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1 Friends in Life and Death: British and Irish Quakers in the Demographic Transition

Cambridge University Press

Price: 43.95 USD



2 Indiana Quakers Confron tthe Civil War

Indiana Historical Society

Price: 19.95 USD



3 Quakers And Baptists In Colonial Massachusetts

Cambridge University Press
This book presents the history of two religious sects successfully established in seventeenth-century Massachusetts, where it was illegal to participate in any faith other than the legally established congregationalism of the Puritan founders of the colony. Taking a comparative approach, the author examines the Quaker meeting in Salem and the Baptist church in Boston over more than a century. The work opens with the dramatic events surrounding dissenters' efforts to gain a foothold in the colony, and goes on to locate sectarians within their families and communities, and to examine their beliefs and the changing nature of the organizations they founded and their interactions with the larger community and its leaders. The work deals with the religiosity of lay colonists, finding that men and women responded to these sects differently. It also analyzes sociological theories of sectarian evolution, the politics of dissent, and changes in beliefs and practices.
Price: 27.99 USD



4 Immigration of the Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania: 1682-1750
Albert Cook Myers
(1902), 2006, 5x8, paper, index, 504 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
This book presents the history of the Irish Quakers from their origins in Ireland to their settlement in Pennsylvania. The book is divided into three parts. Part One begins with the planting of Quakerism in Ireland. It then goes on to discuss the rise of Quakerism in England, the Cromwellian Settlement of Ireland, the beginnings of Quakerism in Ireland and the racial origin of the Friends of Ireland. Part Two begins the migration of the Irish Friends to Pennsylvania. This section discusses the reasons for the Irish Friends' immigration into Pennsylvania, the places in Ireland from which the Friends came, the different waves of immigration, and the ways and means of migration. Part Three shows the Irish Friends in Pennsylvania. Topics discussed include the places of settlement, the social life of the Irish Friends, and the prominent Irish Friends. The book's appendix includes lists of certificates of removal from Ireland received at the monthly meetings of Friends of Pennsylvania, 1682-1750. Counties involved include: Bucks, Montgomery, Delaware, Chester, Lancaster, and York in Pennsylvania; New Castle County, Delaware; and Cecil County, Maryland. There also are some extracts from Irish records including information of the Wright, Farquhar, McMillan, Marsh, Mackey, and Moore families. A bibliography and a surname index add to the value of the text.
Price: 37.50 USD

Births, Deaths and Marriages of the Nottingham Quakers, 1680-1889, Alice L. Beard

5 Births, Deaths and Marriages of the Nottingham Quakers, 1680-1889
Alice L. Beard
(1989), 2006, 5x8, paper, index, 306 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
Mainly from East and West Nottingham Meetings, Little Britain Meeting, Deer Creek Meeting, Eastland Meeting and the Octorara Meeting.
Price: 26.00 USD



6 Bucks County, Pennsylvania Church Records of the 17th and 18th Centuries, Volume 2: Quaker Records: Falls and Middletown Monthly Meetings
Anna Miller Watring and F. Edward Wright
(1994, 1998), 2003, 5x8, paper, index, xvii+378 pp, Heritage Books
Includes not only marriages, births & deaths; also certificates of removal (indicating from whence they came & where they went), breeches of discipline, registers, and minutes.
Price: 34.00 USD

A Quaker Goes to War: The Diary of William Harvey Walter, Company F, 188th Pennsylvania Volunteers, Carol-Lynn Sappe

7 A Quaker Goes to War: The Diary of William Harvey Walter, Company F, 188th Pennsylvania Volunteers
Carol-Lynn Sappe
2008, 8x11, paper, 174 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
Learn how a humble man from Kennett, Chester County, Pennsylvania lived his beliefs during and after the Civil War. The doctrine of "pacifism" is part of a Quaker's religious beliefs and William Harvey Walter, Quaker, faced the dilemma of adhering to his faith or serving his country. A Quaker Goes to War is his story of service with the Union Forces during the Civil War. Taken word for word from the diary he carried with him, the journal begins with William's departure for Fortress Monroe, January 1, 1864. Entries include his training, transport of Rebel prisoners, joining Company F 188th Pennsylvania Volunteers and their service at Petersburg, operations against Fort Darling, Drewry's Bluff, and on the Bermuda Hundred front as well as Cold Harbor, Chaffin's Farm, and duty in the trenches before Richmond. But most importantly, William's diary informs us of the movement of Company F during its detached service from its regiment from May 16 through July 5, 1864. Further, William's diary goes beyond mustering out at City Point, Virginia, December 14, 1865. It tells us how returning solders were treated, their struggles to find work, to regain their place at the end of the war. It also sets the record straight for one man, William C. Horn, mistakenly accused of desertion, who died serving his country. William Harvey Walter was irritated at the expression "Last Call Men," a derogatory term applied to soldiers who served only in the last year of the war. He wanted the truth known. A proud and active member of the G.A.R., William contributed an article to the National Tribune (October 8, 1892) in which he attempts to set the historical record straight regarding his regiment's short term of service. He noted many soldiers in it were veterans of other regiments and many had been in service for one or two years when they volunteered for the 188th Pennsylvania. A Quaker Goes to War goes beyond just the diary. Annotations, maps, pictures and much more are included within its pages
Price: 26.00 USD

