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1 CD: The Ledger of Gilbert Winslow of Freetown, Massachusetts, 1824-1825

2000, CD, Searchable, Adobe Acrobat, PC and MAC, 233 pp, Heritage Books
Contains an electronic image reproduction of a ledger kept by Gilbert Winslow, wool carder and dyer, of Freetown, MA (1824-1825). The ledger entries carry a name, date and description of the service provided and a charge. Winslow held accounts with about 230 people in 1824. Quite a few are identified as residents of nearby Berkley, MA. Indeed, this ledger provides a partial census of the area for 1824. Among the most common surnames in the ledger are: Ashley, Briggs, Chase, Clark(e), Crane, Cudworth, Dean, Evans, Haskins, Hathaway, Newhell, Nichols, Paull, Phillips, Pierce, Terry, Williams, and Winslow. An electronic name index has been added to facilitate research.
Price: 21.00 USD



2 MAP: Eastern Massachusetts: 1902

Black and white map, printed on 11" x 17" paper., Reproduction map of original
This detailed regional map issued by the Matthews-Northrup Company, with its distinctive "piano key" border, first appeared in the Century Atlas. Identifies counties, towns, county seats, villages, and transportation systems for the area east of Worcester at the beginning of the 20thcentury. Includes and inset map for Martha’s Vineyard (Dukes County) and the Elizabeth Islands.
Price: 4.50 USD



3 MAP: Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island : 1864

Black and white map, printed on 18" x 24" paper., Reproduction map of original
Nicely detailed depiction of this populous area at mid-century. Our reproduction of this 1864 Johnson map shows both county and township boundaries.
Price: 7.95 USD



4 MAP: Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island Circa 1825

Black and white map, printed on 11" x 17" cream-colored paper., Reproduction map of original
The county lines, towns and roads are shown for these three New England states. Additionally, similar detail can be found for Long Island in New York state. An inset plan of Boston shows Charlestown and Lechmere Point.
Price: 4.50 USD

Massachusetts Atlas & Gazetteer

5 Massachusetts Atlas & Gazetteer

80 pages, 11 x 15 1/2, paperback, Langenscheidt Publishing Group / DeLorme
Massachusetts Atlas & Gazetteer is designed for travelers who want topographic map detail for outdoor recreation, sales and transportation and everyday travel. Contains back roads, recreation sites, hiking trails, campgrounds, golf courses, scenic drives, a guide to state and national park historic sites/museums, fishing, and ski areas. Includes a comprehensive index.
Price: 19.95 USD



6 Quakers And Baptists In Colonial Massachusetts

Cambridge University Press
This book presents the history of two religious sects successfully established in seventeenth-century Massachusetts, where it was illegal to participate in any faith other than the legally established congregationalism of the Puritan founders of the colony. Taking a comparative approach, the author examines the Quaker meeting in Salem and the Baptist church in Boston over more than a century. The work opens with the dramatic events surrounding dissenters' efforts to gain a foothold in the colony, and goes on to locate sectarians within their families and communities, and to examine their beliefs and the changing nature of the organizations they founded and their interactions with the larger community and its leaders. The work deals with the religiosity of lay colonists, finding that men and women responded to these sects differently. It also analyzes sociological theories of sectarian evolution, the politics of dissent, and changes in beliefs and practices.
Price: 27.99 USD



7 The Maritime History of Massachusetts 1783-1860


Price: 15.96 USD



8 CD: Grand Army of the Republic: Civil War Veterans, Department of Massachusetts, 1866-1947
A. Dean Sargent
2002, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, v5, PC and Mac, 800 pp, Heritage Books
This CD-ROM was created for the purpose of preserving the records of the Grand Army of the Republic, Department of Massachusetts and to offer a convenient source of the membership for historians and genealogists. The Civil War Veteran upon joining the Grand Army of the Republic registered at his local post. The post was required to forward reports to the department headquarters containing the members’ status. It has been estimated that over 14,000 members’ records can be found here on file in varying forms of print. Additional records have been located in cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This book includes the names of over 36,000 members from these sources. The CD also includes the Sons of Veterans and the Ladies Auxiliaries, which totals over 100,000 members. The first official charter issued in Massachusetts was dated October 4, 1866 and was awarded to the William Logan Rodman post located in the city of New Bedford. There are 268 posts listed and within each post the entries are in alphabetical order by the last name and include names, rank, military unit, post #, location of the post, birth and death date and the place where either they were born or resided. This GRAPHIC IMAGE CD-ROM uses the powerful Adobe Acrobat Reader provided free on the CD for Windows and Macintosh operating systems.
Price: 25.00 USD

