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More Brickwall Solutions to Genealogy Problems

1 More Brickwall Solutions to Genealogy Problems

2004, 6x9, paper, 172 pp, paperback / softcover, Family Chronicle
More Brickwall Solutions to Genealogy Problems is an all-new 192-page collection of fully indexed brickwall solutions submitted by Family Chronicle readers is a follow-up to our successful best-seller, 500 Brickwall Solutions to Genealogy Problems (432 pages) published in May 2003 and now in its third printing. Both of these informative volumes show how genealogists and family historians have found ways around their research problems, using the latest technology or tried-and-true research techniques, combined with logic and perseverance, to overcome their genealogy brickwalls.
Both are beautifully illustrated with black and white images. Each softcover book is a wonderful reference tool crammed full of examples and research techniques for genealogists and family historians.
Price: 15.00 USD



2 Teaching Genealogy to Young People
Bee Bartron Koons
(2004), 2006, 8½x11, paper, 227 pp, Heritage Books
Young people have the wonderful opportunity to record their family history as they are living it day to day, but it can be a challenge to arouse students' interest in genealogy, so the right approach is essential. Here is a guide to offering older children and teenagers a personalized journey through history with a little geography on the side; teaching the art of climbing the family tree; and developing the detective skills necessary to discover missing pieces and family secrets. This unique book opens with a brief overview, followed by a teachers manual and class lessons for both beginning and intermediate genealogy classes. Well-structured lesson plans introduce students to essential genealogical tools such as maps, oral history collection, and research methods. The Junior Genealogy Workbook section contains all the forms necessary to make your class a success: pedigree charts, correspondence logs, IGI forms, microfiche forms, cemetery research forms, land deed research forms, census forms, etc. All these forms are also contained in the Young People's Workbook for Junior Genealogy Classes.
Price: 26.00 USD

On Doing Local History [2nd edition], Carol Kammen; foreword by Terry A. Barnhart, Eastern Illinois University

3 On Doing Local History [2nd edition]
Carol Kammen; foreword by Terry A. Barnhart, Eastern Illinois University
192 pages, paperback, AltaMira Press
Since 1986 On Doing Local History has been an invaluable aid to local historians. Now Carol Kammen has completely updated and revised this classic to reflect more than fifteen years of experience working with local historians. She challenges all historians of the local to think about what they are doing and how they are doing it. She dispels the myth that amateur historians, who are frequent practitioners of local history, necessarily produce a history less rigorous or useful. For many years the author of a column in History News, Kammen's thoughtful, level-headed ideas and personable writing style will keep this book a classic for years to come.
Price: 26.95 USD

Nearby History: Exploring the Past Around You, 2nd edition, David E. Kyvig, Northern Illinois University, and Myron A. Marty, Drake Universit)

4 Nearby History: Exploring the Past Around You, 2nd edition
David E. Kyvig, Northern Illinois University, and Myron A. Marty, Drake Universit)
304 pages, paperback, Alta Mira Press
In the Second Edition of Nearby History, the authors have updated all chapters, introduced information about internet sources and uses of newer technologies, as well as updated the appendices.
A comprehensive handbook on investigating the history of your community, family, local institutions, and cultural artifacts, Nearby History guides you in researching the world close at hand. Nearby History provides insights on how to find and use published, unpublished, visual, and material records while also instructing on how to collect information through interviews, connect individual investigations with broader historical issues, and use photographs, documents, and objects in a study. Both professionally trained and self-taught historians will find this work an excellent resource in developing a more comprehensive view of the past.
Price: 29.95 USD

Telling Your Own Stories: For Family and Classroom Storytelling, Public Speaking, and Personal Journaling, Donald Davis

