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Family Genealogy

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Family Genealogy

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Justice, Peace & God, A Minister’s Personal Odyssey, Barbara Mills

1 Justice, Peace & God, A Minister’s Personal Odyssey
Barbara Mills
2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 494 pp, Heritage Books
Frank Thompson’s story is about a number of journeys that coalesce around the belief that God created his life for a purpose. And, with a great grandfather who was part of the Lewis and Clark expedition, grandparents who were homestead pioneers in Arizona, and his own rugged childhood on a western ranch, perhaps it was inevitable that he would see his challenge to live out God’s purpose as a struggle to make a difference, and equally important, the need to inspire others to struggle with him to bring tolerance, justice and peace to the world. Frank Thompson’s story, with its ups and downs, unfolds as he crisscrosses the nation from Arizona to California to New England to Oklahoma and overseas. His powerful sermons, delivered in a deep resonant voice, connected the Bible’s teachings to current-day happenings of significance; his anti-World War II sermons could be preached today with only a word changed here, a country’s name there. Himself a life-long pacifist, he encouraged young men to resist the draft and become conscientious objectors. He deglamorized that war and gave another perspective to the propaganda that surrounded his congregation in films, newscasts and elsewhere. He invited Mennonites, who were against all war, to speak at Sunday services; and a Japanese-American college student who told of her family’s experiences—suddenly uprooted from homes and jobs in California and thrust into one of this nation’s now-infamous wartime concentration camps. During the course of his cross country journeys, Frank graduated from Andover-Newton Theological Seminary in Massachusetts; had a personal encounter with Rhode Island’s fierce 1938 hurricane (which is recounted in his own words); was president of Bacone Indian College in Oklahoma; Vice President of Development at his alma mater, Redlands University in California (where he had debated Richard Nixon when both were college students); headed the western offices of the United World Federalists; and spent a year in Laos seeking to build cultural ties with its people. Despite growing doubts near the end of his life, that the answer to “one world united in peace” lay within the religious community, there is little doubt that Frank Thompson influenced many lives and passed on his abiding concern for the underdog, be he poor or of another race or culture. Extracts from a number of his sermons are included. Numerous illustrations and an index to full names, places and subjects add to the value of this work.
Price: 43.00 USD



2 CD: Ruth and Levi, Volumes 1-4
Clayton L. Johnson
2006, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 1298 pp, Heritage Books
This extensive family history and genealogy starts with the author’s parents, Ruth Christine Moe (1901-1975) and Levi Reuben Johnson (1893-1976), and extends backwards to identify as many of their ancestors on all family lines as possible. The ancestral family lines preserved on these pages extend back 350 years and are traced to three areas of Scandinavia: western Norway, eastern Norway and southern Sweden. The first volume of this four-volume set, Volume One, The Search for Ancestors: Introduction and Background to My Big Project plus Direct Descendants and Dozens of Cousins, is devoted to introductory and background material. The next three volumes reflect the family heritage from the three areas of Scandinavia: Volume Two, Grandma Josie’s Hardanger Heritage: Tracing the Western Norway Heritage of Ruth’s Mother; Volume Three, Hedmark Heritage of Grandpa Chris: Tracing the Eastern Norway Heritage of Ruth’s Father; and Volume Four, Family Lineages of Tiliander and Catherine in Skåne: Tracing the Ancestry of Levi’s Parents from Southern Sweden. These volumes identify more than a thousand direct ancestors and their children going back over several centuries. Maps, family charts and numerous photographs enhance the text.
Price: 29.95 USD



3 Ohio Families: A Bibliographic Listing of Books About Ohio Families
Donald M. Hehir
(1993), 2010, 5½x8½, paper, index, 416 pp.
This book provides, in one source, a comprehensive listing of all printed Ohioan genealogies and family histories that have made their way into major library collections across the U.S. Many of the books deal with multiple families, some with non-Ohio roots. Arranged for ease of use, the entries are presented alphabetically according to surname, with a cross index to family and secondary names to help researchers find surnames that would otherwise remain buried within the text. Also included is a separate bibliography of titles on microfilm at the Library of Congress.
Price: 34.50 USD