Hanging Katherine Garrett: A Novel based on the 1737 Trial of a Pequot Woman, Abigail Davis

9 Hanging Katherine Garrett: A Novel based on the 1737 Trial of a Pequot Woman
Abigail Davis
2003, 5½x8½, paper, 234 pp, paperback, Heritage Books
In present-day Minneapolis a graduate student, Karla Palmer, discovers a sermon that was preached at the 1738 hanging of Katherine Garrett, a Pequot Indian woman who was executed for the murder of her bastard child. The baby's body was found in the barn of a Congregationalist minister to whom Katherine was bound as a servant. She pled not guilty at her trial and records show that a huge courtroom scene ensued when the verdict was announced. Karla, smelling a cover-up, follows the obscured paper trail into the past, back to the Pequot War, searching for the identity of the person Katherine accused of the murder, for the name of the father, and for who might have conspired to send an innocent woman to the gallows to be “Hanged up by the Neck between the Heavens & the Earth until She be Dead, Dead, Dead.”
Price: 20.00 USD



10 CD: Witchcraft in Massachusetts
Abner Cheney Goodell, Jr.
(1884), 2004, CD, Graphic Images, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 81 pp, Heritage Books
Nineteen years after the celebrated 1692 witchcraft trials, an act was passed by the General Assembly of MA, reversing the attainders of the men and women convicted of witchcraft. These two 1884 pamphlets, now combined in one volume, are a thoroughly researched argument against the viewpoint, held by some at that time, that the 1711 act was never really enacted into law. In presenting his rebuttal, the author explains in detail the history of the bill, later the act, and the book reads like a meticulous legal argument.
Price: 15.95 USD

Historic Hadley: A Story of the Making of a Famous Massachusetts Town, Alice Morehouse Walker

11 Historic Hadley: A Story of the Making of a Famous Massachusetts Town
Alice Morehouse Walker
(1906), 2006, 5½x8½, paper, 158 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
This slender volume tells of the origins, growth, and development of this New England town. "Painstaking effort has been made to search the town records, to scrutinize every historical document, and to weigh carefully familiar traditions."A dissenting faction of Puritans from Hartford and Wethersfield, Connecticut, purchased a strip of land situated between Mount Holyoke on the south, and Mount Toby and Mohawk Brook on the north. In 1659, these withdrawers, later named engagers, established their "Newtown" settlement in this Massachusetts wilderness. In 1661, Newtown was christened Hadleigh or Hadley.Readers are introduced to Parson John Russell Jr., Hadley's first minister; Joseph Kellogg, the first ferryman; and other early settlers. "The Angel of Hadley," Indian uprisings led by King Philip, and other conflicts between the settlers and their Native American neighbors; and the reputed witch, Mrs. Mary Webster, are also touched on, reflecting the sometimes-startling viewpoint of the times. Individual chapters are devoted to: Parson Russell's successors, including Rev. Isaac Chauncey, Rev. Chester Williams, Dr. Samuel Hopkins, and Rev. John Woodbridge; churches; schools; natural resources and economic growth; and the Old Hadley Cemetery.
Price: 16.50 USD



12 CD: Boston Newsletter & Massachusetts Gazette Advertisement Index, 1704-1776
Andrew W. Pollock III
2001, CD, Adobe Acrobat, PC and Mac, 3709 pp, Heritage Books
Contains an advertisement index to the weekly newspaper. The Boston Newsletter was first published in 1704 and ceased publication in 1776, shortly before the evacuation of British troops from Boston. This index contains approximately 10,000-12,000 entries listing individuals, corporate entities, shop signs, taverns, ships, churches, etc. Entries frequently include employment and address information, together with a summary of other interesting details that can be gleaned from the text of the ads. A directory has been prepared for users who are interested in knowing which individuals listed in the index followed certain professions (such as goldsmiths, ship captains, medical doctors) or who fell into other categories (such as run-away servants or insolvent debtors). More than 150 categories are included in the directory.
Price: 38.00 USD



