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World War II

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Military:World War II
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1 Battlefront: D-Day Document Pack

The National Archives [United Kingdom]
This pack features a selection of facsimile documents and images that recreate the most crucial day in the history of World War II, allowing the reader to place themselves on the Normandy beaches at the dramatic height of Operation Overlord. The pack contains: a detailed full-colour map of Omaha Beach; a color poster card showing glider troops landing; a draft of General Eisenhower's speech to the people of Occupied Europe on D-Day; the war diary of the Airborne Forces who captured Pegasus Bridge; a first-hand account of the landing on Omaha Beach; an MI5 document on the deception of Axis agents about D-Day; a record of French resistance activities; the ULTRA decrypt of the German intelligence report on D-Day; the ship's log entry for HMS "Belfast" of 6th June 1944; and the telegram from Churchill to Stalin reporting the progress of the landings.
Price: 9.96 USD



2 Battlefront: Somme Document Pack

The National Archives [United Kingdom]
In July 1916 the Allied army launched its latest assault on the German battle lines around the River Somme in northern France. The aim was twofold: to relieve the pressure on the French at Verdun and to achieve a breakthrough followed by 'the big push' forward. The battle that ensued was to last five months, resulting in more than a million casualties.

Following the success of the very first Battlefront pack published in 1997 (1st July 1916. The First Day of the Somme) this title considers the campaign between July and December 1916. The collection of facsimile documents examines the preparations for the first day and the development of tactics to suit the terrain up to the German withdrawal in November.

This Pack Contains:

Section of Stanford's map of the British Front in France and Flanders, March 1916
Preparations by the 4th Army
Map of German positions
Report on German trenches
Notes on artillery material in the Battle of the Somme
20th Infantry Brigade operation order no. 74
German war diary (translation)
Tank operations
Notes on tactics for tanks
Pilot Mackensie, RNAS, 4 Wing; a selection of his letters during the Somme campaign
Order of Battle, Royal Flying Corps
Instructions regarding the cooperation of aeroplanes with other arms

An illustrated introduction provides expert background to the action and a full explanation of the documents themselves.
Price: 9.96 USD

Battlefront: The Battle of Britain Document Pack

3 Battlefront: The Battle of Britain Document Pack

The National Archives [United Kingdom]
The Battle of Britain was the first battle in human history solely decided by air power. This document pack includes reproductions from the National Archives collection including "Pilot Combat Report, "Home Security Intellgence Summary", "Operations Record Book", "Luftwaffe Order of Battle", maps and more.
Price: 9.96 USD



4 Battlefront: Waterloo Document Pack

The National Archives [United Kingdom]
The crucial final battle against Napoleon in June, 1815 comes alive with the documents within including: “Waterloo Despatch”, “Plan of the Battle of Waterloo”, “Allies’ Declaration at Vienna”, “Officers’ Casualty List” and more.

Price: 9.96 USD



5 Forgotten Voices of World War II

Globe Pequot Press

Price: 24.95 USD

Headlines from World War II

6 Headlines from World War II

Pomegranate Communications

Price: 9.95 USD



7 US Army Uniforms: World War II

Stackpole Books

Price: 19.95 USD

Fear Was Never An Option, Bob Cary

8 Fear Was Never An Option
Bob Cary
(2005), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, 262 pp, Heritage Books
They were young, brash, highly skilled and fearless. And they were deadly. Those warriors of the Second Marine Division, who smashed the elite troops of the Japanese Empire between 1942 and 1945, were the ones who fired the first shots and the last shots of the ground offensive in the Pacific theater. They stormed ashore in the Solomons, Tarawa, Saipan, Tinian and Okinawa. A few were professionals, but most were farm boys, ranchers, college students and tough inner-city kids. The core group were deer hunters from the North, elk hunters from the West, squirrel hunters from the South and grouse hunters from the East. They were dead shots who became deadlier with training and skilled leadership. Like every generation of American warriors, from Yorktown to New Orleans, to Gettysburg and the Argonne, they did not hesitate when their nation, their neighbors and their families were threatened. Only a few are left who survived the roar of artillery fire, the howl of bombs, the chattering din of automatic weapons, the blood, pain and stench of war in the jungle. This is the gripping, true story of some of those men, written by a Marine sergeant who survived the first four invasions and was training for the landing on mainland Japan when the war ended in 1945. These were warriors who trained, fought, partied and laughed while they lay their lives on the line for their country. Like all Marines of history, they obeyed two rules of warfare: Never retreat. Never surrender. Their legacy survives.
Price: 24.00 USD