5 Telling Your Own Stories: For Family and Classroom Storytelling, Public Speaking, and Personal Journaling
Donald Davis
paperback, August House, Inc.
Donald Davis is in such demand as a performer and teacher that librarians, teachers, and other storytellers literally wait years to book him on their schedules. Now he offers his workshop on story creation in handbook form for those who can't wait to hear him.
Telling Your Own Stories is designed for families, teachers, counselors-anyone who wants to inspire storytelling either in themselves or in others. Through a series of memory prompts, the user is led through the creation of plots, of place, and of characters.
Whether the goal is fiction or family history, whether the medium is oral performance or written story-the exercises in this book will guide the aspiring storyteller through a series of confidence-building steps. Features include a family lifespan chart, a story-form format, suggestions for memory recovery, and more than 50 "crisis prompts" to break through writer's-or teller's-block.
If you've ever thought that you had no stories to tell, or suspected you did but didn't know how to get started, this book is for you.

About Author
DONALD DAVIS grew up in a family of traditional storytellers in North Carolina. After twenty years' service as a United Methodist minister, Davis became a full-time storyteller, now giving more than three hundred performances each year.

Pegasus Award

"Davis is not simply one of the finest storytellers practicing his craft today, he is also one of the master teachers of other storytellers." —Nashville Banner

"A priceless gift this would be for the family as they learn to pass along memories, chronicle family history, and liven up any gathering!" —The Daily Record
Price: 10.00 USD

Writing as a Second Language: From Experience to Story to Prose, Donald Davis

6 Writing as a Second Language: From Experience to Story to Prose
Donald Davis
paperback, August House, Inc.
"Stop talking! You're supposed to be working on language!"
-overheard in an elementary classroom by writer and storyteller Donald Davis
From the moment they are born, we encourage children to talk. We enunciate for them, applaud their expanding vocabularies, and hang on their every word ... that is, until they enter school. At that time, we expect them to stop talking and measure their language abilities through a new medium, writing.
While the educational system focuses on the written product as the sole measurement of language development, many children fail to measure up to established standards. Why?
Because, Davis observes, writing is not our first communications tool; for most of us it functions as a "foreign language." The problem is, individuals are not capable of "creating" or "thinking" within a foreign language. Davis argues that we must step back into our familiar "first" language-the spoken word-as our creative medium and learn to "translate" into that new foreign language called writing. With enough success, writing will eventually become a second language, instead of a foreign language.
When we talk about language arts in our school, we focus on reading and writing instead of nourishing the whole oral and kinesthetic package which is our spoken language. Davis argues that talking and writing need not be mutually exclusive in language development. In this book, he lays out the method he has used in countless residencies in schools across the United States, working with adults, teens, children, and teachers.

About Author
DONALD DAVIS grew up in a family of traditional storytellers in North Carolina. After twenty years' service as a United Methodist minister, Davis became a full-time storyteller, now giving more than three hundred performances each year. He has served as guest host on American Public Radio's “Good Evening,” and appeared on CNN and “Nightline.” He is the author of seven books, incluiding Listening for the Crack of Dawn and Telling Your Own Stories, as well as seventeen audiocassettes such as The Big-Screen Drive-In Theater and The Grand Canyon.

Storytelling World Award
Price: 13.95 USD



7 Heritage Hunting
Donna Potter Phillips
1998, 5½x8½, paper, index, 287 pp, Heritage Books
This popular newspaper column is now available in book form! For more than ten years Donna Potter Phillips has been writing this column with the intent to educate folks about the wonderful hobby of genealogy. Her articles range from basic how-tos (getting started, using censuses, writing for records) to very specialized topics (using the LDS computer databases or finding special archives in Germany). Along with the lessons, she sprinkles in many items of humor and seasonal fun. Collected herein are many columns from 1992-1996, in chronological order. A subject index helps you find whatever topic you're looking for, or you can open up the book to just about any page and find something interesting to read. Genealogists of any degree will learn from and enjoy Heritage Hunting!
Price: 26.50 USD

Improving Your Storytelling, Doug Lipman

8 Improving Your Storytelling
Doug Lipman
224 pages, 5 1/4 x 8 1/4, paperback, August House, Inc.
This book is meant for the reader who has already begun to tell stories and is ready to learn more about the art. Instead of rules to follow, it gives you a series of frameworks that encourage you to think on your feet.

