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Family Genealogy:S-Z

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1 CD: Willett Family of Pennsylvania
Albert J. Willett
(1998), 2005, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 463 pp, Heritage Books
Information extracted from census records, newspaper articles, obituaries, and printed biographies.
Price: 15.95 USD



2 Willett House Collection [Willett Family of Pennsylvania]
Albert J. Willett
1998, cloth, index, 454 pp, Heritage Books
A comprehensive single-surname study of the descendants of eight Willett families who settled in Pennsylvania in colonial times, this volume expands on Mr. Willett's previous book, The Willett Families of North America. The info relating to these families has not been offered in print until now. Every census record that pertains to these families has been abstracted and cited. The info brings each family down to the present time. Many female lines have been included, particularly in the area of Cambria County. This is Mr. Willett's fourth volume of family history; he is a well respected researcher and recognized authority on the Willett family surname.
Price: 38.00 USD



3 A Salter Family History
Albert L. Salter
2005, 8˝x11, paper, index, 270 pp, Heritage Books
This book represents more than twenty years of research on an ancient Shropshire, England, family that has never before received close scrutiny. It should interest both English and American genealogists and family historians.The history follows the Salter line from its proven beginnings in Shropshire, England, in the late sixteenth century to the present. It traces the lives of the first three generations in a relatively unchanging agrarian setting, moves through the period of transition to modest geographic and social mobility experienced by the next three generations, continues with the bifurcation and reunification of the line in the nineteenth century, and finally arrives at the widespread geographic settlement and social diversity that mark the twentieth century family in England and the United States.Ten generations of the Salter family are discussed. Collateral families included in the history include notably Edwards, Evans, Feast, Gough, Jackson, Kyffin, Langford, Linley, Lyth, Owen, Shaw, Simon (England and Wales), Harward (Ireland), Cooper, Hewins, Horton, Lockwood, Pistole, Thayer, Webster, and Wogenstahl (United States). A full-name plus subject index, a separate index to Salter names, and an appendix with a modified register listing the English and American descendants of the author's great-grandparents, James and Mary Salter, complete this work.
Price: 47.00 USD

Daniel Trubey of Franklin County, Pennsylvania: The First Four Generations, Alycon Trubey Pierce

4 Daniel Trubey of Franklin County, Pennsylvania: The First Four Generations
Alycon Trubey Pierce
2000, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 411 pp, Heritage Books
This Trubey family traces its American beginnings to a soldier bought and brought from Germany by England to assist the British in quelling the rebellious Colonials during what is known on this side of the Atlantic as the American Revolution. Daniel Trubey (or Truby or Drube), born in 1750 in Ostuffeln, Germany, served with the von Bose Regiment which met defeat at Yorktown in 1781. Daniel slipped away from the prisoner-of-war barracks at Frederick, Maryland, and settled in nearby Waynesboro, Franklin County, Pennsylvania, where he met and married, circa 1784, Margaret Mack (or Mock), the great-granddaughter of Alexander Mack (1679-1735) who founded the Church of the Brethren in America.After the deaths of Daniel (circa 1807) and Margaret (circa 1822), their four children - Nancy, David, Jacob, and Daniel - all removed initially to Stark County, Ohio. The genealogy documents the first four generations of the Hessian soldier, tracking those descendants to Kansas homesteads, Montana dairy farms, Missouri confectionaries, California placer mines, Colorado mining camps, and even Palestinian mission fields. The Civil War pensions of Trubey descendants helped to document not only their service in the Union Army, but also the composition of their families, and their multiple post-war residences.While research focused upon the first four generations, 304 descendants in the fifth generation are identified, and 177 descendants in the sixth generation appear wherever evidence came to light which documented them as well. An undocumented Trubey genealogy typescript prepared in the 1940s served as the inspiration for this study, and a verbatim transcript of it appears as an appendix to this publication. A second appendix presents transcriptions of surviving letters written or received by Trubey descendants from 1847 to 1892. The 400-page volume ends with an every-name and place index which includes some subjects as well (e.g., Civil War, divorces, ministers, twins, church and cemetery names).
Price: 29.00 USD