4 CD: Genealogies, Volume 10
HB Archives
2000, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and MAC, 3729 pp, Heritage Books
This CD-ROM contains the following seven volumes on various family genealogies: ***Farnham/Farnum Families in America Volume 1 – Antoinete Farnham Stepanek (1993). Eleven generations of the author’s line (John/Elizabeth/Henry family). Over 7300 individuals are mentioned. ***Farnham Families in England - Antoinette Farnham Stepanek (1995). Covers 4 family groups. ***Memoirs of Francis Atwater – Francis Atwater (1922). Contains a half century of recollections. ***John Caldwell and Sarah Dillingham Caldwell from Ipswich, Massachusetts, 1654 and their Descendants – John and Dolly Hoyt Caldwell (1904). Covers 8 generations of descendants (1654-1900). ***The van Doorn Family (Van Doorn, Van Dorn, Van Doren, Etc.) in Holland and America, 1088–1908 – A. Van Doren Honeyman (1909). Identifies 2662 descendants derived from 3 Holland ancestors. ***Joannes Nevius and His Descendants – A. Van Doren Honeyman (1900). Descendants of Joannes Nevius (1627-1900), and surnames: Nevius, Nevyus, Neafie, Neafus, Neefus, Nafis, Nafie, Nafey, Naphey, Napheys and Naphis. ***History of the Ancient Ryedales and their Descendants in Normandy, Great Britain, Ireland, and America from 860 to 1884 – G. T. Ridlon (1884). A descriptive anthology of family history.
Price: 39.00 USD



5 CD: Genealogies, Volume 3
HB Archives
1999, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 1278 pp, Heritage Books
This CD-ROM contains the following five works of genealogy for New England families: *Alger Family Lines - Charles R. Alger (1994). This book encompasses over 1200 Alger, Auger, Allegar and Alleger ancestors found in the northeastern United States since the early 1600s: 1623-1760s near Old Lyme, Connecticut, 1760s-1810 Strafford, Vermont, and 1800-1950s Conesus, New York. The book follows some lines of Jonathan Alger of Lyme CT, Thomas Alger of Taunton MA; Thomas Alger of Dunstan, England; Henry Alger of Palgrave, England; Seth Alger of Rhode Island; and Newell Alger of Warwickshire, England. *The Descendants of Rev. William Worcester With A Brief Notice Of The Connecticut Wooster Family - Sarah Alice Worcester (1914). This work includes the first through tenth generations of the Worcester family. Entries are numbered, and contain (as available) birth, death, and marriage dates, a list of children and brief biographical information. *The Descendants of George Holmes Of Roxbury, 1594-1908 - George Arthur Gray (1908). A comprehensive genealogy of the male line descendants of George Holmes of Roxbury, Massachusetts, through ten generations. While the female lines are not carried down, there is frequently extensive data on the Holmes daughters and their children. Original copies of this rare genealogy sell for in excess of $125.00 when they can be found. *The Jewell Register Containing a List of the Descendants of Thomas Jewell of Braintree, near Boston, Mass. - Pliny Jewell & Rev. Joel Jewell (1860). A concise genealogy providing hard core genealogical statistics on about 1800 descendants in the male lines with complete indexes. *A Genealogical Register of the Descendants in the Male Line of David Atwater, One of the Original Planters of New Haven, Conn., to the Sixth Generation. - Edward E. Atwater (1873). A comprehensive genealogy of the male line descendants of David Atwater (d. Oct. 5, 1692) to the sixth generation. The books are presented as graphic images, so the user sees the works just as they were originally published. They are intended to look and function very much like "real" books. This is accomplished using the powerful Adobe Acrobat reader which is provided free on the CD for Windows and Macintosh systems. This CD has no electronic indexes, but each work has a complete human-generated name index. In addition, numerous bookmarks have been added which make it easy to move through the books, and from book to book. This CD is best viewed with monitor resolution 800x600 or higher.
Price: 26.50 USD



6 CD: Genealogies, Volume 7
HB Archives
2000, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v3/4, PC and Mac, 2283 pp, Heritage Books
Electronic image reprints of the following five genealogical works:* The Martin Family of Poquoson District or York County, Virginia - Dr. Fred William Martin, Sr., Ph.D. & Albert James Willett, Jr. (1994). Descendants of Henry Martin (II) c.1805.* Willett Family of Pennsylvania - Albert J. Willett (1998). Information extracted from census records, newspaper articles, obituaries, and printed biographies.* A Genealogy of the Lake Family - Arthur Adams & Sarah A. Risley (1915).* History of the Lake Family of Great Egg Harbor, N.J., descended from John Lake of Gravesend, Long Island with notes on the Gravesend and Staten Island branches of the family. The Elijah Adams Family - Nelson Adams (1910). Seven decades in seven Southern New England cities.* The Stiles Family in America - Henry Reed Stiles, AM, MD (1895). Descendants of John Stiles, of Windsor, Conn. and Francis Stiles of Windsor and Stratford, Conn. (1635-1894), as well as Conn.- N.J. families (1720-1894), and the Bermuda-Georgia family (1635-1894).
Price: 31.50 USD