13 CD: Town Records of Brookline, Massachusetts, 1858-1871
B. F. Baker
(1892), 2007, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe, v6, PC and Mac, 1371 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
These volumes contain complete transcriptions of the public records of the town of Brookline, Massachusetts, as compiled by the town clerk for the years 1858 through 1871 in Volume I and 1872 through 1884 in Volume II. These concise entries are generally concerned with annual town meetings, public hearings regarding repairs and improvements to town property, and general elections for federal, state, county and local officials. A diverse assortment of town officials, witnesses to documents, selectmen, constables, assessors, surveyors, trustees for the public library, auditors, electors, governors, lieutenant-governors, county commissioners, senators, jurors and members of various committees are frequently noted in the test, forming a veritable gold mine of genealogical data. Local militia is also listed with an updated roster included for each year covered. Those rosters corresponding to the years of the Civil War in particular are quite extensive. The text is indexed for both full names and subjects.
Price: 29.95 USD



14 The Early Records of the Town of Rowley Massachusetts. 1639-1672. Being Volume One of the printed Records of the Town
Benjamin P. Mighill and George B. Blodgette
(1894, c1980), 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 274 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
The book used for recording the general affairs of the town of Rowley from 1639 to 1672 is a much worn, mutilated, and neary illegible, many leaves are missing, so that nothing remains of record before August, 1647. The printed copy begins on page 51. Another book, containing the record of the laying out of lands and division of fences, was begun in 1643. It appears herein on the first fifty pages and thence chronologically in connection with the first named record. There is a third book, styled “Book No. 1” of the town records, into which some matters of the book have imperfectly copies. Records therein, not found in the other two books, appear herein in proper order.
These records have been carefully transcribed to follow the original words, letters, punctuation and blank spaces so that the reader has all the advantages that can be gained from the original, save the handwriting.
Price: 27.00 USD



15 CD: Biographical Review, Volume XVIII, Containing Life Sketches Of Leading Citizens Of Plymouth County, Massachusetts
Boston Biobraphy Review
(1897), 2008, CD, Graphic Images, Searchable, Adobe, v6, PC and Mac, 641 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
"These pages show what manner of men and women are now, two hundred seventy and more years after the landing on Plymouth Rock, dwelling in the old homes and haunts of the Pilgrims. Many of the worthies here commemorated are 'Mayflower' descendants, kinsmen and kinswomen of that good and valiant band, through various lines of ancestry. Others trace from the 'Fortune,' the 'Ann,' the 'Little James,' the 'Diligent,' or later venturous barks, some being valued American citizens of foreign birth, yet…truly imbued with the Pilgrim spirit…" With five hundred and twenty-seven names in the index, denoting that number of biographical sketches of prominent workers in various fields of useful activity, factors of progress and worthy of remembrance, this book may be considered…fairly representative of the industrial, the professional, and the public life of its locality in the closing years of the nineteenth century. In addition to biographical lore, there is genealogical detail and family history. "To the writer of select biographies falls the cheerful task of setting down what is best deserving of remembrance and emulation in the virtuous lives of earnest workers in divers fields of usefulness." The fullname index provides easy access to each individual biography and a number of portraits highlight the text.
Price: 19.95 USD

Through the Eyes of the Bay Colony: The Story of the Involvement of Massachusetts-Bay in the Battle of Ticonderoga, 1758, Brenton C. Kemmer

16 Through the Eyes of the Bay Colony: The Story of the Involvement of Massachusetts-Bay in the Battle of Ticonderoga, 1758
Brenton C. Kemmer
2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 88 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
Through the Eyes of the Bay Colony: The Story of the Involvement of Massachusetts-Bay in the Battle of Ticonderoga, 1758. Brenton C. Kemmer. 2008, 5½x8½, paper, index, 88 pp. "It held about eight hours. The dead men and wounded lay on the ground, the wounded having some of their legs and arms and other limbs broken, others shot through the body and very mortally wounded. To hear their cries and see their bodies lay in blood and the earth tremble with the fire of the small arms was as mournful as ever I saw," wrote Archelaus Fuller of Colonel Bagley's Massachusetts Regiment. "A sorrowful site to behold." After 250 years this battle, probably, the most disastrous battle endured by the British army for decades to come, deserves retelling. The uniqueness of the Massachusetts soldiery dictates the eye in which this new history is told. The literacy of the men of the Bay Colony gives historians vast primary documents for research. Within the pages of this history of the Battle of Ticonderoga you will learn the involvement of the men of Massachusetts-Bay in the year 1758. The topography and demographics of the six Massachusetts regiments serving in the 1758 Ticonderoga campaign sets the stage for this history. The reader will learn the route traveled by the Bay Colony soldier to get to the front lines and the preparations to embark for the assault on French Fort Carillon. The actual Battle of Ticonderoga is broken down by the day, including the flotilla, landing, death of Lord Howe, advancement to the sawmill, the Battle of Ticonderoga and the retreating army and aftermath. This history is greatly enhanced by an extensive appendix section including a series of maps showing the movement of the army and a day-by-day mapping of the Battle of Ticonderoga. Historians of the French and Indian War, the Battle of Ticonderoga and soldiers of the Massachusetts-Bay will believe this book to be a superb addition to their libraries.
Price: 14.00 USD