Lovinia’s Child: A Depression Tale, Barbara Venton Montgomery

5 Lovinia’s Child: A Depression Tale
Barbara Venton Montgomery
2005, 5˝x8˝, paper, 106 pp, Heritage Books
This captivating memoir takes the reader back in time and introduces a memorable cast of characters who played a significant role in the author's young life. This eyewitness account is rich with details of day-to-day life during the hard times and difficult circumstances of the thirties and forties when the Great Depression and World War II framed most people's lives. "To be Jewish and Native American in or near Chicago in 1938 was difficult, and that is an understatement." Barbara Venton Montgomery, "Bub," an intelligent, strong willed child, was abandoned by her father early in her life, and then became a ward of the court during her mother's confinement to a tuberculosis sanitarium. Young Barbara's years in foster care were not uneventful! The author survived her childhood, the Great Depression, and Calumet City, and has preserved the details of her fascinating life that included everything from Al Capone and "Sin City;" to Grandpa Crawford's house in the Ozarks; to homemade ice cream with Uncle Maple; to her mother's stand against milk dumping; to the charms of the Hupmobile. This tale reminds us that human nature remains much the same, but the minutiae of daily life, conditions in schools, economic challenges, and social values are a reflection of their era and add another dimension to this very readable book.
Price: 15.50 USD

David Wing and Ponoka’s Dakota District Pioneers, Beverly Smith Vorpahl

6 David Wing and Ponoka’s Dakota District Pioneers
Beverly Smith Vorpahl
2005, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 180 pp, Heritage Books
In 1877, David Wing and five other families discussed the possibility of moving from Brome County, Quebec, where farming was difficult at best, and near impossible at worst. Farming prairie land, where homesteads were being given away in America, looked promising from their vantage point in the North Country of Canada. The group thought that Kansas might be their answer, so David, his wife and their two toddlers, and a bachelor brother, loaded their covered wagons and set out for what they hoped would be their promised land. The Wild West, with its rowdy cowboys, was not what the group had in mind. In 1880, the Quebec families began arriving in Dakota Territory, where they made their home for the next twenty years until the drought, dry wells, and grasshoppers drove them out. Their next quest was the Northwest Territories, where they could start fresh with new homesteads and the hope of a permanent home. This narrative history follows David Wing, and those who traveled with him, from his original home in Quebec, to the Chisholm Trail in Kansas, to a homestead in South Dakota, and ultimately, to the settlement in Ponoka, Dakota District. This story is rich with details of their travels and their lives, including what life was like for a Canadian farmer in the mid-1800s, the overwhelming responsibilities of a homesteader's wife, wildfires, and much more. The book also delves into the life of Corliss Smith Wing, son of David, and takes a cursory look at some of David's ancestors.
Price: 24.00 USD



7 A True History of Several Honourable Families of the Right Honourable Name of Scott In the Shires of Roxburgh and Selkirk, and Others Adjacent Gathering Out of Ancient Chronicles, Histories, and Traditions of Our Fathers
Captain Walter Scott
(1894), 19??, 8˝x11, paper, index, 179 pp, Heritage Books
A family history written by Captain Walter Scott. He was born in 1613 and his “True History” was published in 1688. Not like present day family histories, this one is in the form of prose. The author did document his work and there is a section that details the sources used. Two indexes.
Price: 23.00 USD



8 Salls Families of the United States and Canada
Carroll M. Salls
1973, 7x9, cloth, indices, 226 pp, Heritage Books
Primarily a statistical tool for the preparation of familly trees tracing ancestral lines from modern times to the early settlers, and also in reverse from the early settlers to modern times. The biographical descriptions are limited. The compilation covers 323 Salls Families arranged alphabetically by the first name of the family head. There are more tha 1000 Salls names and more than 3000 other names directly related to the Salls names. Source references are indicated.
Price: 25.00 USD