About Author
Doug Lipman is a storyteller, musician, Parent's Choice Award-winning recording artist, and storytelling coach and instructor. As a performer, he has appeared at the National Storytelling Festival, the National Jewish Storytelling Festival, Pete Seeger's Hudson River Revival, and numerous other venues. His previous books include The Storytelling Coach. He lives outside Boston and writes at the Brookline Deli.

Storytelling World Award

"...a must for those who strive to gain a higher level of skill, and who wish to make the story a transforming gift to the listener." —School Library Journal
Price: 14.95 USD

Family Archaeology: Discovering The Family Skeleton And Making It Dance, Freya Ottem Hanson

9 Family Archaeology: Discovering The Family Skeleton And Making It Dance
Freya Ottem Hanson
2002, 5½x8½, paper, 114 pp, Heritage Books
People make history interesting. People influence us. They leave their imprints on us and become part of the fabric of our family story. This book suggests ways to discover hidden treasure from the past and challenges you to unearth more about the people in your ancestral tree. It encourages you to rediscover family values, traditions, and stories and then presents ways to experience that heritage. Packed with practical suggestions, anyone new to the pursuit of genealogy will treasure this book for its helpful questions and suggestions. Seasoned genealogists will also find a wealth of ideas and recognize a kindred spirit in the personal experiences and anecdotes that enliven this delightful guidebook. This readable book discusses searching for relative information and how to begin, learning about nationality and other ethnic ties, discovering the importance of your name, taking note of religious preferences, finding out about citizenship and what it means, tracking down military experiences, identifying causes that matter to you and your family, rediscovering ethnic traditions that have shaped your family, and much, much more…
Price: 17.00 USD



10 The Legend of Dudleytown [Connecticut] Solving Legends through Genealogical and Historical Research
Gary P. Dudley
2001, 5½x8½, paper, index, 144 pp, Heritage Books
This is a MUST READ for genealogists, history buffs, and anyone that likes a good story. Use this volume as a helpful guide, or sit back, turn down the lights, and enjoy one of the most infamous ghost stories of New England history! Genealogical gleanings and different variations of Dudleytown's fascinating legends have been combined into a volume that reads like a book of ghost stories interwoven with the step-by-step process for researching and solving such mysteries. Strange occurrences, ghosts, curses… Are they real or just legends? Anyone can solve the mysteries of historical legends if they want to-with a little work. Journey with the author as he separates fact from fiction like a true detective, with methods that can be applied to your own family research. History, town records, obituaries, church records, death notices, personal interviews with descendants of Dudleytown and Cornwall residents and other sources were used to find out what really happened in Dudleytown. The author concludes with a look at Dudleytown today: who owns it; what has become of it; and what effects legends and ghost stories have had on the community. A map of Dudleytown, photographs, a facsimile of Mary Cheney Greeley's obituary (1870), three appendices ("Dudleytown Time Line," "William and Robert Dudley," and "Doing Historical Research 101"), a bibliography, and an index to full names and subjects enhance this work.
Price: 19.50 USD



11 Public Places: Exploring Their History
Gerald A. Danzer, (University of Illinois, Chicago)
152 pages, paperback, AltaMira Press
The American people have come to expect that certain public buildings-like state capitols, county courthouses, and historic landmarks-will have brief historical sketches to enrich visits to them. This book will help individuals develop such guides. Readers will also gain an awareness of the significance of public places in the life of a community.
Public Places is Volume 3 in The Nearby History Series.
Price: 24.95 USD

Climbing Your Family Tree: Online and Offline Genealogy For Kids:  The official Ellis Island Handbook, Ira Wolfman; foreword by Alex Haley; Illustrations by Michael Klein.