7 CD: Genealogies, Volume 8
HB Archives
2000, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and MAC, 1562 pp, Heritage Books
Contains: **The Elusive Booths of Burrillville: An Investigation of John Wilkes Booth's Alleged Wife and Daughter - Joyce G. Knibb & Patricia A. Mehrtens (1991). **The Family of Rev. John Butler - Charles Bowdoin Fillebrown (1908). A look at the descendants of John Butler (1789-1856) and Nancy Payne (1788-1857) and their 14 children. Rev. Butler was born in Nottingham West, NH and lived primarily in Hanover, MA and Waterville, ME. **A History of James Morgan of New London, Connecticut and His Descendants from 1607 to 1869 - Nathaniel H. Morgan. (1869). Comprehensive genealogy of the male line descendants through 9 generations. **John North of Farmington, Connecticut and his Descendants - Dexter North (1921). John North, original proprietor of Farmington, CT, sailed from England in 1635. This genealogy documents 10 generations of Norths. **A Complete Record of the John Olin Family. The First of that name who came to America in the year A.D. 1678. Containing an account of their settlement and genealogy up to the present time?1893 - C. C. Olin (1893). John Olin established the family in RI, and the towns of Shaftesbury and Bennington, VT. **The Coursen (Corson) Family, 1612 to 1917, with the Staten Island Branch - Percival Glenroy Ullman. (1917). The line of Peter Coursen, the first French Huguenot emigrant from France to New Amsterdam in 1612.
Price: 28.00 USD



8 CD: Genealogies, Volume 1
Heritage Book Archives
1999, CD, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 1701 pp, Heritage Books
Includes electronic image reprints of 5 genealogies for New England families:* Genealogy of that Branch of the Russell Family which Comprises the Descendents of John Russell of Woburn, Massachusetts, 1640-1878 - John Russell Bartlett (1879).* Thomas Butler and his Descendants: A Genealogy of the Descendants of Thomas and Elizabeth Butler of Butler's Hill, South Berwick, Maine, 1674-1886 - George H. Butler, M.D (1886).* Genealogy of the Descendants of Nathaniel Clarke of Newbury, Mass., Ten Generations, 1642-1885 - George K. Clarke, LL.B. (1885).* Descendants of Joseph Greene, of Westerly, R.I.: also Other Branches of the Greenes of Quidnesset, or Kingston, R.I., and other lines of Greenes in America - Frank L. Greene (1894).* Genealogy of the Greenleaf Family - James Edward Greenleaf (1896).
Price: 31.00 USD



9 CD: Genealogies, Volume 2
Heritage Book Archives
1999, CD, Adobe Acrobat, v5, PC and Mac, 1821 pp, Heritage Books
This CD-ROM contains the following essential works of genealogy for three different families: ***Five Generations of the Family of Burr Harrison of Virginia 1650–1800 – John P. Alcock (1991). Covers the first 5 generations of descendants of Burr Harrison, with extensive coverage of the Whitledge, Barton, Wallis, Linton, and Calvert families of VA, and brief accounts of interconnecting Bullitt, Fowke, Gibson, Gillison, Humston, Peyton, and Quarles families, of northern VA, SC, KY, and OH. ***The Descendants of William and Elizabeth Tuttle – George Frederick Tuttle (1883). Covers the descendants (with female lines) of William and Elizabeth Tuttle, who settled in New Haven in 1639. Also contains accounts of descendants: John Tuttle (Dover, NH); Richard Tuttle (Boston); John Tuttle (Ipswich); and Henry Tuthill (Hingham, MA.) ***The Thomas Book Giving Genealogies of Sir Rhys ap Thomas, K.G., the Thomas Family descended from him, and of some Allied Families – Lawrence Buckley Thomas, D.D. (1896). Contains extensive information on the Thomas family. It covers a wide geographic range, from England, Wales, France and Italy to the states of MD, VA, PA, ME, and many other states. With data on births, baptisms, burials, deaths, marriages and a list of allied families.
Price: 29.00 USD