9 The Alfred C. Willett Family History
Charles E. Willett
1994, 8˝x11, cloth, 275 pp, Heritage Books
John Willett and wife Jane Ursula Rogers emigrated to the U.S. in 1846 from England. They had Alfred C., Ellen Jane, and Reuben. Other surnames of interest include: Catlin, Rogers, Redman, Arres, Snider, Hipp, Moomaw, and Kieffer.
Price: 25.00 USD



Craig Roberts Scott
1992, 8˝x11, paper, index, 98pp, Heritage Books
Contains 5,000 plus Scott family marriages, listing date, county, state.
Price: 15.00 USD

The Descendants Of Johan Frederick Solter of Germany, Illinois and Kansas, Dale D. Webster

11 The Descendants Of Johan Frederick Solter of Germany, Illinois and Kansas
Dale D. Webster
2003, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 92 pp, Heritage Books
This book covers five generations descended from Johan Frederick Solter and two of his three wives. Johan was born in 1821 (probably in Sachsenhagen, Germany) and died in 1912 in Wichita, Kansas. This book is presented in the Modified Register System and has been compiled mostly from primary source documents. It is enhanced with interesting historical background and, when possible, short biographical sketches of some of the Solter descendants. Solter family photos and maps of relevant areas of Germany, Illinois, and Kansas enhance the text. A fullname index is provided listing women under their married names as well as their maiden names.
Price: 20.00 USD

The Descendants of Samuel and Deborah Webster of Vermont, New York, and Ohio, Dale Douglas Webster

12 The Descendants of Samuel and Deborah Webster of Vermont, New York, and Ohio
Dale Douglas Webster
2002, 5˝x8˝, cloth, index, 126 pp, Heritage Books
This book covers six generations consisting of over 180 descendants extending across 200 years. The significant ancestors of Samuel and Deborah Webster are also traced back to the 1600s. Deborah, who was born in Massachusetts, carried lines from five Mayflower pilgrim families: Dr. Samuel Fuller, Capt. Myles Standish, John and Priscilla (Mullins) Alden, and Henry Samson. Samuel Webster, who was born in New Hampshire, was related to the distinguished politician, Daniel Webster. The fathers of both Samuel and Deborah were American Revolutionary War soldiers. The descendants of Samuel and Deborah were pioneers and Civil War veterans. They moved on to Indiana, Iowa, and Kansas. This exceptional book is presented in the Modified Register System and has been compiled mostly from primary source documents. It includes lots of interesting historical background and, when possible, extensive biographical sketches of some of the more active Webster descendants. Related people seeking membership in the Mayflower Society and the Daughters and Sons of the American Revolution, will benefit from the approved application references. Photos of early descendants are presented in the book. Also, maps showing relevant locations are included to assist in understanding the movements of the descendants. A fullname index is provided as well. The index lists women under their married names as well as their maiden names.
Price: 27.00 USD



13 Sedore Family History, Volume 1, Coonradt Sedore of New York
Daniel I. Murphy
2000, 8˝x11, cloth, index, 154 pp, Heritage Books
After eight years of research about the descendants of Coonradt and Antje Bouckhout Sedore via their four sons Isaac, Stephen, Frederick and Jacob the first of a four volume Sedore Family History is now available for purchase. It contains extensive biographical material about Coonradt, his four sons and their wives plus his grandchildren. It also mentions his great grandchildren whose biographies will appear in future volumes. The history eventually will feature 10,000 descendants and about 6,000 of their spouses. Nearly 60 Sedore descendants and researchers have contributed to the effort.
Price: 35.00 USD