We Remember... the stories of courage and heroism, triumph and tragedy, from the men and women who served their country during World War II from the Antelope Valley, California, Dayle L. DeBry

9 We Remember... the stories of courage and heroism, triumph and tragedy, from the men and women who served their country during World War II from the Antelope Valley, California
Dayle L. DeBry
(2004), 2008, 8½x11, paper, 286 pp, Heritage Books
The Antelope Valley is located in the Southern California high desert, in the western portion of the Mojave Desert, approximately sixty miles northeast of Los Angeles. Military use of the northern Antelope Valley began in 1933 when Colonel Henry "Hap" Arnold, Commander of March Field at Riverside, transferred a small detachment of men to the area to set up a small bombing and gunnery range. The base was in full swing by the end of 1941 and known as Muroc Gunnery and Bombing Range (changed in the 1950s to Edwards Air Force Base in honor of Captain Glen W. Edwards). The Antelope Valley has been a world leader in aerospace since the 1950s, with Boeing, Northrop-Grumman, Rockwell, and Lockheed-Martin located in Palmdale, and NASA at Edwards Air Force Base. Within the pages of this book are the memories and stories of over one hundred and forty men and women who bravely served their country during World War II. Many of these veterans were born in the Antelope Valley, while some came after the war, employed or seeking jobs in the aerospace industry. Many of the stories include the thoughts and remembrances of the veterans or their families, spoken in the language that was acceptable during those times. Genealogical material such as the names of the veteran's parents; mother's maiden name; siblings; date of birth; date of marriage; and date of death (if applicable) has been provided for each veteran. This book, by no means, includes all the men and women who served from the Antelope Valley. The author will continue interviewing and collecting the stories from the veterans and their families for a future publication. Numerous photographs enhance the text.
Price: 35.00 USD



10 Tonetta Lake, A Memoir of My Life in Brewster, New York and History of the Young Settlement through World War II
Dolores B. Stephens
2009, 5½x8½, paper, 296 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
What do the Phillipse Grant, the Howes' Circus, condensed milk, iron mines, the Great Depression and life during World War II have in common? The answer is contained in this book about life in the small New York State village of Brewster in the Town of Southeast and the County of Putnam. It is where the circus started, where hoboes found sustenance and where the New York Central Railroad built its roundhouse, the place where trains are turned around to head back to New York City, fifty-two miles to the south. The story is of a most memorable childhood for the author, the love of her mother who playfully called her little one "punkie diddle," her loving father who went off to war at the age of forty-five, and her younger brother and two sisters, one who joined the WAVES. The author spent time ice skating, fishing, dancing, swimming and sun-burning at Tonetta Lake two miles from the village. She shares her memories of World War II that consumed the every day life of those around her, when the American populace pulled together for the sake of liberating Japanese and Nazi occupied countries after our own Pearl Harbor was attacked. Dolores (Dodie) Beal Stephens, who volunteers at the Wright Museum (WWII) in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, also speaks to various groups including many veterans' organizations. It is her way of saying "thank you."
Price: 27.00 USD

Those Who Served, Those Who Waited: World War II Experiences as told by the Veterans and Civilians of Brewster/Southeast, New York, Dolores Beal Stephens

11 Those Who Served, Those Who Waited: World War II Experiences as told by the Veterans and Civilians of Brewster/Southeast, New York
Dolores Beal Stephens
(2003), 2004, 5½x8½, paper, 342 pp, Heritage Books
An American must-read! First-hand accounts from Brewster, New York, residents describe World War II invasions, bombing missions, crash landings, chance meeting of friends, and life on the home front. This volume includes a World War II Honor Roll for Brewster/Southeast, 1939-1945; a KIA list for the town of Southeast in Putnam County, New York; and many photographs.
Price: 32.00 USD

The Alabama Bomber Boys: Unlocking Memories of Alabamians Who Bombed the Third Reich, Donald E. Wilson

12 The Alabama Bomber Boys: Unlocking Memories of Alabamians Who Bombed the Third Reich
Donald E. Wilson
2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 188 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
Memories of the horrors of war are often sealed forever in the minds of the participants. Alabama Bomber Boys is the story of some sixty World War II veterans who, after six decades, opened their minds to tell today's generation, especially our youth, of their horrendous experiences in four engine bombers in the frigid skies over Hitler's Europe. Through previously unpublished oral and written accounts they discuss the pre-war Alabama culture from which they came, the culture in Britain where they lived and from which they flew, and the transition of the Eighth Air Force from an impotent bomber force in 1943 to the most powerful air force in the world in 1945. When the airmen returned to Alabama, they were no longer the eighteen or nineteen year old boys that went off to war in 1941; in twenty-five missions over Germany, with their lives in the balance, they lost their youth. They had become "men," who had witnessed falling aircraft, dangling parachutes, air to air collisions, bombers exploding in air, and countless other miraculous near death incidents. Five had endured the agony of German prison camps. One had received the Medal of Honor. Several had nearly lost their lives bailing out of their burning bombers. The memories they relate, some good and many bad, will haunt them for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, some of those memories have been unlocked and make the story of Alabama Bomber Boys possible.
Price: 21.00 USD