10 CD: The Irvins, Doaks, Logans and McCampbells
Margaret Logan Morris
(c1915), 2006, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v6, PC and Mac, 128 pp, Heritage Books
Mrs. Morris traces her ancestry from the Scottish emigration to Ireland and the Scotch-Irish emigration to Pennsylvania. Rebelling against the restrictive measures adopted by the proprietary government in Pennsylvania, many of these emigrants then moved to Virginia. During the early years of the 18th century the Scotch-Irish Presbyterians began to locate and patent tracts of land within the Shenandoah Valley. Within this valley west of the Blue Ridge Mountains, Mrs. Morris located her ancestors: Edward Ervin, Sr., Edward Erwin, Jr., John Logan, James McCampbell, Robert Doak, Robert Erwin (Irwin), James Brewster, James Dunn and other collateral branches. Other spellings include Irvine, Irvin, Erwin and Irwin. This volume traces multiple generations under the various family names and provides a biographical index for easy access to individual family members.
Price: 15.95 USD



11 CD: Now in Our Fourth Century: Some American Families: A Documentary and Pictorial History of More Than Twenty Families Who Were Well Settled in the American Colonies Before the Year 1700
Paul Drake
(1994), 1999, CD, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 586 pp, Heritage Books
Something of the daily lives and extended families of the early colonial (pre-1735) ancestors of the 20 family lines named Broad, Carner, Cole, Dehaven, Dimmit, Drake, Fridley, Griffith, Hines, Hunt, Keiter, Kitchen, Martin, Matheny, Meachum, Midlam, Parker, Roberts, Shaeffer and Sherwood. He develops many of the descendant lines through the 1850 Census. The full name index tops 8000 entries, some 6000 of which are individuals.
Price: 25.00 USD



12 Bloodgames: The Story of the Vaughans, a Southern Family and Its Neighbors
Terry Vaughn
(1998), 2009,5½x8½, index, 426 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
Bloodgames is a story of many families and of many places. One family-the Vaughans-serves as a connecting thread as they move from Virginia, to the Carolinas, Alabama and Mississippi. From the start in New Kent County, Virginia, the story moves to Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. Next is Sumter, South Carolina; then the Creek Indian lands of Yazoo; and finally, the East Alabama Creek lands. Along the way, branches who moved to other areas are touched upon. Life upon the plantations and at the racetracks, stories of the Revolutionary and Civil Wars and adventurous tales such as Casey Jones' famous ride make up this volume. Read about Battles of Forts Motte and Watson, the campaigns of Manassas, Vicksburg, Baker's Creek and others. Read about a family that furnished its locales with lawyers and sawyers, sheriffs and marshals, tailors and sailors, merchants and millers, farmers and tillers, and saints and sinners. Bloodgames is complete with a comprehensive index. Censuses and deeds from which much of the evidence was drawn, as well as other documents, are included.
Price: 35.00 USD



13 CD: Our Maryland Heritage Series, Volumes 1-10
William Neal Hurley, Jr.
2000, CD, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 3000 pp, Heritage Books
Now available on CD-ROM for the first time, the first ten volumes of the Our Maryland Heritage Series by William Neal Hurley, Jr. All of the books begin with a look at the early history of the Maryland Colony and the formation of the counties before progressing into each family's history. Includes: Book One: The Fry Families (over 5000 names), Book Two: The Walker Families (over 4000 names), Book Three: The Fulks Families (over 2000 names), Book Four: The Watkins Families (over 4000 names), Book Five: The King Families (over 7500 names), Book Six: The Burdette Families (over 3600 names), Book Seven: The Soper Families (over 2300 names), Book Eight: The Brandenburg Families (over 3500 names), Book Nine: The Purdum Families (over 4500 names) and Book Ten: The Perry Families (over 4000 names). This CD-ROM uses the powerful Adobe Acrobat Reader, provided free on the CD for Windows and Macintosh operating systems. The format preserves the look of the original page and allows the user to search the text for names of people and places. When you run a search, the hits are highlighted on each page for easy identification. In addition, numerous bookmarks have been added which make it easy to move through the book. This CD is best viewed with monitor resolution 800x600 or higher.
Price: 35.00 USD


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