14 Ancestors and Descendants of William Whitt, (1775-1850), Portrait of an American Family
David F. Whitt
(2004), 2007, 8.5x11, paper, index, 2 vols., 624 pp
The goal of this book is to prove the origin and history of the Whitt family from Etowah County, Alabama. Research by William Whitt's descendants determined William had lived in South Carolina as early as 1798, migrated to Franklin County, Tennessee, as early as 1811, and pioneered into Alabama some time before 1824. William Whitt was a great-grandson of the emigrant, John Witt-Whitt, who emigrated from England to Virginia circa 1666. The four consensus sons of John Witt-Whitt have been identified as John Witt II, William Witt, Edward Whitt, and Richard Whitt Sr.-the Witt-Whitt family of old Virginia. In 2002, a DNA study confirmed that the four consensus sons of John Witt-Whitt were related.
Price: 71.00 USD



15 Give My Kind Regards To The Ladies: The Life of Littleton Quinton Washington
David Scott Turk
2001, paper, index, 177 pp, Heritage Books
Despite a prestigious birthright and a career in the public eye, Littleton Quinton Washington is a virtual unknown today. In his lifetime, L.Q. Washington had been an adventurer in gold rush-era San Francisco, a powerful political insider and outspoken advocate of Southern interests in Antebellum Washington, D.C., chief clerk of the State Department of the Confederate States of America during the Civil War, a booster for southern Reconstruction, an outspoken journalist, and could claim the nation’s first president as a relative. The text is augmented by two genealogical charts.
Price: 18.50 USD



16 Dewberry and Walker: Two Families of Central Georgia
David W. Bishop
[n.d.], 8˝x11, cloth, 101 pp, Heritage Books
Traces two families, Dewberry and Walker, from 16th century England through eleven generations into central Georgia.
Price: 25.00 USD



17 David Lewis (1750-1798) and Joannah Trundle (1754-1810) from Frederick County, Maryland to Harrison County, (West) Virginia: Some Ancestors and Descendants
Doris Jean Post Poinsett
2002, 8˝x11, cloth, index, 146 pp, Heritage Books
Two early settlers living in the Province of Maryland around 1700 were Jonathan Lewis and John Trundle I. This is an attempt to provide information about some of their descendants. The title contains the name of one descendant of each settler. This work is divided into two parts to cover descendants of the two settlers and their known wives. The first part is limited to the first four generations of descendants of Jonathan and Mary (---) Lewis and the second part is limited to the first four generations of descendants of John I and Mary (---) Thorley Trundle. Female lines have been extended for only one generation out of the surname. Within those limitations descendants through great-great-grandchildren for whom records were found have been included. Those interested in a probable connection to this Lewis family or thisTrundle family should be able to determine whether there is a connection byresearching more recent generations back to the period covered in this work.Some other related surnames are: Barber, Beall, Beckett, Belt, Browning,Burdette, Davis, Dawson, Fitzgerald, Harvey, Howard, Jenkins, King, Lazenby, Lovelace, Millhouse, Moxley, Mullican, Perine, Spires, Thawley, Thorley, Trunnell, Veatch, Warfield, Watkins, Wilcoxen, Wilson, Windsor, and Wood. Doris Jean Post Poinsett is the author of "Valentin Pfost/Post 1740-1800 of Hardy County, (West) Virginia and Some of His Descendants," which in 1991 received the American Society of Genealogists' Donald Lines Jacobus Award for excellence. Includes a fullname index, early maps, facsimiles of some wills, and numerous transcriptions of wills, deeds, and other court documents.
Price: 34.00 USD



18 CD: Solomon Sturges and His Descendants. A Memoir and a Genealogy
Ebenezer Buckingham
(1907), 2006, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 100 pp, Heritage Books
Solomon Sturges was born April 21, 1796 in Fairfield, Connecticut, where his ancestors had lived for five generations. The first chapter details his line of descent from John Sturges born in 1624 in England. The second chapter presents Solomon's recollections of his boyhood. The third chapter begins after his marriage to Lucy Hale, daughter of Benjamin and Martha (Welles) Hale. The next chapter is devoted to a daughter's (Kate Sturges Benton) recollections of her mother (Lucy Hale Sturges). The final chapter presents the descendants of Solomon Sturges through the fourth generation. This volume is illustrated with many fine portraits and two genealogical charts, one for Solomon Sturges' side of the family and one for Lucy Hale Sturges' side of the family. An everyname index provides easy access to the Sturges' family.
Price: 15.95 USD