Hometown Heroes: Stories and Insights from World War II Veterans from Southeast Colorado, Donna McDonnall

13 Hometown Heroes: Stories and Insights from World War II Veterans from Southeast Colorado
Donna McDonnall
(2006), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, 134 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
Donna McDonnall gathered the stories in this book from personal interviews with a selection of veterans living in Prowers County, Colorado. She compiled these recollections to honor those who served, and to give the reader a sense of what the veterans endured. These stories represent the wartime experiences common to all generations of veterans across our nation - veterans who fought in the theaters of Europe, the savannahs of Africa, the islands of the South Pacific, the winters of Korea, the jungles of Southeast Asia, and even today, in the sands of the Middle East. These accounts are funny, sad, courageous, very human, and always amazing. Hair-raising tales of jumping from plummeting aircraft, surviving German prisoner of war camps, hiding behind enemy lines, and daring escapes will keep readers on the edge of their seat and keep the pages turning. Most interviews include a photo of the veteran at the age of service contrasted with a current photo of the veteran. A brief history of Veterans Day, and the background of Memorial Day enhance the interviews. The names of Prowers County military personnel who lost their lives in World War I, World War II, the Korean Conflict, and Vietnam are recorded on the Prowers County Memorial Monument and are listed herein.
Price: 20.00 USD

From Pajarito to Lungchow: Memoirs of Photographic Reconnaissance Pilot Stanley A. Hardin, Dorothy Simpson

14 From Pajarito to Lungchow: Memoirs of Photographic Reconnaissance Pilot Stanley A. Hardin
Dorothy Simpson
2003, 5½x8½, paper, 158 pp, Heritage Books
Stanley A. Hardin, born October 19, 1916, was living in Pajarito, New Mexico when he joined the Army Air Corps. He was sent with the Thirty-Fifth Photographic Reconnaissance Squadron to Kunming Air Base in China. Hardin was returning to his base at Nanning when he was forced down. Miraculously, Lt. Hardin landed his P-38 safely. Soldiers approached the plane. It was a relief to see the white sixteen-point star on their caps instead of the red rising sun of the Imperial Japanese Army. Aided by the courageous Chinese people, Hardin was able to return to his base after about a month as their honored guest. Hardin flew fifty combat missions in the China-Burma-Indian theatre. Of the seventeen pilots in the Squadron, only nine returned home. Upon returning home to his wife Betty and daughter Tana, Hardin joined the Air Corps Reserve and was a Lieutenant colonel at the time of his death. Hardin attended the Palmer Chiropractic School in Davenport, Iowa and had a successful career as a Doctor of Chiropractic Medicine. Then there were two more daughters, Janie and Twila. Stanley A. Hardin, Lt. Colonel U.S.A.F. Ret., died in Portales, New Mexico in April of 1982.
Price: 17.00 USD

The Other Side of War, Eugene Fazekas

15 The Other Side of War
Eugene Fazekas
2005, 8½x11, paper, 154 pp, Heritage Books
The Other Side of War is not a story of battles and heroism-fate stepped in more than once to keep "Fuzzy" out of those situations. However, fate did take him on the greatest adventure of his life. "Fuzzy," as he was called (because it was easier to pronounce than Fazekas), was in the USN Hospital Corps for 27 months during World War II, and for 16 months as a reservist during the Korean War. He was overseas for 21 of his 27 months in the navy during World War II. (In both the European and Pacific theatres.) Travel with "Fuzzy" to "Boot Camp," to O.G.U. and Great Lakes Hospital, to Lido Beach in New York, to Scotland, Northern Ireland, on to England for D-Day. Follow him back to the States for a leave, then on to the West Coast where he was assigned to the USS Briscoe, an attack transport, followed by duty at Pearl Harbor Hospital and the Medical Supply Depot at Aiea Heights. Then during the Korean War, go on duty with him at Naval hospitals in Philadelphia and Bainbridge, Maryland. The story also deals with a short period of his life after World War II and the Korean War. The Other Side of War is written in a down-to-earth, easy to read style that keeps the story moving smoothly forward. You will find moments of both tragedy and comedy, and also bits of history about the wars. Hand-written letters from "Fuzzy" to his sister and numerous photos bring these pages to life. To those who had similar experiences, The Other Side of War will bring back many memories. To those who were on the home front and to the generations born since then, it will bring a picture of a different facet of war.
Price: 23.00 USD