The Emancipation of Massachusetts: The Dream and The Reality, Brooks Adams

17 The Emancipation of Massachusetts: The Dream and The Reality
Brooks Adams
(1919), reprint, 5½x8½, paper, index, 542 pp, Heritage Books
Revised and enlarged edition. This is the history of Massachusetts' emancipation from narrow-minded religious thinking to liberalism. The narrative covers the Antinomians, the Anabaptists, the Quakers, witchcraft, Brattle Church, Harvard College ("the ancient cradle of bigotry and superstition" that was eventually made the "home of American liberal thought"), and the American Revolution.
Price: 40.00 USD



18 Epitaphs in the Old Burying-Ground at Deerfield, Massachusetts
C. Alice Baker and Emma L. Coleman
(1924), 2007, 5½x8½, paper, 56 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
Graveyards can often supply facts that cannot be found in town records. Unfortunately, gravestones frequently disappear so it is especially important to preserve this information before the primary source is lost. The inscriptions within these pages were transcribed by C. Alice Baker at the request of the New England Historic Genealogical Society of Boston. After Miss Baker's death, this task was completed by Emma L. Coleman. This work consists of exact transcriptions of the epitaphs from the Old Burying Ground at Deerfield, Massachusetts. The text of each transcription is arranged on the page to visually mimic its appearance on the stone. The epitaphs typically include the deceased's full name, date of death, and age at death. Many of them also indicate the name(s) and relationships of surviving family members. Most of the inscriptions list the date of death in the mid-to-late 1700s, with a few in the early 1700s, and a few in the early 1800s
Price: 11.00 USD

Planters of the Commonwealth: A Study of the Emigrants and Emigration in Colonial Times: to which are added Lists of Passengers to Boston and to the Bay Colony; the Ships which brought them; their English Homes and the Places of their Settlement in Massachusetts, 1620-1640, Charles Edward Banks

19 Planters of the Commonwealth: A Study of the Emigrants and Emigration in Colonial Times: to which are added Lists of Passengers to Boston and to the Bay Colony; the Ships which brought them; their English Homes and the Places of their Settlement in Massachusetts, 1620-1640
Charles Edward Banks
(1930), 2006, 5½x8½, paper, index, 248 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
The Planters of the Commonwealth came to the New World “to plant…the seeds of a new nation whose fruit should become another England, with its traditions, culture, and laws.” Who were these planters? Where were they from? Why did this “Great Emigration” occur? In this book Col. Banks explores the answers to these questions and shows what it must have been like for the passengers on these ships. Using records from both England and America, Col. Banks has compiled the most comprehensive collection of passenger lists for this period—3,600 passengers on the 96 ships that brought them to New England between 1620 and 1640. These lists include the names of passengers, their ships, places of origin and places of residence in America. The book also includes indexes to surnames, ships, English parishes and New England towns. This book provides easy access to a wealth of information.
Price: 23.00 USD

Genealogies of Some Old Families of Concord, Massachusetts, and Their Descendants, in Part to the Present Generation, Charles Edward Potter

20 Genealogies of Some Old Families of Concord, Massachusetts, and Their Descendants, in Part to the Present Generation
Charles Edward Potter
(1887), 2007, 8½x11, index, 168 pp, Heritage Books, Inc
The first part of the book lays out the genealogical information in tabular. These tables include thousands of names plus the dates for births, marriages, and deaths as well as listing the places where births and deaths occurred. The second half of the book contains more than 150 biographical sketches, which offer more genealogical information: ancestry, family details, occupations and avocations, land and other possessions, personal qualities, and the occasional anecdote. Prominent early family names include Barrett, Blood, Brooks, Bulkeley, Buttrick, Conant, Davis, Farrar, Flint, Hartwell, Hayward, Hosmer, Hubbard, Jones, Minott, Potter, Prescott, Wheeler, Willard, and Wood.
Price: 24.50 USD

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