The Naked Quaker, Diane Rapaport

8 The Naked Quaker
Diane Rapaport
160 pages, hardback, 9 x 6,, Commonwealth Editions
On court days in colonial New England, folks gathered from miles around to listen as local magistrates convened to hear cases. In the abundant records extant from these hearings, we experience the passions and concerns of ordinary people, often in their own words, more than three centuries after the emotion-charged events that brought them to court. Rapaport is a lawyer and historian who, by drawing on these court records, has created an award-winning column for New England Ancestors, the journal of the New England Historic Genealogical Society. Some of the twenty-five true stories in The Naked Quaker were previously published there; others are new to this volume. Rapaport's topics include: "Witches and Wild Women," "Coupling," "Tavern Tales," and "Sunday Meeting." The title story concerns a Quaker woman who walked into Puritan Sunday meeting and dropped her dress in front of the gathering, to protest actions of the colonial authorities.
Price: 12.96 USD

Quaker Records of Northern Maryland, 1716-1800, Henry C. Peden, Jr

9 Quaker Records of Northern Maryland, 1716-1800
Henry C. Peden, Jr
(1993), 2006, 5x8, paper, index, 364 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
This volume includes names and abstracts from the registers and minutes of Gunpowder Meeting, Deer Creek Meeting, Baltimore Meeting, Little Falls Meeting and Pipe Creek Meeting. Counties covered are Baltimore, Harford, Carroll, and parts of Frederick and Howard.
Price: 28.50 USD

Quaker Records of Southern Maryland, 1658-1800, Henry C. Peden, Jr

10 Quaker Records of Southern Maryland, 1658-1800
Henry C. Peden, Jr
(1992), 2006, 5x8, paper, index, 124 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
Information for this book has been taken from Quaker records of southern Maryland prior to 1800, and in some cases to 1815, at the Maryland State Archives. The counties include principally Anne Arundel, Calvert, Prince George's and Montgomery. These registers and minutes are from the West River Monthly Meeting, Clifts Monthly Meeting, West River, Herring Run, and Indian Spring meetings, and Sandy Spring Monthly Meeting.
Price: 15.00 USD

Quaker Records of Baltimore and Harford Counties, Maryland, 1801-1825, Henry C. Peden, Jr.

11 Quaker Records of Baltimore and Harford Counties, Maryland, 1801-1825
Henry C. Peden, Jr.
(2000), 2008, 5x8, paper, index, 340 pp, Heritage Books
This latest volume of Quaker records encompasses Baltimore City, Baltimore County, and Harford County from 1801 through 1825. It includes abstracts of births, deaths, marriages, burials, certificates of removal, and minutes of monthly meetings held in those areas.
Price: 24.00 USD

Our Quaker Friends of Ye Olden Time: Being In Part A Transcript Of The Minute Books of Cedar Creek Meeting, Hanover County, And the South River Meeting, Campbell County, Virginia, J. P. Bell

12 Our Quaker Friends of Ye Olden Time: Being In Part A Transcript Of The Minute Books of Cedar Creek Meeting, Hanover County, And the South River Meeting, Campbell County, Virginia
J. P. Bell
(1905), 2008, 5x8, paper, index, 304 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
A history of the Quakers in Virginia, plus a wealth of genealogical material from the early 1700s to the Civil War. Contains births and deaths; marriages; removals; disownments; and letters of confession and condemnation. The Appendices include a history of the religion; doctrines held by the Society of Friends; prominent families (Davis, Jordan, Lynch, Clark, Moorman and Terrell); the colonial church; and the diary of John B. Crenshaw (1861-1865), who lived near Richmond and was often called upon to aid Friends and Dunkards who were drafted or conscripted into the Southern army.
Price: 28.00 USD



13 The Burling Books : Ancestors and Descendants of Edward and Grace Burling, Quakers [1600-2000]
Jane Thompson-Stahr
2001, 6x9, cloth, index, 2 vols., 679 pp + 1614 pp, Heritage Books
Includes Barnes, Bedell, Bowne, Brown, Carpenter, Cornell, Cruger, DeZeng, Dusenbury, Ferris, Field, Ford, Griffin, Gummere, Hallock, Haviland, Hunt, Ketcham, Kimble, Lawrence, Lowerre, Mott, Nelson, Norrington, Parsons, Pixley, Roesch, Rogers, Sampson, Schieffelin, Shotwell, Smith, Street, Thompson, Titus, Underhill, Vail, Vincent, Way, Weeks, White, Wood.
Price: 80.00 USD