The American Genealogical Record Giving The Genealogy And History Of Some American Families, Tracing Their Ancestry To Ante-Revolutionary Times, Vol. I: The Stephens Family With Collateral Branches, Edward Stephens Clark, M. D

19 The American Genealogical Record Giving The Genealogy And History Of Some American Families, Tracing Their Ancestry To Ante-Revolutionary Times, Vol. I: The Stephens Family With Collateral Branches
Edward Stephens Clark, M. D
(1891), 2000, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 185 pp, Heritage Books
"Nearly all who were of age in 1776 were soldiers of the Revolution, and there were many hardy pioneers among them. Peter Stephens (1) was among the first to settle in the Shenandoah Valley, in Virginia, and founded the town of Stephensburg. His son Peter (4) penetrated further up the same valley to Wythe County, Virginia. His grandsons, Joseph (7), William (8) and Joseph Lawrence (16) were among the pioneers of Kentucky. John (19) in Tennessee and Ohio, and Joseph (7), mentioned above, was one of the first settlers in Cooper County, Missouri." Dr. Clark has traced the Stephens ancestry, and related branches, back over one hundred years opening with Peter Stephens (born c1690-1700). Numbered records contain (as available): name of father, maiden name of mother, date and place of birth, place of residence, date and place of death, marriage date and spouse's name, children's names and dates of birth. Education, occupation, military service, religious affiliation, political affiliation, and other miscellaneous biographical information augment many records.
Price: 19.50 USD



20 Wittry, Witry, Vitry: A Family History
Eugene J. Wittry
1996, 5˝x8˝, paper, index, 488 pp, Heritage Books
This book traces the known members of a family whose documented origin is in Luxembourg in the late 16th century. The family name originates from a Roman villa named Victoriacus which was located in today's Champagne region of France. By the late 17th century the name Victoriacus had evolved into many variations, including Vitry-sur Orne, the name of a town in northern France. This is the immediate origin for the name Vitry or Witry. From these roots, the name has taken on a variety of spellings due to regional influences, in particular the Wittry spelling common to the United States.The author begins the family tree with Peter Witry, born in Budange, France, circa 1575, and follows those descendants of Peter Witry who carried the Witry name in one of its various spellings. In all this book includes more than 5,000 people, plus indexes and references such as sequence and generation numbers which help the reader find his or her roots. The book also includes a variety of information about individual family members.The author also specifically examines the family's United States branch. The first members of the Witry family in the United States were Jacob and Magdalena Wittry, who arrived in New York in 1854. It is from this couple that most of the Wittry families in the United States are descended. Jacob Wittry was a direct descendant of the original Peter Witry. The book includes information about some thirty other Wittrys who came to the United States after Jacob and Magdalena.For each individual, Mr. Wittry lists as much of the following information as possible: the dates and locations of birth and death, the cause of death, the date and location of marriage, information about the marriage, alias(es), occupation(s), title(s), interesting facts, the village or town in which the person lived, the name or number of the house where the person lived, father's name, mother's name and number of children.The book also contains three appendices. The first is an index of wives' names, which can assist in locating a specific Wittry or Witry contained within the book. The second appendix is a study of the Louisiana Vitry family. This family is descended from Alfred Vitry, whose origins lie in France, circa 1854, and may or may not be a branch of Peter Witry's family tree. The third appendix is a study of the Kentucky Wittry family. This family is descended from Nicholas-Joseph Wittry, whose origins are believed to be in Alsace-Lorraine circa 1840. The same information is provided for the individual members of this tree as is for those in Mr. Wittry's main text.Also included is a brief history of Luxembourg and France as the origins of the family, and a description of the life of a typical family in Luxembourg during the 16th through 19th centuries. The book contains as well maps of the region in Luxembourg from which the family originated, including the location of towns important to the family history, plus 20 photos of significant landmarks.
Price: 40.00 USD

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