12 Climbing Your Family Tree: Online and Offline Genealogy For Kids: The official Ellis Island Handbook
Ira Wolfman; foreword by Alex Haley; Illustrations by Michael Klein.
240 pages, 9 x 8 1/4, two-color; photographs throughout, paperback, Workman Pub
In the ten years since the publication of Do People Grow on Family Trees? (121,000 copies in print), the Internet has completely transformed genealogy, making family history the second most popular hobby in the U.S. after gardening and genealogy the second most searched for subject on the Web.
Now completely revised, updated, retitled, and filled with detailed guidance on utilizing the Internet, Climbing Your Family Tree is the comprehensive, kid-friendly genealogical primer for the 21st century, and a dramatic story of how and why our ancestors undertook the arduous voyages of immigration to this nation. It teaches kids to track down important family documents, including ships' manifests, naturalization papers, and birth, marriage, and death certificates; create oral histories; make scrapbooks of photos, sayings, and legends; and compile a family tree. A full chapter is devoted to the online search, and relevant Internet information has been incorporated into all the other chapters. Also new are more kids' genealogical stories and a reworked, easier-to-use design, and supporting the book will be a Web site that will include record-keeping pages, links to sites in the book, and more.

About Author
Ira Wolfman, the former editor-in-chief of Sesame Street Magazine, is a writer whose articles have appeared in Travel + Leisure, Redbook, Ms., and other publications. He is also the author of Climbing Your Family Tree.
Price: 13.95 USD



13 Places of Worship: Exploring Their History
James P. Wind, (Alban Institute)
145 pages, paperback, AltaMira Press
Whether Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, Islamic mosques, Buddhist temples, or the gathering places for other faiths, buildings designed for worship are significant to both their own community of believers and their larger communities. Coming to understand the history of places of worship, therefore, is an essential element in understanding the historical fabric of these communities.
Places of Worship offers the abundant insights of an experienced historian of American religion. Using illustrations from a wide diversity of congregations, Wind suggests ways in which answers may be sought. In two enlightening appendices, he also provides guidance to important published works on American religion and a directory of denominational archives and historical agencies. But perhaps his greatest contribution is to emphasize the necessity of viewing any religious community as a dynamic, evolving social organism. The author not only offers a comprehensive rationale for including political and secular influences from each era covered by the religious group's history, he also explains to the reader the most effective use of these resources. Because of its fresh perspective, this volume will prove invaluable to anyone exploring the history of American places of worship.
Places of Worship is Volume 4 in The Nearby History Series.

About Author
James P. Wind is Director of the Alban Institute.
Price: 24.95 USD



14 Me and My Family Tree
Joan Sweeney, iIllustrated by Annette Cable
32 pages, Paperback, 32 pages, 2000, paperback / softcover, Random House / Dragonfly Books
Following the successful model of Me on the Map, Sweeney demystifies an abstract concept by presenting it from a child's point of view. In Me and My Family Tree, a young girl uses simple language, her own childlike drawings, and diagrams to explain how the members of her family are related to each other and to her. Clear, colorful, detailed artwork and a fill-in family tree in the back help make the parts of the family--from siblings to grandparents to cousins--understandable to very young readers.
Price: 6.99 USD

Local Businesses: Exploring Their History, K. Austin Kerr, (Ohio State University), Amos J. Loveday, (Ohio Historical Society), and Mansel G. Blackford, (Ohio State University)

15 Local Businesses: Exploring Their History
K. Austin Kerr, (Ohio State University), Amos J. Loveday, (Ohio Historical Society), and Mansel G. Blackford, (Ohio State University)
128 pages, paperback, AltaMira Press
With this volume, the Nearby History Series will lead you on a journey to discover how the businesses in your community helped shape its present form. Providing fundamental information on the processes of investigating a business' heritage, Local Businesses acts as a complete guide for local historians and historical societies, business historians, business owners, local citizens, museum workers and librarians interested in examining this aspect of local history.
Local Businesses is Volume 5 in The Nearby History Series.