A Boy's Eye View of World War II and Other Reminiscences of Maryland's Eastern Shore, Frank H. Pierce

16 A Boy's Eye View of World War II and Other Reminiscences of Maryland's Eastern Shore
Frank H. Pierce
(1998), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, 140 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
A warm but extremely accurate account of "home front" life in a small town on Maryland's Eastern Shore during the War. Written as a first-person account through the eyes of a boy with an exceptional memory and a curiosity for detail, this account is invaluable for the historian and any others with an interest in how things actually were at the time—how gasoline and food rationing worked, what it was like to have a garrison of American Infantry suddenly thrust into the middle of the peaceful and isolated life of a small town on America's east coast, and how the people adjusted to several thousand German prisoners-of-war encamped not five miles distant. Mr. Pierce also examines the isolated and insular nature of Maryland's Eastern Shore, and recounts the closure of this almost classic sociological isolation with the opening of the great Chesapeake Bay Bridge shortly after the War.
Price: 17.50 USD



17 Iron Men, Wooden Boats. The Epic Story of American PT Boats in World War II
Howard F. West
2005, 51/2x81/2, cloth, 540 pp, Heritage Books

Price: 35.50 USD

Swabby: World War II Enlisted Sailors Tell It Like It Was. A Nation's Grateful Salute to the World War II Enlisted Sailor, Jack Haberstroh, Ph.D

18 Swabby: World War II Enlisted Sailors Tell It Like It Was. A Nation's Grateful Salute to the World War II Enlisted Sailor
Jack Haberstroh, Ph.D
(2003), 2005, 5½x8½, paper, 716 pp, Heritage Books
Open this volume anywhere and share the adventures of WWII enlisted men--swabbies. Enlisted men formed the largest group of casualties of the U.S. Navy in World War II. Far from the public eye, these men were packed into steaming, crowded, almost unlivable quarters, with no privacy whatsoever. This volume is comprised of personal recollections from hundreds of World War II "Old Salts" who came from all corners of the United States to defend their country. These vivid personal memories put the reader on board with the telling of each funny incident or tragic experience relating to a shipmate or officer, the food or quarters.Throughout the attack, enemy planes were so close to my boat that the expression on some of the pilots' faces was clearly visible. It was a serious, solemn look, not a smile as some have reported.Many histories have been written about the fighting ships of WWII, but no book has ever been written about these brave patriots. Hundreds of photographs and numerous delightful illustrations enhance the text.
Price: 49.95 USD

Florida and World War II: A Personal Recollection, Jim Wiggins

19 Florida and World War II: A Personal Recollection
Jim Wiggins
2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 206 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
Florida held a unique position in World War II, an involvement that went far beyond the enrollment of 250,000 young men in the Armed Services. The Sunshine State was more totally immersed in World War II than any other state, not only because of its precarious geographical location as a peninsula between the Gulf and the Atlantic Ocean with seaports to facilitate shipping, but also because of ideal climate and flat land that would serve well as bases for military personnel. Indeed, Florida would be called upon to play a highly significant role unlike any other in the United States. The author, a freelance writer and photographer, shares stories about watch towers, scrap drives, and rationing; about an everyday life that included squadrons flying practice maneuvers overhead, political posters everywhere and convoys on highways. He also discusses Nazi sub attacks off of Florida's shores, prison camps, and "sniff kits." A wealth of photographs; a list of Florida bases; and an index to names, places and subjects completes this excellent work.
Price: 23.00 USD

World War II, JoAnne Weisman Deitch

20 World War II
JoAnne Weisman Deitch
56 pages, 8 x 10, paperback / softcover, History Compass
This overview of World War II, the European and Pacific Theatres, includes excerpted documents from key figures and world leaders, the average citizen and soldier, and new reporters. Several documents are compared to the current situation in the world effort to eliminate terrorism. At the back of the book are several documents for students to evaluate on their own.

The innovative Researching American History series, designed for less experienced students introduces our nation's history through compelling firsthand accounts and primary source materials. Each book features: Selections from written and graphic primary sources; An introduction providing background information on excerpted primary sources; Easy-to-read summaries Vocabulary and definitions to make content accessible for all students; Discussion points and questions to consider to give students new perspective on content; Classroom activities and research projects; An introduction to voices not always heard in history books.
Price: 8.95 USD

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