countries in the Second World War, and an analysis of the writing of late British historian A.J.P. Taylor. He has also reviewed extensively for a variety of academic history journals.

Price: 14.95 USD

The French Religious Wars 1562–1598, Robert Jean Knecht

15 The French Religious Wars 1562–1598
Robert Jean Knecht
96 pages, paperback, Osprey
The eight French Wars of Religion began in 1562 and lasted for 36 years. Although the wars were fought between Catholics and Protestants, this books draws out in full the equally important struggle for power between the king and the leading nobles, and the rivalry between the nobles themselves as they vied for control of the king. In a time when human life counted for little, the destruction reached its height in the St Bartholomew's Day Massacre when up to 10,000 Protestants lost their lives.

About Author
Robert J. Knecht is Emeritus Professor of French History at the University of Birmingham, where he taught from 1956 until 1994. A Fellow of the Royal Historical Society, he has been Chairman of the Society for the Study of French History and of the Society of Renaissance Studies. He has written extensively on sixteenth-century France, especially the reign of Francis I. His latest book is The French Civil Wars (London, Pearson, 2000).

Table of Contents
Background to war
Religious dissent and aristocratic discontent
Warring sides: The Crown and the Huguenots
Outbreak: The first war (2 April 1562-12 March 1563)
The fighting: From the 'Surprise de Meaux' to the siege of Rouen
Portrait of a soldier: Two soldier writers, one Huguenot captain
The world around war: The impact of the Wars of Religion on France's neighbours
Portrait of a civilian: a lawyer, a surgeon and a pastor
How the war ended: Henry IV's conversion
Conclusion and consequences
Price: 14.95 USD

The History of Saint Augustine, Florida, with an introductory account of the early Spanish and French attempts at exploration and settlement in the Territory of Florida. Together with sketches of events and objects of interest connected with the oldest town in the United States to which is added a short description of the climate and advantages of Saint Augustine as a health resort, William W. Dewhurst

16 The History of Saint Augustine, Florida, with an introductory account of the early Spanish and French attempts at exploration and settlement in the Territory of Florida. Together with sketches of events and objects of interest connected with the oldest town in the United States to which is added a short description of the climate and advantages of Saint Augustine as a health resort
William W. Dewhurst
(1885) reprint, 5½x8½, paper, index, 191 pp, Heritage Books
An account of the turbulent history of the oldest city in the US. Supplemented by a collection of scenes from a view booklet of the late 1800s.
Price: 17.50 USD


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