100 Years at Warrington: York County, Pennsylvania, Quaker Marriages, Removals, Births and Deaths, Margaret B. Walmer

14 100 Years at Warrington: York County, Pennsylvania, Quaker Marriages, Removals, Births and Deaths
Margaret B. Walmer
(1989), 2007, 5x8, paper, index, 334 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
This important work contains: abstracts of the marriage records of Warrington Monthly Meeting for 1748 to 1854, including the names of all witnesses who signed the certificates; abstracts of the Certificates of Removal issued or received by York Monthly Meeting for 1787 to 1857; and a consolidated list of births and deaths from the records of Warrington (1745 to 18--) and Menallen (1775 to 1857) Monthly Meetings.
Price: 29.00 USD

Menallen Minutes, Marriages and Miscellany: Quaker Records, 1780-1890, Margaret B. Walmer

15 Menallen Minutes, Marriages and Miscellany: Quaker Records, 1780-1890
Margaret B. Walmer
(1992), 2007, 5x8, paper, index, 274 pp, Heritage Books
Menallen Monthly Meeting began keeping minutes for both the men's and women's meetings at their first meeting in 1780. The books, after they were filled, were eventually turned over to the Friends Historical Library, Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, Pennsylvania, where they have been microfilmed and stored. The records have been alphabetically arranged for this book and include such topics as requests for membership and appointments. The marriage certificates are listed in chronological order and indexed as to husband, wife, and parents. (Maiden and married names of women are given when possible.) Burial records are arranged alphabetically. Inscriptions from eight Quaker graveyards are included. The inscriptions for the graveyards at Menallen, Friends Grove, and Huntington in Adams County, and from Redlands in York County were obtained directly from the tombstones themselves. The inscriptions from the other graveyards (Old Griest, Warrington, Newberry and York) were obtained from lists in the possession of Menallen Monthly Meeting.
Price: 28.00 USD

A Genealogical Record of the Descendants in the Male Line of Thomas Gawthrop - An Early Traveling Friend (Quaker), Volume 1 (through the 8th Generation), Philip Evan Gawthrop

16 A Genealogical Record of the Descendants in the Male Line of Thomas Gawthrop - An Early Traveling Friend (Quaker), Volume 1 (through the 8th Generation)
Philip Evan Gawthrop
1995, 5x8, paper, index, 256 pp, Heritage Books
The author analyzes the history of the Gawthrop name in England and documents the name's various spellings in the first chapter. Chapter two examines the history of the village of Gawthrop and the countryside that surrounds it. The Gawthrop families of Skipton, England, are discussed in chapter three, while chapter four takes a look at Quakerism. Chapters five through twenty-five comprise the majority of the book and provide extensive genealogical information on Thomas Gawthrop (1709-1780, Gatebeck, England) and three generations of his descendants.
Price: 24.50 USD

The Quaker Invasion of Massachusetts, Richard P. Hallowell

17 The Quaker Invasion of Massachusetts
Richard P. Hallowell
(1883), 2007, 5x8, paper, index, 234 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
To say that the arrival of the first Quakers at Boston in 1656 struck terror in the hearts and minds of the Puritan Fathers is a gross understatement. That the arrival of a few pacifists could have induced the leaders of the Colony to so completely subvert the civil and religious rights they had adopted in their "Body of Liberties," shows how fragile the public mind was during the mid-1600s, and makes the witchcraft hysteria of the next generation, as well as numerous subsequent perversions of public good sense, all the more understandable. This account of the early Quaker experience in Massachusetts is a classic work on the topic, and includes: "The Rise of Quakerism," "The Invasion-Measures of Resistance and Defense," "The Warfare," "Character and Conduct of the Invaders," and "The Cause of The War and Its Results." Approximately half the volume is devoted to appendices which reproduce many of the relevant early documents, including colonial laws for the suppression of the Quakers, petitions, court testimony, and contemporary letters by and about Quakers.
Price: 21.50 USD

The Quaker of Olden Time: The Life and Times of Israel Thompson (d. 1795). His Land, Plantation, Mills, Tanyard & Mansion House, and the Rise of Wheatland, Loudoun County, Virginia, Roberto Costantino

18 The Quaker of Olden Time: The Life and Times of Israel Thompson (d. 1795). His Land, Plantation, Mills, Tanyard & Mansion House, and the Rise of Wheatland, Loudoun County, Virginia
Roberto Costantino
(2004), 2006, 8x11, paper, index, 120 pp, paperback, Heritage Books
This original contribution to American cultural geography concerns backwoods developmental dynamics in the Blue Ridge Uplands during the second half of the 18th century. It is a book about American folk life and the life and times of a certain woodland pioneer named Israel Thompson of a distinctive culture who transformed a temperate wooded area into farmland or a material culture. It traces his family from Anglo Irish Quaker roots through the Province of Pennsylvania to the Colony of Virginia and to his heirs, some of whom lived and prospered in Virginia, including his son and daughter-in-law, Jonah and Margaret Peyton Thompson of Alexandria. In his time, Jonah Thompson was one of the most respected citizens and one of the most active merchants in Northern Virginia. Original research, family papers, illustrations, insurance records, account sales of Israels personal estate, Israels last will and testament, real estate plats, endnotes, and an every name index add up to an excellent narrative history, rich with genealogical data, which will appeal to historians and genealogist alike.
Price: 31.50 USD


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