About Author
K. Austin Kerr, Amos J. Loveday and Mansel G. Blackford teach American Business History at Ohio State University.
Price: 24.95 USD



16 Genealogy Made Easy
Karen V. Sipe
32 pages, 8 1/4 x 11, paperback, Dover Publications
A simple, concise guide to genealogical research, this volume offers step-by-step instructions for those who wish to know more about their ancestors. The author discusses locating records and enlisting the help of genealogical societies, organizing and storing research, developing charts and other documentation, and much more. Includes addresses for archives and suggestions for further reading.
Price: 3.95 USD

How to Write Your Personal & Family History: A Resource Manual, Keith E. Banks

17 How to Write Your Personal & Family History: A Resource Manual
Keith E. Banks
(1988), 2009, 5½x8½, paper, index, 240 pp, Heritage Books
This is the book for everyone who wants to start working on their family or personal history but is intimidated by genealogical forms, charts and jargon. As the author explains, "There are no rules that must be observed, nor is there any 'accepted' way of doing [your family history]. One doesn't need years of education to become a family historian." This exciting and inspiring new guide provides "scores of ideas on how to compile, write, record, and pass on the record of your life to future generations." By following the guidance in this volume anyone can begin today to collect and preserve their family history, starting with very simple and modest projects that will culminate in a family treasure. The author discusses "creative ways of keeping a journal…, setting up family archives, writing a chronology, creating pictorial histories, preserving important family documents, conducting and transcribing oral histories,…" and a multitude of other ideas, including suggestions such as: new traditions to begin with your family, how to help children create their own personal histories, and simple methods of reproduction and binding for those wishing to share their lives in book form with others. The book includes numerous photos, charts, and sample documents which provide illuminating examples of the various projects described in the text. Keith Banks' How to Write Your Personal & Family History is a long-awaited treasure. Finally, the interesting lives of ordinary people might be kept for posterity, by the people themselves. I recommend this book to anyone who's led a life, or plans to.-Tom Bodett (author, commentator, ordinary person)
Price: 23.50 USD

Legacy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Personal History, Linda Spence

18 Legacy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Personal History
Linda Spence
150 pages, 150 pages, photos, paperback, 1997, paperback, Ohio University Press / Swallow Press
In this practical guide to capturing those memories that have been stored away, Linda Spence provides the questions that are the keys to unlocking the memories that make up a life.
When Linda Spence asked her aging mother to write her life story, her mother stared at a blank sheet of paper and asked-"How? Where do I begin?" In this practical guide to capturing those memories that have been stored away, Linda Spence provides the questions that are the keys to unlocking the memories that make up a life.
Beyond the vital statistics are the personal stories that tell what it was like, what we did, and why we did it, how we feel about our choices, and what our circumstances were. Through encouraging coaching, shared memories, and open-ended questions, the process of producing a personal history becomes intriguing and engaging.
With Legacy the possibilities expand: a personal record is preserved-with its myths, traditions, joys, pains, gains, and losses; a family opens a potential dialogue that will last for generations; the writer has an opportunity for insight and resolution; the culture of a time and place is noted; the tradition of personal story is revitalized, and our present and future find nourishment and knowledge in the past.
Either as a gift that can act as a shared experience as the memories are recounted or as a personal way to take account of one's experiences, often long since forgotten, Legacy is indeed a way to get one's story down.

About Author
Linda Spence writes and collects Legacy stories in Mill Valley, California, where she lives and works as a consultant.

Price: 14.95 USD



19 Genealogy is More than Charts
Lorna Duane Smith
(1991), 1997, 51/2x81/2, paper, 347 pp, Heritage Books

Price: 14.95 USD

Adventures In Genealogy, Patrick G. Wardell

20 Adventures In Genealogy
Patrick G. Wardell
2001, paper, index, 195 pp, Heritage Books
Are you curious about the mysteries of genealogical research? Are you an amateur genealogist? THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! Young people, and even seasoned genealogists, will appreciate the genealogical journey with its trials and its humor. Share the secrets of an avid genealogical researcher, author of numerous genealogy books, and genealogy teacher. These pages offer insight on methods, valuable tips, and warnings of common pitfalls. Nicknames, orphans, censuses, military pension files, cemetery records and much more are discussed. Numerous facsimile reprints of original documents (provided as examples) add to the value of this delightful book.
Price: 20.50 USD

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